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Thread: Thursday Field of Dreams

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    Default Thursday Field of Dreams

    3* (20-18) (+8.42)
    2* (19-15) (+10.38)
    1* (18-21) (-2.31)
    SECOND HALF TOTAL (57-54) (+16.49)

    Let’s put it this way….my best result from yesterday was a rainout. At least I did not lose that one. 0-7 dropping 17.44 units. That makes four straight losing days.

    I guess my winning streak last week was pure luck. One more try. I don’t finish with a profit tonight, it is time to call it quits again. NFL starts tonight and let’s face it...even though a guessing game I probably stand a better chance at winning than what I have shown the past four day. Three weeks away from college football as well.

    Here are Thursday’s selections.

    3* parlay risking 3.00 units to win 3.82 units
    Colorado vs NY Mets
    Dodgers vs Atlanta

    3* parlay risking 3.00 units to win 3.92 units
    Houston vs Tampa Bay
    Boston vs White Sox

    2* Under 9 (-115) St Louis/Milwaukee
    2* Under 8 (+100) NY Yankees/Cleveland
    1* Minnesota -127 vs Texas
    1* Angels -166 vs Phillies

    Hopefully I will be back tomorrow to make picks and not just update my record. Good Luck Everybody!!

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    Good Luck Mark!
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