Here's my 2 cents, skipping Monday for business, I hope it doesnt suck, but if it does, its likely Blake Bortles fault.

3-1 in the NFL last Sunday, Hit a premium 6p Tease with Bills and Seahawks, the loss was a Select play JAX -7... a dumb play in hindsight.

Free Leans below... Time is tight once again for a deeper write up, but I have reviewed most CBB matches for Tuesday… a few stuck out… Looking to start the new week with 3-0 record. 2 free leans were very close to making the cut and worth a small play if you desire... listed below.

PREMIUM 100*Play: on Iona @ Ohio U (-3.5)
Select*50*Plays: on Baylor @ Xavier (-4.5) a 6:30p Start
Select*50*Plays: on N'Western @ Georgia Tech (+2)

FREE Play - Opinions
No Action Bet (maybe)
The Cutting Room Floor

Akron -8.5 should handle UT Chattanooga…
Valpo -7.5 is 7-0 and should have no problem with Utah State, but -7 is on the edge of my stats… but I still like VAL very very much.

As always, My Daily Card is only $11... come join the fun...
Weblink and details onsite are below...

All the Best of Luck!