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Thread: Early Birds Week10 CFB

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    Default Early Birds Week10 CFB

    ytd 7-9
    BOISE -13 byu
    ga KY un44
    liberty +3 UMASS

    The Cougars looked more like the program that is in a downward spiral witnessing their 7-6 barf out vs. Northern Illinois at home last week than they did in their pounding of the Hawaii cheerleader defense a few weeks back. Broncos look to get stronger and more like the old Boise with the development of Brent Rypien as one of the nation's best chuckers. Defense plays king in the SEC, and expect more grunt and groan with 'Dogs and Stoops's Cats than barks and screams. Minutemen lose any split second flash with Ford out for the season, and the young Flames have proved they can burn 'em on this level.

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