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Thread: Cnotes NFL 2019-2020 Football Schedule + News .Notes,Draft, Etc.

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    Saturday’s 6-pack

    Updated spreads for Week 1 NFL games:

    — Chiefs @ Jaguars (-3.5, 51.5)

    — Titans @ Browns (-5.5, 45.5)

    — Rams (-3, 51) @ Panthers

    — Lions (-1.5, 48) @ Cardinals

    — Bengals @ Seahawks (-8.5, 43.5)

    — Colts @ Chargers (-3, 47.5)
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    Tuesday’s 6-pack

    Caeser’s posted NFL player props for this season:

    — Lamar Jackson over/under passing yards: 2,679.5

    — Baker Mayfield passing yards: 4,331.5

    — Ben Roethlisberger passing yards: 4,405.5

    — Andy Dalton passing yards: 3,511.5

    — Matthew Stafford passing TD’s: 25.5

    — Kirk Cousins passing TD’s: 28.5

    Quote of the Day
    “I don’t want to overreact to the term because, as I said earlier, people end up twisting themselves into knots avoiding the use of the word ‘owner’. But we moved away from that term years ago with the league. We call our team owners ‘Governors’ of the team and ‘alternate Governors’. So I think it makes sense. As I said, I don’t want to overreact … but I’m sensitive to it, and I think to the extent that teams are moving away from the term, we’ll stick with using Governor.”
    NBA commish Adam Silver, taking political correctness to a new high

    Tuesday’s quiz
    Which major league franchise used to call Milwaukee, Boston home?

    Monday’s quiz
    Liam Neeson plays the police chief of a small Kansas town in the Steve Martin movie, Leap of Faith.

    Sunday’s quiz
    In 2001, Albert Pujols’ rookie season, he played 55 games at third base, 42 at first base, 39 in left field, 39 in right.


    Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but……

    13) Long time ago when I was in college, had a summer job for New York State; I worked in an office, had to dress like an adult— think I was 18. Six of us were hired for the summer.

    One of the other guys played college hockey; at the end of the summer, we all had to write a letter of resignation that they put in the file- for some reason this guy didn’t do that, so in the last hour of the last day we’re there, someone tells him he has to write the letter- the rest of us had all handed in typed letters of resignation.

    He takes a notebook, rips out a piece of paper, and with a magic marker writes “I QUIT!!!!” on it and signs the bottom and hands it in to the boss and walks out, so to this day, somewhere in the archives, there is this letter.

    Not sure what reminded me of that today, but it was funny as hell when it happened.

    12) Former NBA star Stephon Marbury said Monday that he’s been named head coach of the Beijing Royal Fighters, a Chinese Basketball Association team. Marbury is 42 now; he retired as a player last year.

    11) Mets had a news conference Monday afternoon where manager Mickey Callaway didn’t apologize for cursing out a Newsday reporter Sunday; couple hours later, they had another news conference, where Callaway apologized for not apologizing the first time. Not sure if he actually apologized for cursing out the writer, but he did apologize for something. What a mess.

    10) Right now, the Lakers’ over/under win total for next year is 53.5; how do you bet on this either way, without knowing who the hell is going to be playing for them? As the roster stands right now, they’re not a 54-win team.

    9) Fantasy baseball tip: I’m in a Monday-Sunday head-head league; we get four pickups a month and I was down to my last pick-up this month, needing to find a shortstop for the next two weeks (Story/Seager are both on IL).

    Was deciding between Brock Holt/Chris Taylor Friday night, but in a rare fit of wisdom, decided to wait until Sunday night to make the call. Good thing; Holt hurt his hamstring Saturday, which made it unnecessary to make the decision. Hope Taylor has a hot couple of weeks.

    8) With Marlins’ C Jorge Alfaro on the IL, 35-year old Wilkin Castillo was brought up from AAA and he had a big hit in Saturday’s 5-3 win in Philly.

    Castillo hadn’t been in the major leagues since batting three times in four games for the ’09 Reds. Imagine what he must’ve felt like, being back in The Show for the first time in a decade?

    7) Baseball stuff:
    — Minnesota signed P Cody Allen to a free agent contract.
    — Cardinals closer Jordan Hicks (torn UCL) is on the IL.
    — Astros activated OF George Springer, P Collin McHugh from the IL.

    6) Phoenix Suns declined Jimmer Fredette’s team option, Warriors say he’ll join them in summer league, so summer league just got a little more interesting. Summer league starts at the end of next week; if you like the NBA, do yourself a favor and go watch it in person some time.

    Its in Las Vegas, so even if you wind up hating summer league, chances are you’ll find something to occupy your time, of that I am not uncertain.

    5) Portland Traiblazers are trading Evan Turner to Atlanta for Kent Bazemore.

    4) NBA fined the New York Knicks $50,000 for refusing to credential the New York Daily News for a press conference last week. Tough week for the media in the Big Apple.

    3) Steven Matz’s first inning ERA this season is 10.93; in 15 starts, he’s allowed 10 first inning home runs. No bueno.

    2) There have already been seven games this season where both sides hit 4+ homers; all of last season, there were only three games like that.

    1) Mike Conley won both the 2018-19 Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award and NBA Sportsmanship Award, right after he gets traded to Utah. Wonder what the fans in Memphis are thinking when such a good guy/popular player (12 years with Grizzlies) gets traded away?
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    Future Outlook - Browns
    June 25, 2019
    By Bookmaker
    by Kyle Markus

    Cleveland Browns Season Win Total Outlook

    The Cleveland Browns have been the laughingstock of the NFL for several years, but there is a significant buzz surrounding this group as the 2019 season approaches. Quarterback Baker Mayfield looks like a star in the making and the team has loaded up with weapons around him.

    The Cleveland fanbase has struggled through plenty of fruitless years and the crowd is excited about the potential of this group. Making the leap to contender is not an easy one but there is no doubt the Browns have the talent to do so. New coach Freddie Kitchens will aim to keep things rolling after a strong finish to last year.

    The oddsmakers agree with the fans that the Browns have what it takes to have a successful year, and that is reflected in their season win total.

    We'll have NFL odds at available for every game of the 2019 NFL season.

    Odds Analysis

    The Browns’ regular season win total is set at nine for 2019, which is much higher than in past years. The “over” is the favorite at -125 while the “under” comes in at +104.

    The Browns finished last season with a record of 7-8-1. They started the year slowly but looked really good down the stretch, which is why there is such optimism for this year. Cleveland does not have the easiest division as it will have to beat out the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals for the AFC North title, but the Browns are looking like the favorite.

    Mayfield was the No. 1 overall pick in the draft a year ago and lived up to the billing. He threw for 3,725 yards with 27 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Quarterbacks often take a big jump heading into their second season, and if Mayfield follows that script than the offense could be explosive.

    Cleveland has some serious weapons on offense. The Browns traded for star receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. in the offseason and he will be added to a wide receiver corps which also includes Jarvis Landry and Antonio Callaway. Nick Chubb looks like a star in the making at running back and the team added Kareem Hunt, who was released from the Chiefs last season for violence against a woman.

    The Cleveland defense also has a set of stars. Cornerback Denzel Ward was great as a rookie and the team drafted Greedy Williams in the second round. If he can be another sticky cover corner the Browns will be in good shape in the secondary. The Browns have a great pass-rusher in Myles Garrett while Olivier Vernon and Sheldon Richardson were added this offseason.

    The Browns will play the Steelers, Ravens and Bengals once apiece at home and away in 2019. The other home games for Cleveland this year will come against the Titans, Rams, Seahawks, Bills and Dolphins. Their other road games will come against the Jets, 49ers, Patriots, Broncos and Cardinals.

    NFL Pick

    It’s not easy to make the leap from average team to great one, but there seems to be every reason to believe in the Browns. This is one of the most talented teams in the NFL, and Mayfield is poised to break into stardom. Some bettors may feel like this is a too-good-to-be-true season for the Browns and that something will go wrong.

    However, the talent is too good to ignore. The win total is much higher than Cleveland is used to and yet it is still too low. The Browns should hit double-digit victories in 2019.

    NFL Pick: Cleveland Browns “over” nine wins at -125 odds
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    Friday’s Den: Trends for NFC teams……

    Arizona Cardinals- Last four years, they’re 7-13 vs spread as a home favorite.

    Atlanta Falcons- Last six years, Falcons are 8-2 vs spread as a home underdog.

    Carolina Panthers- Last three years, Carolina is 1-7-1 vs spread when laying points on the road.

    Chicago Bears- Over last decade, Bears are 8-15-1 as a road underdog in division games, 16-17-1 in non-division games.

    Dallas Cowboys- Over last decade, Cowboys are 27-17 vs spread as a road underdog; since 2010, they’re 17-34-1 as a home favorite.

    Detroit Lions- Over last decade, Detroit is 12-24 vs spread when a divisional underdog.

    Green Bay Packers- Last six years, Green Bay is 7-14-1 vs spread as a road underdog.

    Los Angeles Rams- Under McVay, Rams are 26-10 SU, their first winning seasons since 2003; LA is +19 in turnovers in its last 32 regular season games.

    Minnesota Vikings- Under Zimmer, Minnesota is 22-7-1 vs spread as a home favorite.

    New Jersey Giants- Over last decade, Giants are 11-19-1 vs spread as a favorite in division games.

    New Orleans Saints- Last five years, over is 26-14 in New Orleans home games.

    Philadelphia Eagles- Last three years, under is 16-7 in Philly home games.

    San Francisco 49ers- Niners were minus-25 in turnovers LY, are minus-38 the last four years; since getting rid of Jim Harbaugh as coach, SF is 17-47 SU.

    Seattle Seahawks- Over last decade, Seahawks are 15-6 vs spread as a home underdog; they’ve had seven straight winning seasons, going 7-5 in playoff games during that time.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Last five years, Tampa Bay is 4-13 vs spread as a home favorite; they’re 7-1 as home underdogs the last two years.

    Washington Redskins- Since 2013, Washington has been an underdog in 25 home games (12-13 vs spread), favored in only 22 (9-13)
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    Monday’s Den: AFC trends to think about this season……

    Baltimore Ravens- Over last decade, Ravens are 9-16-1 vs spread when a home favorite in a division game.

    Buffalo Bills- Last three years, over is 18-6 in Buffalo’s home games.

    Cincinnati Bengals- Over last decade, Bengals are 20-8-2 vs spread as an underdog of 3 or fewer points.

    Cleveland Browns- Since 2010, Browns are 7-14-2 vs spread as a home favorite.

    Denver Broncos- Over last decade, Denver is 10-19-1 vs spread in AFC West home games.

    Houston Texans- Texans won their last four season openers, scoring 32.3 ppg; under O’Brien, they’re 17-22-1 vs spread as an underdog, 22-14-1 as a favorite.

    Indianapolis Colts- Over last decade, over is 32-23 in Colts’ games on natural grass, under is 57-46-2 in their games on artificial turf.

    Jacksonville Jaguars- Jaguars’ turnover ratios the last four years:
    -14 (5-11), +10 (10-6), -16 (3-13), -10 (5-11)

    Jaguars are 8-5 vs spread in last 13 games as a home underdog.

    Kansas City Chiefs- Since 2013, under is 31-17 in Kansas City home games.

    Los Angeles Chargers- Over last decade, they’re 9-21 vs spread in AFC West home games; Bolts are 6-9 vs spread in their home games in Carson the last two years- this is their last year there, before the new dome opens in LA.

    Miami Dolphins- in three years under Gase, Miami was 7-3-1 vs spread as a home underdog, 7-15 vs spread as a road underdog. Over last decade, Dolphins are 8-19 vs spread when laying points at home against a non-division opponent.

    New England Patriots- Last four years, under is 20-11-1 in New England road games. Since 2015, Patriots are 28-13-3 vs spread as a home favorite, 9-5-2 in AFC East games, 19-8-1 in all the other games.

    New Jersey Jets- Over last decade, underdogs are 22-8 vs spread in Jets’ AFC East home games. Since 2011, Jets are 8-18-2 vs spread as a road underdog outside their division.

    Oakland Raiders- Last two years, Silver and Black is 3-12-1 vs spread as a road underdog. Over last decade, they’re 22-33-3 vs spread in games with spread of 3 or fewer points.

    Pittsburgh Steelers- Since 2012, Steelers are 15-7-1 vs spread as a road underdog; they’ve won SU in Week 17 the last 11 years (7-4 vs spread, 0-3 last three years).

    Tennessee Titans- Since 2011, Titans are 5-17-2 vs spread as an underdog of 3 or fewer points. Over last decade, Tennessee is 8-21-1 vs spread in AFC South road games.
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    Future Outlook - Texans
    July 1, 2019
    By Bookmaker
    by Kyle Markus

    Houston Texans Season Win Total Outlook

    The Houston Texans finished with one of the best records in the NFL a season ago but are not expected to be among the contenders in the AFC in 2019. The oddsmakers believe a team that went 11-5 a year ago will take a step back.

    Houston has a lot of the same pieces returning so it’s a bit of a surprise that so much regression is projected. The Texans would love to buck that narrative and make a push for the playoffs.

    The Texans had a bit of chaos this offseason when General Manager Brian Gaine was fired. It seemed like the team was expecting to hire Nick Caserio to replace him but the Patriots wouldn’t let Caserio go and Houston dropped the pursuit. While that wasn’t an ideal scenario, the major personnel choices were already made and the team has enough talent to compete this year.

    We'll have NFL odds at available for every game of the 2019 NFL season.

    Odds Analysis

    The Texans’ regular season win total has been placed at 8.5 wins for 2019. The “over” is the underdog at +129 odds while the “under” is listed at -156.

    Houston made it to the AFC wild card round a year ago but was beaten by the Colts. The Texans were above average offensively a year ago and a top-5 defense.

    Houston’s offense has many of the same pieces returning. Quarterback Deshaun Watson is one of the more talented young quarterbacks in the NFL. He threw for 4,165 yards with 26 touchdowns and nine interceptions a season ago. If he can take another step forward in 2019 it will give Houston a good chance of finishing the year above .500.

    His main target will once again be DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins had 115 catches for 1,572 yards and 11 touchdowns a year ago and is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. There are some other solid weapons in the pass game, and the Texans will need to do well there because the running game doesn’t figure to be super strong. The offensive line is the biggest concern on offense. Houston took Tytus Howard in the first round and is hoping he can fill a role quickly.

    The defense lost safety Tyrann Mathieu but the pass-rush should again be elite with J.J. Watt, Jadeveon Clowney and Whitney Mercilus leading the way. Clowney is unhappy with his contract and there is talk he could sit out for some stretch of training camp or the season but that seems unlikely. If Clowney doesn’t show up it would obviously be a big deal as he is one of the best players on the team.

    The Texans will play the Jaguars, Colts and Titans twice apiece in their divisional schedule. Their other home games will come against the Panthers, Falcons, Raiders, Patriots and Broncos. The other road matchups will be against the Chiefs, Ravens, Saints, Chargers and Buccaneers. It is a really tough first-place schedule which will test Houston considerably.

    NFL Pick

    Houston’s defense was really good last year but it also got a full season out of Watt. He is injury-prone and 30 years old, and if he misses time it will hurt this team. Watson can help combat that by taking a step forward but there is a worry that the offensive line is so bad that he will be under too much pressure consistently.

    The Texans have a lot of star players but there is some worry about the depth of this team. Houston isn’t going to be quite as good as last season and the schedule will result in a .500 season or worse in 2019.

    NFL Pick: Houston Texans “under” 8.5 wins at -156 odds

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    Tuesday’s Den; NFL knowledge with camp only a week away…….

    13) Kansas City was +9 in turnovers, +27 in sacks LY, as QB Mahomes exploded onto the scene; KC was 12-4 LY, with three losses by 3 or fewer points. Last three years, Chiefs are 8-3 ATS as an underdog. In his last 10 years as a HC, Andy Reid is 2-7 in playoff games, after going 10-7 in playoff games before that.

    12) Minnesota was #31 in NFL LY in $$$ spent on their offensive line; last summer, their OL coach died suddenly before training camp started, and team went 8-8 after going 13-3 the year before, when Keenum was their QB. Cousins is 34-37-2 as an NFL starter, 0-1 in playoff games; he makes $28M a year. It is unclear if he is better than Keenum.

    11) Colts have had only two losing seasons since 2001, but last year was first time in four years they made the playoffs. Indy was 4-1 LY in games decided by 3 or fewer points in Reich’s first season as a head coach; under is 21-10 in their home games the last four years.
    10) Madden video game ranked Eli Manning as the worst starting QB in the NFL- he’ll be 39 in January. Last six years, Giants are 38-59 SU; last two years, they’re 1-4-1 vs spread as a favorite. Giants went for it on 4th down only eight times LY, and Saquon Barkley carried the ball on only one of the eight plays. Will they play first round draft pick QB Jones at all this season?

    9) Miami hasn’t made the playoffs since 2008; their last playoff win was in 2000, six coaches ago. Dolphins were last in NFL LY in $$ spent on offense, then they went and hired a defensive assistant from New England as their new HC. Josh Rosen is the new QB; he started 13 games as a rookie for a bad Arizona team LY.

    8) Last year in Oakland for the Raiders, who haven’t won a playoff game since 2002- they’ve made playoffs once since then, going 10-22 last two years after a 12-4 season in 2016. Oakland was #31 in $$$ spent on defense LY; they had three first round picks in April, using two on defenders, which should help. Raiders had only 13 sacks LY, while giving up 52.

    7) Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown are both gone now; Steelers were last in NFL LY in $$$ spent at both RB and WR- they were -11 in turnovers, after going +8 the previous three years. Big Ben is 37; he threw 675 passes LY. Last three years, under is 18-5 in their road games. Last six years, Steelers are 7-3-1 vs spread coming off a loss.

    6) Jaguars were #4 in $$$ spent on defense LY, #28 on offense, but now Nick Foles is their QB; can he survive a 16-game schedule? Foles has never started more than 11 games in a season, and started 9+ games in a season only twice. Last four years, Jaguars TO margin is minus-30, and that was with a +10 season in 2017.

    5) Jets haven’t made the playoffs since 2010; they went 14-34 the last three years. Adam Gase went 23-25 as coach in Miami, got fired, but division rival Jets hired him to tutor QB Darnold who started 13 games (4-9) LY. Gang Green was minus-10 in turnovers LY, are minus-34 the last three years. Over is 19-11-1 in their home games the last four years.

    4) New England has won six Super Bowls since 2001; Brady will be 42 in a few weeks, but he is 12-2 in playoff games the last five years. Over last decade, NE is 46-27-3 as a home favorite; they have to replaced retired TE Gronkowski. In red zone LY, White was targeted 22 times, Edelman 19 times, Gronkowski only seven.

    3) Last two years, while playing with very little home field advantage in Carson, Chargers went 11-3 vs spread in true road games. LA’s new dome opens next year; Chargers need lot of wins this year to sell tickets for their ’20 home games. Philip Rivers will be 38 in December; he’s started every game since ’06, but Bolts did a smart thing and added Tyrod Taylor as a backup.

    2) Carson Wentz started 13-11 games the last two years; he is 23-17 as an NFL starter, and Nick Foles is in Jacksonville now, so Wentz better stay healthy. In Weeks 4 and 7 LY, Eagles led by 14+ points in 3rd quarter, but lost both games. 12 of their 16 games were decided by 8 or fewer points, which makes the -6 turnover ratio more damaging.

    1) New Orleans had 29 more sacks than they allowed LY; they were 5-2 in games decided by 8 or fewer points. Last eight times Saints made postseason, they won their first playoff game seven times. Drew Brees will be 41 in January. Red zone targets LY; Thomas 31, Kamara 29, Tre’Quan Smith 11. Last five years, over is 26-14 in the Superdome.
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    Playoffs Props - Yes/No
    July 4, 2019
    By VI News

    Eight weeks down and now just a month to go before that Hall of Fame game kicks off, and after the past month has been dedicated to individual pieces and futures like most passing yards, rookie of the year awards, and other yardage leader props, it's back to the big picture perspective now with time before the season starting dwindling away.

    The first third of these weekly features dealt with individual win totals for a handful of teams, so with that already covered, this piece is about who will end up being involved in January's playoff action. Every year in the NFL, there are at least a few teams that make the playoffs that didn't the year prior, and while it's easy to assume (and correctly I may add), that the teams that did get featured in those win total pieces would have correlating plays on the Yes/No playoff prop, but they won't be the teams I'm discussing today.

    Yet, the message defensively will be just as stern this time around, as they can't go around giving up easy yards and points like they did and expect to win too many games. But if we can use last year as any indication, we should expect the Riders defense to step up from here on out, because last season's visit to Ottawa in Week 2 was the only time all year Saskatchewan allowed more then 34 points against. Welcoming a Toronto team that looked awful last week for the home opener is a great situation for this Riders defense to get back on track, and it's hard to believe that they won't be able to to some degree.

    For those that are wondering, we'd have Baltimore (+175), Chicago (-140), and San Francisco (+200) as those 'over' season win total plays as teams to be in the “YES” side of making the post season, while Indianapolis (+200) and Atlanta (-180) on the “NO” side of that equation.

    So with NFL football action just a month away, let's continue to project forward and take a stab at some “Will they make the playoffs” betting selections.

    NFL Teams to Make the Playoffs: YES

    Jacksonville Jaguars (+260)
    Dallas Cowboys (+100)

    Starting with the Jags, 2019 should be a season of redemption for this team who is out to prove that their 2018 campaign was the anomaly, not their 2017 year where they were a win away from the Super Bowl. Jacksonville went out and got the Super Bowl MVP from that 2017 season – who they would have faced had they won that AFC Championship two years ago – in Nick Foles to be the man that leads this offense for them in 2019.

    Foles may be a guy that's just recently hit his full potential, as career long numbers don't suggest he's an elite QB in this league, but he's played like one when called upon in Philly the past two seasons, and some guys just bloom later than others. Getting a QB that they can trust, and who's accurate with the ball and strong in his decision-making was the #1 priority for Jacksonville this year, and even if Foles falls somewhere between his performances in his early Philly and Rams days and his Super Bowl MVP playoff run, that's still a huge upgrade over Blake Bortles for the Jags.

    Jacksonville is still built to win with defense and their running game, so it's not like Foles has to come and be the savior, he's just got to be better then what a below average Bortles brought the Jags. He's got capable weapons around him in the passing game, and if that 2017 Jacksonville defense returns this year, a “game-manager” style of QB could have this team winning the AFC South again with double digit wins.

    The South really is a division that's up for grabs in 2019 in my opinion, and to have these kind of odds on this Jacksonville team who was there just 24 months ago is something I don't believe you can pass up. It's not like a Wildcard spot is out of the question either if Jacksonville ends up with a 9-7 SU record or something, as the rest of the AFC is pretty top heavy in that it's a conference full of 'haves' and 'have nots' again. Jacksonville's in a great spot to be in the former category here in 2019.

    Regarding the Cowboys, the NFC East is another division where it's likely a two-team race between the Cowboys and Eagles, and at plus-money the Cowboys appear to be the play. Washington and New York are dealing with transitional years within their respective organizations, and Philly, well more on them in a bit.

    Dallas is built in a similar fashion to Jacksonville in that running the ball and playing sound defense are the cornerstones of any success they find, and as the defending division champs in the NFC East, Dallas comes into 2019 loaded with confidence in terms or repeating. They've got a full year of WR Amari Cooper this season which is great from the outset, and added Randall Cobb on the outside as well.

    As long as Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, and the rest of that O-line can stay healthy this year, another division crown should be firmly in their sights, and it starts with taking care of business in their two games with the Eagles.

    NFL Teams to Make Playoffs: NO

    Philadelphia Eagles (+160)

    Speaking of those Eagles, they went out and made the “right” choice in letting Foles go and extending Carson Wentz as their QB of the present and future, but had the two QB's been the same age, I'm not sure the word “right” would apply.

    Eagles fans have unquestionable love for Wentz, but he's a guy that's already proved to be somewhat injury prone in his young career, and when you really boil it down, he's had what, 16 games of upper echelon QB play in this league. His 2017 campaign was a phenomenal one before it got cut short by injury, and there is always going to be the caveat that 2018 was not going to be nearly as good because it does take time to come back from an injury like the one Wentz had.

    However, I'm not a big believer in Wentz as most are, as it's really only been about a 16-game sample size of him being worth what he got paid this spring, and it's not like we haven't seen QB's in the NFC East have a great first year or two in the league before flaming out in a big way; RG III anyone.

    Wentz is a totally different signal caller then RG III and is definitely better, but I think we've got to hold off on anointing this guy as the next face of the league type guy at this position for a variety of reasons. His health is obviously one, as a repaired knee and back at just 26 years old is concerning, and with more film on him with each passing year, opposing coordinators can continue to come up with better ways to slow him down ala what happened to RG III after his first couple of years in Washington.

    Wentz still has the prototypical QB build to be a successful pocket passer in this league – something RG III does not – but the Eagles caught lightning in a bottle in 2017 from start to finish, and quite frankly they've been overrated ever since. To me they are decidedly the 2nd best team in this division, in 2019, and this is a year where we probably only see the division champion from the NFC East make it to January.

    Finishing the season with four straight divisional games – vs NYG, @ Washington, vs Dallas, @ NYG – could end up being a blessing or a curse for the Eagles playoff hopes, and I figure it's more likely to be the latter. By then, the Giants and Redskins would love to play the spoiler role if they are already out of things as expected, and if they aren't well then it's more tough games late that Philly's got to deal with.

    There is no safety net behind Wentz anymore with Foles now gone should he get hurt again, and they've just got the look of a team that needs everything to go right for them, every single week out there, just to get to 10 wins. At plus-money odds to bet against that happening, it's easy to make this play.

    NFL Win Total Predictions

    1) Baltimore Ravens
    2) Indianapolis Colts
    3) Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers
    4) Atlanta Falcons

    Individual Props

    5) NFL ROY
    6) Passing Yards
    7) Receiving Yards
    8) Rushing Yards
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    Divisional Best Bets
    July 11, 2019
    By VI News

    Here we are, a day after the MLB All-Star break has officially come and gone and now just three weeks away from that first NFL preseason game of the year. It's at this point in the calendar where much of the handicapping industry shifts the bulk of their focus to the upcoming football seasons – college and pro – as it's those two leagues that dominate action each and every year.

    Readers of this weekly piece know that 2019 NFL work here started months ago as we've been breaking down various futures plays, and after working our way through things somewhat chronologically, we've arrived at the point where it's time to start talking about potential Super Bowl champions. We are still two weeks away from dissecting those completely, but after last week's piece covered playoff Yes/No props, it's on to division winners from the AFC Conference this week.

    Predictably, there will be a bit of overlap between these division winner plays and last week's playoff predictions (and next week too with the NFC), but there are also a few things that have yet to be touched on, even if they've got the look and feel of the 'flavor of the day' right now.

    Let's get right to it:

    To win the AFC South

    Jacksonville Jaguars (+500)

    Starting off with the South here, as this play piggybacks off last week's piece on the Jags being a playoff team this year. It was there where I really discussed how the South is a division that definitely feels up for grabs in 2019, as I'm not ready to announce and hand over this division to the Colts after one solid return campaign from Andrew Luck. The Colts didn't even win the division a year ago, and yet as the prohibitive (-105) favorites to win the South in 2019, the general consensus is that we will see Luck and the Colts reach double-digit wins again.

    Well who knows how healthy Luck stays in 2019, and with the other three teams in the AFC South all building their organizations with a defense-first mentality, all it takes is a slip up or two from the Colts this year and they'll be finding themselves in the division basement yet again.

    The Jags defense is out to make a redemption statement this year after a tumultuous 2018 season, and having finally decided to bite the bullet and move on from Blake Bortles at QB, this offense should be able to take that next step. Scoring points will still be a struggle at times for the Jags, but with the defense and overall schedule they've got, that's probably not a concern that is be all, end all for a play like this at this price.

    To win the AFC North

    Cleveland Browns (+110)

    Cleveland has become a franchise that's taken on plenty of hype this off-season with the moves they've made on both sides of the ball, but you've really got to applaud them for taking full assessment of what they had internally, and the climate of the division around them, and going out and doing what they did.

    The Browns were plenty happy with what they got from QB Baker Mayfield last year to be convinced he was the right pick for this organization, so they went out and got plenty of offensive playmakers to put around him. This team is now quite deep at every offensive playmaking position which is always nice to have when making a future play like this – injuries to happen – as should health not end up being a concern for them, who knows how far this team ends up going. There is no more internal turmoil with the coaching staff to worry about now that Freddie Kitchens is confirmed as the head man in charge, and when you enter a season with unity at the top and an influx of talent in-between the lines, chances are success isn't too far behind.

    At the same time, Cleveland looked around and saw a Pittsburgh team take a noticeable decline in talent with all their departures and turmoil they've dealt with over the past six months. Baltimore still look goods, but they've moved on to the Lamar Jackson era and the jury is still out if he's a capable passer in this league, and Cincinnati moved on from the Marvin Lewis era (finally) as they give the Dalton/AJ Green duo one more kick at the can under a new regime.

    Chances are that can doesn't get too far down the street before new Bengals HC Zac Taylor gets antsy to move on to his own regime, and while I am considerably higher that seemingly most of the market on Lamar Jackson's ability to be a quality starter in today's NFL, in head-to-head matchups with Cleveland I do believe you've got to give the Browns the edge.

    And then there is Pittsburgh who may end up suffering a hastily fall in this division with Big Ben on his last legs already and the internal issues they've got within that franchise still likely needing some sorting out. It can't always be guys just being disgruntled on their way out, there's got to be plenty of truth involved in the issues Antonio Brown and LeVeon Bell brought up on their way out the door, and it make take the Steelers moving on from Roethlisberger – whenever that happens – for them to be completely ironed out.

    So you can't blame the Browns for taking their shot and going for it in 2019, as they've been an organization that's been starved of success for far too long. It is a big jump for them to make to all of a sudden become division favorites, especially when they are still fairly young and learning how to win, but with so much chaos and uncertainty around them in the AFC North, things do appear to be aligned for them to win their first division crown since realignment happened.

    Win Totals

    1) Baltimore Ravens
    2) Indianapolis Colts
    3) Chicago Bears and SF 49ers
    4) Atlanta Falcons

    Individual Props

    5) NFL ROY
    6) NFL Passing Yards Leader
    7) NFL Receiving Yards Leader
    8) NFL Rushing Yards Leader

    Playoff Futures

    9) Make Playoffs Yes/No
    Remember the 3 G's Gambling, Golf, Girls not in any particular order.....

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    AFC East Preview
    July 14, 2019
    By Marc Lawrence

    In addition to the previews outlined below, these interesting scheduling statistical notes merit consideration, compliments of the 2019 MTI Regular Season NFL Win Report:

    Buffalo – Bills will face 3 foes with a Thursday game on deck, 3 foes with a Monday game on deck, and 3 foes in the 2nd of two or more away games ... -5 net turnovers in 2018.

    Miami – Dolphins will face 2 foes coming off a bye week ...+5 net turnovers in 2018.

    New England – Pats have failed to play ‘under’ their season win total 10 straight years ... will face 3 foes coming off a bye week ... +10 net turnovers in 2018.

    NY Jets – Jets will face 2 foes coming off a Thursday game, and 2 foes coming off a Monday game ... -10 net turnovers in 2018.

    Buffalo Bills


    Westgate SuperBook Season Win Total: 6.5 (over -160)
    Opponents’ Collective Season Win Total: 125

    Some say the best part of dating a Buffalo Bills fan is that you know she ain’t looking for a ring. It may be cruel but the fact of the matter is it’s been a long time (1995, 23 seasons ago) that Buffalo last enjoyed a playoff win. It’s also been since 2006 the last time the Bills opened a season with their first two games on the road – and both of them in the same stadium, no less. It’s been even longer when Buffalo was featured on Thanksgiving (1994). And so former Dallas Cowboy Cole Beasley, signed by Buffalo as a free agent in the offseason, returns to the Big ‘D’. It’s part of a brutal four-game season-ending trek for the Bills when they meet Baltimore at home and then hit the highway again for consecutive road games at Pittsburgh and New England in December.

    Ironically, Buffalo will also take part in what could be a quintet of 2018 first-round quarterback battles when Bills QB Josh Allen faces Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson and Sam Darnold (twice). Through it all, GM Brandon Beane is at the forefront of a massive reconstruction, bringing Ken Dorsey in as its quarterback’s coach. Dorsey worked for five seasons with NFL MVP Cam Newton in Carolina and figures to polish up Allen’s skills. Aside from reforming the roster with plenty of free agent signings the past two seasons, Beane appeared to hit a home run with defensive tackle Ed Oliver with the ninth pick in this year’s draft. Oliver figures to make everyone around him better with his freakish athleticism. Bills fans attending games nowadays will finally need a program, and that’s a good thing.

    STAT YOU WILL LIKE: 2019 marks the 8th year in the last 9 seasons in which the Bills will feature a new wide receivers coach.

    PLAY ON: vs. Baltimore (12/8)

    INSIDE THE STATS: The Bills are 1-21 SU in division games the L9Y when they commit 2 or more turnovers.

    Miami Dolphins


    Westgate SuperBook Season Win Total: 5 (under -120)
    Opponents’ Collective Season Win Total: 132.5

    Dave Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel put it best when he said that not having the burden of winning in the first year for a new regime is often the head fake of any rebuild. So it is for new Dolphins GM Chris Grier and new mentor Brian Flores. As a result, Grier didn’t fill holes in the offseason, he made them. Gone are Miami mainstays Ryan Tannehill, Cam Wake, and Robert Quinn. In is young, cheap talent with an upside (read: AAF signees). In other words, meet the “Miami Apollos”. No, it won’t be quite that bad for Flores and Grier, not with the addition of talented QB Josh Rosen, the former 10th pick in the 2017 draft acquired via a trade on Day Two of this year’s NFL Draft from Arizona.

    While Rosen’s 66.7 Passer Rating as a rookie with the Cardinals did not jump off the page, it was higher than the rookie ratings of Tom Brady, John Elway, Kurt Warner, Eli Manning and Troy Aikman – Hall of Famers all. Remember, the Fins allowed 6,257 yards last season, the worst in franchise history, while the offense gained fewer than 200 yards in five games. And for all of this, Adam Gase is the Jets’ new sideline boss. WTF? And so the rebuild begins.

    Miami is 42-18 SU at home in September since 1980.

    PLAY ON: vs. New England (9/15)

    INSIDE THE STATS: The Dolphins are 11-27 ITS in December since 2006.

    New England Patriots


    Westgate SuperBook Season Win Total: 11 (over -150)
    Opponents’ Collective Season Win Total: 120.5

    Following last season’s 13-3 win over the Rams in Super Bowl LIII, iconic QB Tom Brady now owns a Super Bowl ring for every round of players that were drafted ahead of him. Meanwhile, Pats owner Robert Kraft owns enough jewelry to keep his name off courtroom dockets. It was also the first time since 1972 (Miami Dolphins) that a team lost a Super Bowl game one season and came back to win the Super Bowl the following season. So what does New England do for an encore this season? It’s always difficult for defending Super Bowl champions to play to the same level the following season. Making matters worse, the retirement of megastar TE Rob Gronkowski and top free agent Trey Flowers, along with multiple staff departures, certainly leaves a void.

    So what will life be like with the fallout of the aforementioned personnel? As one NFL executive put it, “Belichick is the guy who climbs Everest without oxygen just to see if he can do it. It'll work out for them." Bill Belichick, Josh McDaniels, and Dante Scarnecchia are still there, and that’s key. With it, New England is chasing Dallas’ record of 20 straight winning seasons, and ironically the Pats will host the Cowboys the final Sunday in November. From a schedule standpoint, the Patriots take on the softest itinerary in the league from an opponent season-win projection. This also marks the third straight year the Pats will close the season with consecutive home games. Life is great if you’re a Patriot.

    STAT YOU WILL LIKE: Bill Belichick is 17-1 SU in the playoffs against foes that he did not face during the regular season.

    PLAY AGAINST: as a favorite at Washington (10/6)

    INSIDE THE STATS: The Patriots have 3 or more turnovers in only 6 of their last 101 games.

    New York Jets


    Westgate SuperBook Season Win Total: 7.5
    Opponents’ Collective Season Win Total: 122.5

    Some way, somehow, Adam Gase managed to convince acting Jets owner Christopher Johnson that he was their man. In typical Gase fashion, his first move was a power struggle with GM Mike Maccagnan, resulting in Maccagnan’s firing. Gase then promptly traded away LB Derron Lee. The fact of the matter is Gase's primary objective is to develop Sam Darnold into a Pro Bowl-caliber franchise quarterback. If he does that, no one will care about what happened this offseason. If it doesn’t, Mr. Congeniality will be looking for work sooner than later. We have serious reservations, though, given the fact that Gase’s offenses in Miami declined each and every season during his three-year tenure with the Dolphins, ranking 24th, 25th and 31st.

    Furthermore, Gase’s system threatens to choke out Darnold’s potential by ordering him to throw too many too-short passes. Perhaps the addition of RB Le’Veon Bell, an excellent receiver out of the backfield, will aid in the transition. Visit for more on the metrics involved in Gase’s shortcomings and you can draw your own conclusions. Also, check out our STAT YOU WILL LIKE below for more on Gase’s inadequacies. Through it all, the Jets enjoyed a strong Draft led by the selection of Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama with the 3rd overall pick. On paper, the Flyboys look improved. On the sidelines, they come up short.

    STAT YOU WILL LIKE: The Miami Dolphins averaged 7.7 Penalties Per Game under Adam Gase, the 2nd worst in the league the past three seasons.

    PLAY ON: at Miami (11/3)

    INSIDE THE STATS: The Jets are 5-23 SU and 8-16-1 ATS in games in which they’ve been outyarded the L3Y.
    Remember the 3 G's Gambling, Golf, Girls not in any particular order.....

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    AFC North Preview
    July 21, 2019


    In addition to the previews outlined below, these interesting scheduling statistical notes merit consideration, compliments of the 2019 MTI Regular Season NFL Win Report:

    Baltimore – Ravens have not played ‘under’ their regular-season win total in any of the last five years... -3 net turnovers in 2018 regular season.

    Cincinnati – Bengals have played ‘under’ their regular-season win total 3 straight years ...+1 net turnover in 2018 regular season.

    Cleveland – Browns suffered 4 losses by 1-3 points last season ... +7 net turnovers in 2018 regular season.

    Pittsburgh – Steelers went ‘under’ their regular-season win total last season for the first time since 2013 ... -11 net turnovers in 2018 regular season.

    Baltimore Ravens


    Westgate SuperBook Season Win Total: 8.5 (over -120)
    Opponents’ Collective Season Win Total: 129

    The Ravens become the fourth team since the NFL switched to a 16-game schedule in 1978 to receive a perfectly balanced schedule, according to ESPN Stats & Information research. Over the past 41 years, the only other teams to alternate home and away every game of the season were the 1985 Atlanta Falcons (finished 4-12), the 1991 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-13) and the 2012 Falcons (13-3). Digging deeper, four of the Ravens’ first six games are against losing teams last year that changed head coaches, including their first two. And for the first time since 2006, neither game between Baltimore and Pittsburgh is slotted for prime time – despite the fact that only 7 of the last 25 games in this series have been decided by more than 7 points.

    Furthermore, the Black Birds will tackle 6 foes this season that amassed double-digit losses in 2018. Thus the question begs: will the arsenal of wide receivers Baltimore acquired in the offseason be enough to keep Lamar Jackson in the pocket where he belongs? Or is his instinct to run-first and pass only out of necessity embedded in his DNA? It’s apparent the Ravens are all-in with Jackson, making them mavericks in the current pass-crazy NFL. Then again, Bret Maverick constantly found himself in and out of life-threatening trouble during his time as a TV gambler on the run.

    STAT YOU WILL LIKE: The Ravens are 9-1 SU and 8-2 ATS at home following its bye week since 2002.

    PLAY ON: as a dog vs. New England (11/3)

    INSIDE THE STATS: After going 3-9 ITS in division games the Ravens went 4-2 in 2018.

    Cincinnati Bengals


    Westgate SuperBook Season Win Total: 6 (over -130)
    Opponents’ Collective Season Win Total: 129

    It took three successive losing seasons for the Bengals to show HC Marvin Lewis the door. Now Zac Taylor, the former LA Rams quarterbacks coach, assumes the reins. And because the NFL is a copycat league, Cincinnati is hoping he can do for the Bengals what Sean McVay has done for the Rams. McVay, though, inherited a good defense and a blossoming offense. Unfortunately, Cincinnati does not check either box. Despite finishing last in overall defense last season, only ONE of the Bengals first four picks in this year’s draft were defensive players. Go figure.

    They’re going to need production from TE Tyler Eifert who has played more than half of a 16 game schedule only three times in his 6-year career. If the talented tight end is healthy and plays to his level, he can help lift the offense to new heights. A lot more offensive production will need to come from suddenly aging Andy Dalton. The Red Rifle is listed as the 34th favorite to win the MVP award at +10000, and that likely tells you all you need to know about Taylor’s chances for success this season. Nonetheless, Cincinnati wants to believe Dalton’s sterling 17-11 SU and 17-8-3 ATS career record in September (3-1 last year) is a building block they can lean on. Good luck with that.

    STAT YOU WILL LIKE: The Bengals own the NFL’s longest winless drought in the playoffs: 28 years.

    PLAY ON: at Cleveland (12/8)

    INSIDE THE STATS: Since it bye week in 2017, the Bengals are 6-19 ITS in their last 25 games.

    Cleveland Browns


    Westgate SuperBook Season Win Total: 9 (over -130)
    Opponents’ Collective Season Win Total: 124

    No team has appeared in fewer prime-time games over the past 10 seasons than the Browns (11). That’s about to change this season when Cleveland breaks through in four main attraction affairs. It’s safe to say the Browns have elevated excitement about the team. After inserting quarterback Baker Mayfield into the starting lineup and then winning five of its final seven games in 2018, they won the offseason, too, with trades for wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., pass-rusher Olivier Vernon, and defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson. Coupled with another strong draft, and a roster stockpiled with talent, the Browns are suddenly the “it” team in the NFL this season.

    But before being anointed as Super Bowl champions, they would serve themselves well to remember they enter 2019 with 11 consecutive losing seasons, as well as missing the playoffs 16 years in a row. The last playoff victory was in 1994 (when they were last coached by Bill Belichick). In fact, according to Jarrett Bell of the USA TODAY, since the NFL realigned divisions in 2002, the AFC North title scorecard reads: Steelers 8, Ravens 5, Bengals 4, Browns 0. The thinking here is they would be better served approaching the season as a hungry underdog rather than the “new Patriots”, as OBJ declared. For a team with a whole new persona, let’s hope they adhere to Mayfield’s “Humble Over Hype” reminder bracelet.

    STAT YOU WILL LIKE: In going from zero wins to seven wins last season, the Browns defense regressed 65 YPG.


    INSIDE THE STATS: The Browns are 1-28 SU and 2-27 ATS the L29 games in which they are minus in net TO’s.

    Pittsburgh Steelers


    Westgate SuperBook Season Win Total: 9
    Opponents’ Collective Season Win Total: 128

    While many Steelers fans mourn the loss of star WR Antonio Brown and RB Le’Veon Bell this offseason, the hardest defection of all may be one that doesn’t show up in the stat sheets. After five years coaching the Steelers offensive line, Mike Munchak took the same job with the Denver Broncos, only his third NFL coaching stop in 25 years. His job was to keep Ben Roethlisberger upright and to create holes for the running game. Both Bell and Brown’s production benefitted mightily from Munchak’s know-how. With all three gainfully employed elsewhere, there will certainly be a new learning curve this season.

    Running back Benny Snell (Kentucky) was tapped in the 4th round of the draft and will likely compete with James Conner to fill Bell’s shoes. Wide receiver Diontae Johnson (Toledo) heard his name called in the 3rd round and will team with Ju-Ju Schuster and James Washington to somehow spell Brown. On the other side of the ball, LB Devin Bush (Michigan) was the Steelers No. 1 choice to fill a big gap left by the unfortunate blow suffered by Ryan Shazier. The 3 stars on the Steelers helmets represent materials used to produce steel: yellow for coal; orange for iron ore; and blue for steel scrap. Understandably, the fans are more concerned about the 3 stars that are no longer visible.

    STAT YOU WILL LIKE: Teams who upset the Steelers are 2-18 SUATS away when coming off consecutive SUATS wins.

    PLAY ON: at New England (9/8)

    INSIDE THE STATS: The Steelers are an incredible 123-48 ITS in all games since 2009.
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    13) How last five Super Bowl champs did in their season opener the next year:

    2014: Seahawks (-5.5) W36-16 vs Green Bay
    2015: Patriots (-7) W28-21 vs Pittsburgh
    2016: Broncos (+3) W21-20 vs Carolina
    2017: Patriots (-8) L27-42 vs Kansas City
    2018: Eagles (-1) W18-12 vs Atlanta (3-1-1 vs spread)

    12) How last six Super Bowl losers did in their season opener the next year:

    2013: 49ers (-5) W34-28 vs Green Bay
    2014: Broncos (-7.5) W31-24 vs Indianapolis
    2015: Seahawks (-3.5) L31-34 OT @ Rams
    2016: Panthers (-3) L20-21 @ Denver
    2017: Falcons (-6.5) W23-17 @ Chicago
    2018: Patriots (-6.5) W27-20 vs Houston

    Since 2003, Super Bowl losers are 3-13 vs spread in Week 1 the next season.

    11) How odd is it that Buffalo’s first two games this season are both in the Meadowlands?

    10) Stat of the day; New England Patriots lost five of their last six visits to Miami. During that time, Dolphins are 27-20 at home (22-19 vs everyone else).

    9) Pac-12 is considering starting football games at noon ET to get better TV exposure.

    Let that sink in; the Pac-12 (Pac stands for PACIFIC, as in ocean) is thinking of starting games at 9am or 10am local time; that means players would eat pre-game meals at 5am or 6am?

    What geniuses thought this was a good idea?

    8) Major league umpire Ted Barrett was once a sparring partner for both Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.

    7) Baseball stuff:
    — Braves put OF Nick Markakis (broken wrist) on IL.
    — Royals traded lefty P Jake Diekman to Oakland, for two minor leaguers.
    — Dodgers put P Ross Stripling (biceps tendonitis) on IL.
    — Mets put 1B/OF Dom Smith (foot) on the IL.

    6) 30 years ago, Washington State football coach Mike Leach was an assistant coach at Iowa Wesleyan; for $12,000 a year, he was offensive line coach, offensive coordinator, recruiting coordinator, equipment manager and video coordinator.

    He also taught a business law class and was the school’s SID. His wife was the secretary in the football office.

    5) This season is the first year they’re using major league baseballs at the AAA level; home runs are up 59% from last year in AAA games. Yes, the baseball is juiced.

    4) This, from ESPN’s Steve Levy:

    “Wynn/Encore employees are instructed to NOT say “how are you?” to guests…

    Ya know, just in case you lost a million in craps…”

    3) There have been 17 Super Bowls where one of the starting QB’s went to college in California; none of those QB’s went to USC. No Trojan QB has ever started a Super Bowl. Delaware Blue Hens have had two quarterbacks start a Super Bowl.

    2) Bengals’ WR AJ Green appears to have avoided a serious injury; he sprained his ankle at a practice in Dayton Saturday. The NFL requested the Bengals practice in Dayton as part of the league’s 100th anniversary. Bengal officials were leery of the field’s surface.

    1) San Francisco Giants are the first MLB team in the live-ball era to win six extra-inning games in a 10-game span. If somehow they make the playoffs this year, they should fly Bruce Bochy right to Cooperstown before the Wild Card game to get inducted into the Hall of Fame, thats how good a manager he is.
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    Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

    13) NFL teams whose backup QB’s have never started a NFL game:
    Cowboys, Jaguars, Giants, Steelers.

    12) NFL backup QB’s who started the most NFL games:
    126— Ryan Fitzpatrick, Miami
    92— Matt Schaub, Atlanta
    88— Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee
    73— Blake Bortles, LA Rams

    11) Most profitable NFL head coaches in preseason games:
    — John Harbaugh Ravens 29-15-1 ATS
    — Pete Carroll Seahawks 23-12-1
    — Mike Zimmer Vikings 14-7
    — Jon Gruden Raiders 14-8-2

    10) Least profitable NFL head coaches in preseason games:
    — Mike Vrabel, Titans 0-4 ATS
    — Dan Quinn, Falcons 4-12
    — Jason Garrett, Cowboys 11-20-2
    — Bill Belichick, Patriots 25-31-1

    9) There are 43 NBA players who will earn $2M+ during the 2019-20 season.

    8) Joe Flacco won’t be playing QB for Denver Thursday in the Hall of Fame Game; Kevin Hogan will start, followed by rookie Drew Lock and then Brett Rypien.

    7) Josh Johnson turned down a chance to go to Ravens’ camp as a backup QB; he figures Robert Griffin III will be healthy shortly after the regular season begins, which would mean Johnson getting cut at that point.

    32-year old Johnson has had shots with 12 different NFL teams, going 1-7 as a starter— he’s played in 33 NFL games, starting three for the Redskins LY.

    6) Baseball stuff:
    — Washington put P Max Scherzer (back) on IL.
    — Pirates traded P Jordan Lyles to Milwaukee for a AA pitcher.
    — Mets traded P Jason Vargas to Philly for a AA catcher.
    — Dodgers put IF Kike Hernandez (hand) on IL.

    5) College basketball transfer portal:
    — Utah F Donnie Tillman transfers from Utah to UNLV, is immediately eligible.

    4) Last major league to score 10+ runs in an inning and still lose the game; Royals against Cleveland in August, 2006.

    3) Former Clemson RB Tavien Feaster is transferring to South Carolina, where he’ll be eligible right away; he has 1,330 career rushing yards and 15 TD’s..

    2) Former Southern Miss/Tennessee coach Donnie Tyndall is the new head coach of the Grand Rapids Drive in the G-League.

    1) I’d advise against wagering on preseason football, but if you must, six of last seven Hall of Fame games stayed under the total.
    Remember the 3 G's Gambling, Golf, Girls not in any particular order.....

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    AFC South Preview
    July 29, 2019


    In addition to the previews outlined below, these interesting scheduling statistical notes merit consideration, compliments of the 2019 MTI Regular Season NFL Win Report:

    Houston – Texans will face zero opponents coming off a Thursday or a Monday night game this season ... +13 net turnovers in 2018 regular season.

    Indianapolis – Colts had 6 double-digit and wire-to-wire wins last season ... +3 net turnover in 2018 regular season.

    Jacksonville – Jaguars have played ‘under their regular-season win total 7 of the last 8 years, and suffered 7 double-digit losses, and had zero victories by 1-3 points, last season ... -12 net turnovers in 2018 regular season.

    Tennessee – Titans had 4 double-digit victories and 4 double-digit losses last season... -1 net turnover in 2018 regular season.

    Houston Texans


    Westgate SuperBook Season Win Total: 8.5 (under -140)
    Opponents’ Collective Season Win Total: 137

    The Texans know where their bread is buttered and used the draft to bolster the offensive line with OT Tytus Howard in the first round and OT Max Scharping in the second round. It’s music to the ears of QB Deshaun Watson, who at times resembled a human piñata last season. "We have to have guys that can be bodyguards for Watson, man, and you're going to be that guy," head coach Bill O’Brien told Howard. Keeping Watson upright and out of harm’s way will give the talented QB time to survey the field. The added return of star WR Will Fuller (ACL) is critical, too, as the speedster is the perfect complement to DeAndre Hopkins. The 25-year-old Fuller has missed 17 regular-season games in his career.

    With J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney healthy and anchoring the defense, Houston hopes to get back to 2015 and 2016 standards when they were ranked No. 1 and No. 3 in overall team defense in the league. The confidence factor for this team is there, as they became the first team since the 1970 NY Giants to reel off six consecutive wins after opening the season 0-3 last year. If O’Brien can maintain his ways against losing teams (20-4 SU in his career) and stay even against winning opposition, his troops could be playoff-bound again in 2019.

    STAT YOU WILL LIKE: Houston is 8-0 ATS when favored versus foes coming off a double-digit loss under O’Brien.

    PLAY ON: at Indianapolis (10/20)

    INSIDE THE STATS: The Texans are 8-15 SU and 7-13-3 ATS in games after committing zero turnovers.

    Indianapolis Colts


    Westgate SuperBook Season Win Total: 9.5 (over -140)
    Opponents’ Collective Season Win Total: 129.5

    With three of the first 59 picks in the draft and six of the first 135, the Colts slayed the NFL draft this season. Coupled with a 2018 draft class that was headlined by two first-team All-Pros going into this season, it’s a precursor of what’s to come in Naptown these days. A healthy Andrew Luck, for the first time in three off-season’s, underscores the strength of what’s being built in Indy – a group that should be the strongest surrounding Luck since he came out of Stanford in 2012. The 2018 Colts won nine of their last 10 regular-season games, then a playoff game before falling to the Chiefs and league MVP Patrick Mahomes in the divisional round of the playoffs. Adding elusive Ohio State WR Parris Campbell gives Luck a true home run threat. Paired with T.Y. Hilton and TE Eric Ebron, the passing game suddenly becomes lethal.

    Better yet, Frank Reich capitalized on an exceptionally strong defensive draft with 7 of his first eight selections. It’s no coincidence that Reich has made six appearances in the Super Bowl, both as a player and a coach. Indy also struck gold in the Free Agent market when they landed former All-Pro LB Justin Houston from Kansas City. Yes, it’s safe to say the future in Indianapolis looks bright.

    STAT YOU WILL LIKE: All four Super Bowls the Colts franchise has played in – 1968, 1970, 2006 and 2009 – have taken place in Miami, Florida, site of Super Bowl LIV this season.

    PLAY ON: at Kansas City (10/6)

    INSIDE THE STATS: The Colts are 40-12 SU and 38-14 ATS in games in which they outyarded foes behind Andrew Luck.

    Jacksonville Jaguars


    Westgate SuperBook Season Win Total: 8 (under -130)
    Opponents’ Collective Season Win Total: 132

    Get used to not seeing much of the Jaguars this season. Despite the fact that Super Bowl-winning QB Nick Foles will be behind center for Jacksonville in 2019, the only prime-time games for the Jags this season occurs in Week Three at home against Tennessee (unless, of course, they are flexed during the second half of the season). It’s what happens when you fall off the radar in the NFL after going from 12 wins in 2017 to 5 wins last year. And speaking of the schedule, for only the seventh time in the franchise’s 25-year history, the Jags will get a home game to finish the season. FYI: they are 6-0 SU and 5-1 ATS in these games. In a scheduling quirk, the Jaguars will have a 34-day stretch between home games sandwiched between October 27 and December 1.

    Plus, in addition to adding Foles to the roster, Jacksonville struck gold in the first two rounds of the draft with DE Josh Allen and OT Jawaan Taylor, both expected to be immediate impact players. If Foles can resurrect an offense that fell 11 points and 58 yards per game last season, the Jags always-reliable defense will have a chance to shine. Remember, Foles is 15-6 SU and 12-8-1 ATS as a favorite of 6 or fewer points, as well as 13-5 SU from Game Thirteen out. His reunion with former Eagles OC John DeFilippo should pay huge dividends. Play accordingly.

    STAT YOU WILL LIKE: Jacksonville is 1-7 SUATS against teams from the NFC South since 2011.

    PLAY ON: vs. Kansas City (9/8)

    INSIDE THE STATS: After going 16-6 at home ITS the previous 3 years, the Jaguars went 2-5 last year.

    Tennessee Titans


    Westgate SuperBook Season Win Total: 8 (under -130)
    Opponents’ Collective Season Win Total: 134

    Mike Vrabel’s rookie season with the Titans paralleled that of QB Marcus Mariota. A third-straight 9-7 season last year was enough to keep the wolves off Vrabel, but in Mariota’s case, it’s time to let it ride with Tennessee picking up the $20 million-dollar fifth-year option of his rookie contract as the No. 2-overall selection in 2015. The Titans hedged that bet when they traded for Ryan Tannehill, a 2012 first-round pick who failed to materialize with Miami. Hence, should Mariota fail to deliver the goods, you can look for Tennessee to do what the Dolphins did with Tannehill and cut the cord. According to NFL analyst Charlie Casserly, Tennessee’s wide receiver additions of Adam Humphries and A.J. Brown (2nd round selection), along with former 1st round WR Corey Davis, can take the offense to another level. We like quality quarterbacks in contract years and with it look for Mariota to turn loose this season.

    On the other side of the ball, expect veteran TE Cam Wake to make an immediate difference. He was the glue to the Miami defense and with his athleticism and desire (he’s a ‘young 37’ who made an immediate impact in summer OTA’s). He’s also a mentor who considers it a responsibility to pass on knowledge to younger teammates. Look for these Nashville cats to once again be in the AFC South hunt.

    STAT YOU WILL LIKE: Tennessee is 11-5 SUATS all-time versus NFC South opponents, including 8-0 SU and 7-1 ATS versus .500 or fewer foes.

    PLAY ON: vs. Indianapolis Colts (9/15)

    INSIDE THE STATS: The Titans have gone only 15-25 ITS at home the L5Y.
    Remember the 3 G's Gambling, Golf, Girls not in any particular order.....

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    HOF Notes - Broncos vs. Falcons
    July 29, 2019
    By VI News

    Denver Broncos

    Head Coach: Vic Fangio

    Quarterback Rotation: Joe Flacco, Drew Lock, Kevin Hogan, Brett Rypien (Rookie)

    Following a pair of losing seasons, the Broncos brought in a first-time head coach in Vic Fangio and a Super Bowl winning quarterback in Joe Flacco to try and turn things around. Denver is four seasons removed from capturing a Super Bowl title, but the lack of a steady quarterback since the retirement of Peyton Manning has been the issue.

    Flacco will try to resurrect his career and the Broncos' franchise as Denver enters the preseason with a solid 6-2 SU and 5-2-1 ATS mark the last two exhibition campaigns.

    For updated injury reports on the Broncos, we suggest following Ryan O'Halloran and Kyle Fredrickson via Twitter.

    Atlanta Falcons

    Head Coach: Dan Quinn

    Quarterback Rotation: Matt Ryan, Matt Schaub, Kurt Benkert

    The Falcons suffered through a rough start in 2018 by losing nine of their first 13 games before winning their final three to finish at 7-9. Atlanta missed the playoffs for the first time in three seasons in spite of stars Matt Ryan and Julio Jones not missing a single game.

    Running back Devonta Freeman was limited to two games due to various injuries as the offense was held to 20 points or less in seven of nine losses.

    Atlanta hasn't put much stock into the preseason the last two seasons by not winning once in eight tries, while scoring a total of 27 points in four exhibition losses in 2018.

    For updated injury reports on the Broncos, we suggest following D. Orlando Ledbetter and Jason Butt via Twitter.

    Preseason Coaching Stats

    Vic Fangio, Denver – First preseason game

    Dan Quinn, Atlanta – 5-11 SU, 5-11 ATS, 5-11 O/U

    Preseason Results - Last Two Years


    2018 (2-2 SU, 2-2 ATS, 3-1 O/U)

    Denver (+1, 36.5) 28 vs. Minnesota 42
    Denver (-3, 43) 23 vs. Chicago 24
    Denver (+3, 43) 29 at Washington 17
    Denver (PK, 36) 21 at Arizona 10

    2017 (4-0 SU, 3-0-1 ATS, 2-2 O/U)

    Denver (+1, 36.5) 24 at Chicago 17
    Denver (+3, 39.5) 33 at San Francisco 14
    Denver (-3, 42.5) 20 vs. Green Bay 17
    Denver (-2.5, 36) 30 vs. Arizona 2


    2018 (0-4 SU, 0-4 ATS, 1-3 O/U)

    Atlanta (+4, 36.5) 0 at N.Y. Jets 17
    Atlanta (+2, 42.5) 14 vs. Kansas City 28
    Atlanta (+4, 38) 6 at Jacksonville 17
    Atlanta (+2, 36.5) 7 vs. Miami 34

    2017 (0-4 SU, 0-4 ATS, 1-3 O/U)

    Atlanta (+1, 36) 20 at Miami 23
    Atlanta (-3, 39) 13 at Pittsburgh 17
    Atlanta (-3.5, 44) 14 vs. Arizona 24
    Atlanta (-3, 37) 7 vs. Jacksonville 13

    Hall of Fame Game History & Trends

    Recent Trends:

    -- Atlanta is making its first appearance in the HOF game since a 21-17 victory over San Diego in 1994.

    -- Denver owns a 1-2 record in the HOF game with its last appearance coming in 2004 with a 20-17 loss to Washington.

    -- The NFC won five straight HOF games when facing a team from the AFC prior to Baltimore's 17-16 triumph over Chicago in 2018 .

    -- The 'under' cashed in last year's HOF contest between Baltimore and Chicago as the two teams combined for two touchdowns in the final three quarters.

    -- Four of the last five HOF games have been decided by four points or less.

    Year Result
    2018 Baltimore 17 Chicago 16
    2017 Dallas 20 Arizona 18
    2016 PPD
    2015 Minnesota 14 Pittsburgh 3
    2014 N.Y. Giants 17 Buffalo 13
    2013 Dallas 24 Miami 20
    2012 New Orleans 17 Arizona 10
    2011 PPD
    2010 Dallas 16 Cincinnati 7
    2009 Tennessee 21 Buffalo 18
    2008 Washington 30 Indianapolis 16
    2007 Pittsburgh 20 New Orleans 7
    2006 Oakland 16 Philadelphia 10
    2005 Chicago 27 Miami 24
    2004 Washington 20 Denver 17
    2003 Kansas City 9 Green Bay 0
    2002 N.Y. Giants 34 Houston 17
    2001 St. Louis 17 Miami 10
    2000 New England 20 San Francisco 0
    1999 Cleveland 20 Dallas 17
    1998 Tampa Bay 30 Pittsburgh 6
    1997 Minnesota 28 Seattle 26
    1996 Indianapolis 10 New Orleans 3
    1995 Carolina 20 Jacksonville 14
    1994 Atlanta 21 San Diego 17
    1993 L.A. Raiders 19 Green Bay 3
    1992 N.Y. Jets 41 Philadelphia 14
    1991 Detroit 14 Denver 3
    1990 Chicago 13 Cleveland 0
    1989 Washington 31 Buffalo 6
    1988 Cincinnati 14 L.A. Rams 7
    1987 San Francisco 20 Kansas City 7
    1986 New England 21 St. Louis 16
    1985 N.Y. Giants 21 Houston 20
    1984 Seattle 38 Tampa Bay 0
    1983 Pittsburgh 27 New Orleans 14
    1982 Minnesota 30 Baltimore 14
    1981 Cleveland 24 Atlanta 10
    1980 San Diego 0 Green Bay 0
    1979 Oakland 20 Dallas 13
    1978 Philadelphia 17 Miami 3
    1977 Chicago 20 N.Y. Jets 6
    1976 Denver 10 Detroit 7
    1975 Washington 17 Cincinnati 9
    1974 St. Louis 21 Buffalo 13
    1973 San Francisco 20 New England 7
    1972 Kansas City 23 N.Y. Giants 17
    1971 L.A. Rams 17 Houston 6
    1970 New Orleans 14 Minnesota 13
    1969 Green Bay 38 Atlanta 24
    1968 Chicago 30 Dallas 24
    1967 Philadelphia 28 Cleveland 13
    1965 Washington 20 Detroit 3
    1964 Baltimore 48 Pittsburgh 17
    1963 Pittsburgh 16 Cleveland 7
    1962 St. Louis 17 N.Y. Giants 17
    Remember the 3 G's Gambling, Golf, Girls not in any particular order.....



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