Last Bets: 1-1-0, -0.3468 CLV -1.68%

Total Bets: 263

Profit: +7.12

Yield: +2.16%

Avg Odds: 2.10

Beat The Line: 56%

CLV: 1.32%

p-value: 0.370

Beat the line (Open vs Closing) 60%

CLV (Open vs Closing): +1.85%

Avg play: 1.36

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Today’s Bets:

Cincinnati (Mahle) +102 (2 Units)

Philadelphia (Pivetta) +131 (1.91 Units)

Important: This is not betting advice, I am just sharing my daily bets. All information and picks are free, for informational and entertainment purposes only. Do your own research before you bet. I am not the best, but I will do my best.

Good Luck!