Here’s another 2 cents, I hope it doesn’t stink, but if does, it’s Wikileaks fault.

Although I didn’t get a chance to offer my 2 cents Monday, I was able to end the week going 3-0 last night, climbing off the mat of my recent spiral of bad luck and just plain ol'bad picks. There were some gems along the way, but not enough to put money in my pocket. Last night I gave out the Bucks in the NBA, the Gophers in NCAAB and the Panthers -8 over Dolphins in MNF.


Tonight are 2 MAC games in NCAAF, where Ohio will battle Akron for the MAC East crown and the right to face Toledo in the Championship… I think I have that right. If the Zips win here, they just need to get by Kent next week to play the Rockets in the finale, which should be a layup. However, if Ohio wins, they’re off to a rematch with the Rockets... simple.

I played on the Zips last week and they shat the bed against Mia-O. Akron doesn’t seem to be consistent enough on offense and QB Woodson is hurting; a freshamn goes if he cant. The Cats are rolling now and tonight need to cover a big number, now at -11… the line has been as high as 13 today, likely based on Woodson likelihhood. -10 would be much better for the Fav side, but I am not sure that will pop up. Zips will be inspired at the start, but I expect the Bobcats to come out on top… by 11 is a question mark... but i have a good idea how it will playout... A Select play for Bigg Samm tonight.

Central Michigan is laying -17 to poor ole Kent State… CMI is a little flaky to get a read on. Are they 3 TDs better than Kent, I guess so... but Kent may surprise someone and CMI could be in for a game if they overlook this road match… what are Chips playing for anyway, they have 6 wins, I dont think their bowls options improve. Yeah, you’re right… CMI will roll the Golden Flashes.

College Hoops

College Hoops is 4 days old and lots of games to choose from. I tend to favor the dogs at this time of year, but you can spot a mismatch or two now and then. Information is hard to come by, usually getting the best info from beat reporters at a local level and that’s usually vague coverage. I have found a few sources that have been helpful, not on every game or team, but on a few.

Kansas vs. Kentucky and Duke vs. Mich. State are two big games tonight and I’ll have a Play on the Kan v. Kty late game… Here’s my free lean on MSU v Duke…

I am leaning towards Sparty tonight over Duke. I know Coach K has dominated MSU in the spot over the years, but I see an opportunity for the Spartans to take advantage of a well worked Duke line up that played over 30 mins in the last game and didn’t go deep into the bench. MSU has a deeper bench and fresher legs. It’s coin toss in IMHO, most the money leans Duke…

Free Lean: Michigan State +1

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MACtion Play

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