There are 135 variations of Brady's rookie card. Collector Joe Prizio, who had Rick Probstein -- the largest volume sports memorabilia seller on eBay -- list the card that sold for $250,000, has all 135.
Probstein did tell ESPN that, "for a modern-day card, this one has had issues -- from chipping on the sides, to centering, to the autograph."

What makes the card so valuable is the autograph and that only 100 were produced in 2000. Of the cards that have been graded by collectors, this card has been graded in the best condition.
Prizio bought the card three years ago for $15,000, ESPN reported. His profit: more than 1,500 percent before the dealer gets his cut.

"I wanted to enjoy Brady cards, but I also wanted to make good investments," Prizio told ESPN. "Brady, in the card world, is now being mentioned in the same breath as (Michael) Jordan and Mickey Mantle."
Another card owned by Prizio is listed with a Buy It Now price of $500,000