2 cents more, for those that dabble, I hope I don’t stink…
The November Guarantee is underway, I appreciate the initial support. I look forward to helping. Friday was a small victory, you can see my results page for details.

These plays were on the short list, but they didn’t make the cut Saturday, incredibly, I’m 33-11 on NCAAF free plays; documented here, twitter and more. Makes me go hmmm. Some are still live, others just began.

• Iowa +18 (-110)
• West Virginia -3.5 (buy it down 1/2p)
• Kentucky -3.5 (buy it down 1/2p)
• Arizona +7.5 (-110)

The Daily Card has 2 Premium 100, 8 Select, and 3 Limited plays. Select plays on Vanderbilt cashed earlier but Florida is abysmal and were manhandled, what did I see in the Gators?

Premium play Penn St -8 is in delay and up 7, so we’re hopeful. Premium play #2 goes tonight, 5 more plays yet to kick. I’ll post results on Twitter and review on Sunday.

3:30 pm Selects:
• Clemson -7
• Wazzu PK (you could’ve got +1.5)
• So Carolina +24
• N’Dame -14.5
• Other Selects at 5pm, 8pm

4:00 pm Limited
• Arkansas -23.5
• Ok State -2 (I personally got PK today)
• Limited #3 at 7pm

Thanks once again to my new 5-Week players…

Best of Luck,