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Thread: Early Birds week 12

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    Default Early Birds week 12

    ytd 11-13-1

    (fri) SMU +9 memph
    nevada -14½ SJSU
    usc -3½ UCLA
    WASHST -9½ az
    ark +21½ MISST
    TEX -3 iowast

    The USC UCLA rivalry a little early this year, but the year couldnt end sooner for the Uclans, and Trojans will not flounder this one like they did in second half last week vs. Cal. SMU can certainly hang tough vs Tigers, and they have motivation to squirm into a bowl game with a win. Cougars Minshew machine keeps rolling as they wax 'Cats' mustachios. Starkville has had an up and down year offensively, whilst the Pigs have been covering these types of spreads all year long. Take Cyclones away from Ames, they lose their storm warning. Spartans need to join the Big Sky, seriously.

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    Good Luck!
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