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Thread: The Bum's 2017 NFL camp openings

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    Six QB options for Dolphins without Tannehill
    August 4, 2017

    Ryan Tannehill might require season-ending surgery on his left knee. Then again, he declined a repair last year.

    While the facts of the prognosis settle in for the Miami Dolphins, hindsight is blinding. Tannehill's injury might well have been avoided had he opted for ACL surgery last year when he suffered a partial tear of his MCL and ACL.

    Letting the injury heal over the next two months and attempting to play on an unstable limb keeps Tannehill on the field and the Dolphins in precarious waters.

    Hitching their wagon to the 29-year-old Tannehill equates to risking the season on his wobbly knee.

    Here are six other options for the Dolphins to consider:

    1. Alex Smith, Chiefs

    Where have we seen this before?

    In 2016, Teddy Bridgewater and the playoff-hopeful Minnesota Vikings saw their expectations crumble to the field during a non-contact play during training camp. Bridgewater tore his ACL and dislocated the same knee, and he still isn't participating in on-field drills with the Vikings.

    Minnesota traded a first-round pick to the Eagles for Sam Bradford, the No. 1 overall draft choice in 2010, and competed in the NFC North until the final week of the season.

    Smith, the top pick in the 2005 draft, is the warfare equivalent to a slingshot -- deadly accurate from close range and effective enough to beat most opponents when played perfectly.

    The cost would be reasonable compared to some other quarterbacks, but the Chiefs seem legitimately concerned about forcing rookie Patrick Mahomes, the No. 10 pick in the 2017 draft, onto the field too soon. Then again, the Eagles were saying and stressing the same pressure points about playing Carson Wentz this time last year -- and he had less than 40 preseason game snaps when Bradford was traded before Labor Day -- before the Vikings floated a first-round pick.

    2. Brock Osweiler, Browns

    Osweiler could walk into the team facility at Davie, Fla., this weekend and pick up the offense without touching a playbook. He lived it in Denver with current Dolphins coach Adam Gase. Then a Broncos assistant coach, Gase handled a one-on-one workout with the 6-foot-8 QB project before Denver drafted Osweiler in the second round in 2012.

    Gase praised Osweiler for his ability to adapt -- his release, role as a backup and work ethic -- almost immediately as an NFL player.

    "His biggest thing he was trying to work on was his mechanics and how to be a quarterback. He knew that he had time to do that behind Peyton (Manning)," Gase said in 2016. "That was one of the reasons we wanted to draft him: We knew his work ethic was off the charts. We knew he was smart. We knew he understood his role that was going to happen in the organization.

    "He was the right guy for that kind of role for us, but we had great confidence he was going to be the next guy for us as well. It just worked out different than probably a lot of people foresaw."

    Osweiler is competing for a roster spot in Cleveland after a crash-and-burn season with the Houston Texans. A fourth team in two years might be a label Osweiler could accept if it meant reuniting with Gase.

    3. Jay Cutler, FOX broadcasting

    It's fair to contemplate whether Gase's intimate familiarity with Cutler -- as a person, as a flammable surveyor of sideline still shots, as a hot-cold-hotter-colder quarterback -- works for or against Cutler.

    When interest from actual football teams was limited to a poke test from the New York Jets this summer, Cutler, not long after being cut by the Bears, decided to join another team -- FOX's broadcast crew -- and will call the Week 1 Chicago-Atlanta game at Soldier Field, according to the network.

    However, if Gase is willing to present Cutler an opportunity to start at, say, $10 million for a playoff contender, would he drop the mic and pick up a helmet?

    4. Tony Romo, CBS broadcasting

    Romo sounded half-committed when he was introduced by CBS as the new No. 1 analyst alongside Jim Nantz, bumping Phil Simms to the studio show much as Dak Prescott pushed Romo aside.

    The well-played scenario for Romo's return -- even Dallas QB coach Wade Wilson admits he has done it -- was the vision of him returning to save the Cowboys after an injury at the position forced the team's hand.

    But if the Dolphins find the magic words and enough money, might Simms get his gig back and Romo ride into South Florida for one final season?

    A QB-friendly offense that lifted Tannehill to new levels of respect and performance -- including a completion percentage better than Aaron Rodgers' -- could be enticing.

    5. Mike Glennon, Bears

    Does anyone other than Glennon believe the Bears when they say "Mike Glennon is our starting quarterback"?

    Chicago shifted fault lines and sacrificed half of its draft to move up one spot in April and select Mitch Trubisky, the unproven, one-year starter from North Carolina and the by-default top-ranked passer in a draft most agreed was without a franchise-changer at the position.

    To hear general manager Ryan Pace tell the story, Glennon (guaranteed $16.5 million to sign a three-year deal in March) is the right fit for the Bears this season.

    That narrative could change should the Dolphins decide that surrendering a first-round pick, or even a second-rounder with future picks thrown in, is worth it to get Glennon.

    6. Colin Kaepernick, free agent

    His 2016 statistics match up quite favorably to Tannehill's, and Kaepernick's ability to run and escape pressure are excellent traits when paired with a play-action-fueled running game led by Jay Ajayi. The Dolphins are not exceptional on the offensive line, but Kaepernick knows all about that, having survived last season behind the 49ers' front five.

    Owner Stephen Ross is on the record as saying Kaepernick should be considered by any team he can help win, regardless of his outspokenness on social issues. Then again, several owners seem to think Kaepernick should be on an NFL roster, and he remains unemployed.
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    Dolphins Injury Outlook
    August 3, 2017

    Tannehill’s Potential Injury Goes From Bad To Worse

    Let’s get the forecast out of the way. The news on Ryan Tannehill is not good. He’s going for an MRI, nothing out of Dolphins camp has felt positive regarding the injury and the incident was non-contact. Those three elements always add up to a bad situation for the player.

    Another thing we have to discuss is whether or not you feel Ryan Tannehill is truly a franchise quarterback. He signed a 4 year contract worth $77 million, with $23.5 million guaranteed. He’s already coming off an ACL/MCL recovery and the big elephant in the room is that the Dolphins can cut him after this season with minimal dead cap.

    This is why Tannehill’s injury could go from really bad to way worse. And here’s the reason that Miami might already be considering a change at the quarterback position regardless.

    Player 1 – 240.8 yards per game / 2.3 TD per game / 1.0 INT per game
    Player 2 – 230.4 yards per game / 1.5 TD per game / 1.5 INT per game

    I know you probably think that Player 1 is Colin Kaepernick, but it’s actually Matt Moore. That four-game sample was the perennial backup’s production in place of Tannehill pre-injury. Player 2 is Ryan Tannehill averaged over his 13 games. Yes, these are real numbers from real people in real NFL football games.

    Nobody has ever watched Tannehill with an objective eye and said, “Man that guy is the future.” Miami has had a solid look at him for the past five years, and Adam Gase has to have a sense of what he’s capable of.

    It’s also worth mentioning that his teammates reportedly don’t like him that much after that whole “practice squad” incident from last year.

    This isn’t meant to deride a player, especially when he’s at an unfortunate crossroads in his career, but the business of football – and football betting – is cruel. To put things in perspective, BetOnline.ag has the Miami Dolphins as +2500 to win the AFC. That puts them behind the Baltimore Ravens (+2000), Tennessee Titans (+2000) and right on even keel with…the Los Angeles Chargers. The Patriots hold sway in this market at a monstrous +165 to win the AFC in 2017.

    Those were the odds before Tannehill was hurt. Who knows what’s going to happen. Oh wait, we know how this unfolds.


    It’s really difficult to discuss Kaepernick without getting in to the whole racial thing. He is being allegedly blackballed by NFL owners for his views on a ton of important social issues, which is absolutely insane. And without taking up too much space talking about it, I’ll just say that I support him on a broad basis. I think it’s important for celebrities to try and use their platform for social improvement.

    Beyond that, I think Kaepernick is a really good quarterback. Give him a solid coach and he excels. Provide him with a former janitor as a coach, and he’s going to be bad. You can argue about the value of a scrambler versus a traditional pocket passer, but the truth is that some players are at their best when they’re moving. Kaepernick isn’t Big Ben or Cam Newton. He’s more elusive and evasive. Whatever. You know how Kaepernick plays the position because you probably – you know – watched him play in the Super Bowl and almost win it.

    You can argue that Kaepernick isn’t a franchise quarterback, or that he’s not what certain coaches like to see at the position, but one thing isn’t up for debate. Kaepernick is the best quarterback remaining on the market. If guys like Geno Smith and Luke McCown are getting signed, eventually some team is going to be forced to take Kaepernick on because football is about winning games and putting the best product on the field that you can (unless you’re the Jets).

    What is the worst case scenario for the Miami Dolphins if they sign Kaepernick to replace Tannehill? They’re either going to move on from Tannehill after this season, or release Kaepernick back in to the wild and stick with their guy moving forward (after potentially two knee surgeries). If Kaepernick is great, everyone wins. If he stinks, they at least get a good draft pick out of it.

    Or you can just hand the keys to Matt Moore and that 7th rounder and hope for the best.

    Or do what Twitter suggests and coax Jay Cutler out of retirement.

    If the news on Ryan Tannehill is bad, then there’s only one move left on the board. The Miami Dolphins and Colin Kaepernick need each other.
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    Saturday’s six-pack

    — Ohio State transfer Jaquan Lyle signs up with New Mexico.

    — Doc Rivers lost his front office role with the Clippers Friday; he has $20M, two years left on his contract, and will just coach from now on.

    — Nationals 4, Cubs 2— Daniel Murphy homered twice for Washington.

    — Jaime Garcia started on the mound for his third big league team in 15 days last night.

    — San Jose State finally got around to hiring a new hoop coach; Colorado assistant Jean Prioleau will get the job on Monday

    — Steelers’ coach Mike Tomlin had his contract extended thru 2020; Pittsburgh has had three head coaches……..since 1969!!!!

    Saturday’s List of 13: Random thoughts on a summer night…..

    13) So I’m having dinner at a Ruby Tuesday’s last night; there are 5-6 people sitting to my left. Next thing I know, the two guys in the group are in the parking lot, trading punches. Cops were called, I think both of them got arrested and that was that. Just another Friday night in Canton.

    12) Spent several hours at the Football Hall of Fame Friday; if you like the NFL, this is an excellent place to visit. So much history to re-visit, the room with the Hall of Fame busts is very impressive, but bring your walking shoes to get there.

    11) Parking at the Hall of Fame isn’t great; the area is probably too small to host a venue that is so popular, and with all the construction going on, its a pretty good hike from where you park to the actual Hall of Fame.

    When all the construction is done in 2020, there will be a Hall of Fame Village, with shops and places to eat. Look forward to seeing that.

    10) Pretty cool to see the Lombardi Trophy, which has its own display area upstairs in the Hall of Fame. They also have all the Super Bowl rings displayed in a case; they’re pretty big now.

    10) I was in here once before, in 2001, when Jackie Slater/Jack Youngblood were inducted; it is so much different now, so many more sponsors’ exhibits- the memorabilia tent is like a small building now. Back then, it was just a regular-sized tent.

    It is normally $25 to get into the Hall of Fame; it is $30 this weekend. Cheapest ticket for the induction ceremony Saturday night is $40. Worth it, but listening to people this week talking about how much autographs/memorabilia cost now— this is definitely big business.

    9) Rams played Miami in the Hall of Fame Game in 2001; the induction ceremony wasn’t in the stadium, it was outside the Hall of Fame, with portable bleachers. Now the ceremony is in the actual stadium. Hope it doesn’t rain…..or my butt is going to get very wet. LOL

    8) It is ironic that the head of the Hall of Fame now is a guy named David Baker; when Kurt Warner played for the Iowa Barnstormers in the Arena League, Baker was commissioner of the AFL— he ruined the league by moving teams in Iowa/Albany (where I live) to NFL cities, with hopes of making the AFL a AAA-league for the NFL.

    The Arena League was awesome; we regularly drew crowds of 11-12,000 people in downtown Albany, where Touchdown Eddie Brown (Antonio Brown’s father) was the best player.

    Baker’s son Sam was a tackle at USC and later for the Atlanta Falcons.

    7) In either 1996 or 1997, the Firebirds lost a home game 77-76 to Iowa; highly entertaining game. Little did I know that night that in 1999, the Barnstormers’ QB that night would lead the Rams to their first Super Bowl title. If it was a movie, it wouldn’t be very believable.

    6) What an honor to be selected as a presenter for the Hall of Fame; imagine it can be a touchy thing, especially for someone who may have changed teams, like Warner— he chose his wife, as did Jerry Jones. I wonder if Mike Martz will be here tomorrow; he and Dick Vermeil deserve so much credit for Warner’s initial success in the NFL.

    5) Jerry Jones’ Hall of Fame party here in Canton tonite is at a country club that he rented……for $5M. For one night.

    4) Dolphins are talking to Jay Cutler; looks like Ryan Tannehill is out a minimum of six weeks, with a strong possibility that he misses the whole season.

    3) Fantasy football is also a big business; ton of sites sites are advertising for leagues to sign up. Our baseball league is run by CBSSports.com, which does a great job.

    2) Former baseball commissioner Fay Vincent was talking Friday about how legalized gambling is going to help pro sports; this is the same guy who put Pete Rose in baseball prison for his involvement in gambling. Life can be very ironic sometimes.

    1) Can you imagine what is like, at the Gold Jacket Dinner for Hall of Famers, walking thru that gauntlet of Hall of Famers? The icons of the sport, all there to see you get inducted into the Hall of Fame. What a feeling that must be.
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    NFL notebook: Cutler agrees to deal with Dolphins
    August 6, 2017

    The Miami Dolphins agreed to a one-year, $10 million contract with quarterback Jay Cutler on Sunday, according to multiple reports.

    The deal also includes incentives that could push Cutler's income to $13 million.

    Cutler was sought by the Dolphins after starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill sustained a serious injury to his left knee on Thursday. The former Chicago quarterback worked with Dolphins coach Adam Gase when the latter was offensive coordinator of the Bears in 2015.

    Cutler was released by the Bears this offseason and retired to take a television job with Fox Sports as a TV analyst in May. He indicated he would consider a return to the NFL under the right circumstances.

    The Dolphins have not announced a timetable for Tannehill's recovery or even if he will undergo surgery, which likely would be season-ending.

    Cutler, 34, enjoyed success in his one season playing under Gase. He compiled a career-best 92.3 quarterback rating. He passed for 3,659 yards and 21 touchdowns against 11 interceptions.

    --The San Francisco 49ers' worst fears were realized regarding an injury suffered by linebacker Malcolm Smith on Saturday as an MRI exam revealed a torn pectoral muscle that is likely to sideline him the entire season.

    Immediately after Saturday's practice, coach Kyle Shanahan said Smith would probably be out for a long period, but might be able to return sometime this season. His chances of returning this season were diminished considerably by the MRI findings, which were confirmed by the team.

    Smith joined the 49ers as a free agent in March after signing a five-year, $26.5 million deal. He played in 15 games, including 14 starts, for the Oakland Raiders last season, and he started all 16 games in 2015, when he had four sacks for the Raiders.

    Smith was the MVP of the Super Bowl following the 2013 season while playing for the Seattle Seahawks

    --Atlanta Falcons cornerback Jalen Collins has been suspended 10 games without pay for violating the NFL's policy on performance-enhancing substances for the second time, the league announced.

    Collins, 24, served a four-game suspension last season for his first offense.

    "We are extremely disappointed that for the second straight season we are dealing with a suspension for Jalen," general manager Thomas Dimitroff said in a statement. "Such are the consequences when certain choices are made. Our decisions going forward will be based on what (coach) Dan (Quinn) and I feel is best for the team."

    Collins is allowed to participate in practice and preseason games during his suspension, which starts at the beginning of the regular season. He is eligible to return to the Falcons' active roster on Nov. 21.

    --New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft surprised Tom Brady's mother with a Super Bowl LI ring in recognition of her health scare fighting cancer and the impact it had on her son last season.

    Brady collected his fifth Super Bowl ring in February when the Patriots overcame a 25-point deficit in the third quarter to defeat the Atlanta Falcons in overtime.

    Brady dedicated the game to his mother, Galynn Brady, and said the victory was that much more special when she was able to travel to Houston for the Super Bowl. Kraft revealed after the game that Galynn underwent chemotherapy and radiation to treat cancer throughout the 2016 season. Brady's father, Tom Sr., previously told the Boston Globe that Galynn finished cancer treatments in April.

    --The New Orleans Saints added a second kicker, Patrick Murray, to their 90-man roster.

    Murray agreed to a deal with the Saints, according to a tweet from his agents, Neil Schwartz and Jonathan Feinsod.

    Murray spent the 2014 season as the kicker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, making 20 of 24 field goals and all 31 extra points in 16 games. He spent the 2015 season on injured reserve and was released after the Bucs drafted Roberto Aguayo in the second round in 2016.

    Murray landed with the Browns last season and spent just two weeks kicking for the team before a knee injury ended his season.
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    NFL notebook: 49ers LB Newsom seriously hurt in collision
    August 8, 2017

    San Francisco 49ers rookie linebacker Donavin Newsom was carted off the field by ambulance and taken to a hospital after colliding with a teammate in Tuesday's practice at Santa Clara, Calif.

    Newsom was hurt when he ran into safety Chanceller James as the two players were attempting to defend a pass over the middle. He lay motionless while his teammates took a knee and formed a circle around him.

    Although Newsom appeared to lose consciousness, according to the Sacramento Bee, coach Kyle Shanahan said the player's eyes were open and he had feeling in his lower half and hands.

    Newsom was strapped to a back brace by emergency medical technicians and placed in an ambulance on the field to be taken to Stanford Hospital. Shanahan expressed optimism that Newsom would be all right but didn't want to get ahead of himself.

    "I'd like to talk to the family and find out everything before I start speculating on anything," Shanahan said.

    --Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will not play in Carolina's preseason opener Wednesday against the Houston Texans.

    Soreness in his right shoulder limited Newton in training camp practices and the Panthers are taking the risk-averse route in August, coach Ron Rivera said.

    Newton was able to throw in practice Monday and again Tuesday, when he worked mostly on a side field with a trainer.

    Veteran Derek Anderson filled in for Newton in the past. But while Anderson has been steady at times, he lacks the dynamic elements that Newton brings to the offense.

    --Former Pro Bowl cornerback Brandon Flowers announced his retirement.

    The 31-year-old Flowers played nine NFL seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers. He was released by the Chargers in March.

    Flowers completes his career with 21 interceptions and he returned four for touchdowns. He also had 490 tackles, four forced fumbles and three sacks.

    Flowers played his first six seasons with the Chiefs and totaled 17 interceptions. He was a Pro Bowl selection in 2013 and then departed as a free agent and signed with San Diego and had four interceptions in 31 games with the Chargers. But he played in just six games last season due to injuries.

    --The Green Bay Packers parted ways with troubled defensive tackle Letroy Guion by announcing the release of the 322-pound run stuffer.

    Guion was arrested on drunk-driving charges in June and also received a four-game suspension without pay for violating the NFL's policy on performance-enhancing substances.

    The suspension, which was set to begin at the start of the 2017 season, marked Guion's second dose of league discipline in three seasons. He received a three-game penalty in 2015 for his first offense.

    Guion recorded 30 tackles last season, his third with the Packers. He played his first six campaigns with the Minnesota Vikings. Guion posted 173 tackles and 8.5 sacks during nine NFL seasons.

    --Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis will be away from the team to deal with an unspecified "minor health issue," the team announced.

    The team said in a statement that Lewis' absence is expected to be brief, with a possible return on Tuesday night or later in the week.

    The 58-year-old Lewis is in his 15th season as coach of the Bengals, guiding the club to a 118-103-3 record. Special teams coordinator Darrin Simmons will lead the team during Lewis' absence.

    --Retired NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason said Monday on his WFAN radio show "Boomer & Carton" with Craig Carton that he believe he suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, during his storied career.

    Esiason, 56, also said he believes all NFL players probably have CTE, which is associated with concussions.

    "If I died tomorrow and my brain basically was taken and researched and I was found to have CTE, which most likely I have, because I think all football players probably have it," Boomer said.

    The retired quarterback played 14 NFL seasons from 1984 to 1997 with the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals, throwing for 37,920 yards (20th most all-time) and 247 touchdowns (22nd all-time).

    --Film director Spike Lee is using social media to invite fans and supporters to gather in support of unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick this month.

    A social media post from Lee called for a "Rally for Colin" and "United We Stand" rally and will start at 5 p.m. ET on Aug. 23 at 345 Park Avenue in New York City. The address is noteworthy as the headquarters of the NFL administrative offices.

    Kaepernick remains unsigned one month before the start of the 2017 regular season. Lee and others have suggested Kaepernick, who was 2-10 as a starter with the 49ers last season, is not employed by a team because of his public position on social injustices.

    Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem before games last season to raise awareness for such issues, but declared in the offseason he would not bring any form of protest to a new team in 2017.
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    Falcons' Freeman signs 5-year extension, becomes highest-paid RB
    August 9, 2017

    The Atlanta Falcons made Devonta Freeman the highest-paid running back in the NFL, signing him to a five-year contract extension on Wednesday.

    Although financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, Michael Silver of the NFL Network reported that Freeman's pact is worth $41.25 million.

    The extension, which runs through 2022, has an annual value of $8.25 million, topping the $8 million yearly salary of Buffalo's LeSean McCoy. Pittsburgh's Le'Veon Bell will surpass both when he signs his franchise tag tender.

    The 25-year-old Freeman was a big part of Atlanta's run to the Super Bowl last season, starting all 16 regular-season games and leading the team with 1,079 rushing yards to go with 462 receiving yards on 54 receptions. Freeman had 13 total touchdowns.

    "We are very pleased that we were able to get this extension done," Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said in a statement. "Devonta embodies everything we are looking for in a Falcon, and we are proud that he'll be able to spend his career here in Atlanta."

    A fourth-round draft pick out of Florida State in 2014, Freeman has amassed 2,383 rushing yards in his three seasons, earning a pair of Pro Bowl berths by going over 1,000 yards in 2015 and 2016.

    "This is where I've always wanted to be," said Freeman in a statement. "I want to thank Mr. Blank, Thomas and Coach (Dan) Quinn for all of their support. I feel extremely blessed, but the work and grind are just beginning."

    Freeman rolled up 3,175 yards from scrimmage over the past two seasons, second in the league to teammate Julio Jones. He has rushed for 11 touchdowns in each of the past two seasons and has 29 total TDs in 47 regular-season games.

    In addition, Freeman is the only player in the league with at least three games of three rushing touchdowns over the past two seasons.

    Atlanta, which blew a 25-point second-half lead before losing 34-28 in overtime to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI, plays its first preseason game on Thursday night at the Miami Dolphins.
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    Richardson rips Marshall -- Again
    August 8, 2017

    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Head coach Todd Bowles has moved on from the Sheldon Richardson-Brandon Marshall feud that helped bring the New York Jets down last season. Unfortunately for Bowles, Richardson hasn't.

    Richardson once again dredged up old family business Monday afternoon, when he blasted Marshall and said he quit on the Jets last season during an appearance on ESPN Radio in New York City.

    "That man knows what he did," Richardson said of Marshall, with whom he nearly got into a fistfight following a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs last season. "I was the one who addressed it and I would still address it to this day."

    Bowles would rather he wouldn't. The normally low-key and close-to-the-vest head coach snapped at reporters for asking him about Richardson's comments numerous times during Tuesday's post-practice press conference.

    "I don't have time for B.S.," Bowles said. "We've moved on. You're going to get that answer the next 30 times you ask it. We can move on or the interview can be over. I don't care. Either way is fine with me."

    If Richardson's history is any indication, Bowles will probably be asked again about the battle between his star lineman and former wide receiver - maybe even later this month, before the Jets and Giants play their annual preseason game. Marshall signed with the Giants shortly after being released by the Jets in March.

    Richardson, who said during the spring there were "15 reasons" why the Jets had a better locker room this season - Marshall wears No. 15 - said he would like to play linebacker against the Giants, presumably to get a shot at tackling Marshall in the open field.

    Marshall, no shrinking violet in front of the cameras, has generally remained mum regarding Richardson. For now, anyway.
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    Denver Broncos Outlook
    August 8, 2017

    What Is Jon Elway Thinking?

    If there’s one team in the AFC that nobody seems to be betting on despite their surreal talent, it’s the Denver Broncos. BetOnline.ag has them listed as +1400 to reach the Super Bowl which puts them in the same range as the Titans (+1800) and the Chiefs (+1200). This shouldn’t be happening. Not with how well this team is built.

    So why is John Elway wasting his time with Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch?

    Paxton Lynch was a late, first-round pick for the Denver Broncos in 2016 and hasn’t sizzled at all. The 6-foot-7 Memphis product has reportedly struggled mightily with the playbook that Vance Joseph and his staff have been trying to implement, which was sort of the problem with him last year as well. It’s not that Lynch is a bonehead, but nothing he’s doing at the position screams “franchise player”. Lynch recently went through an entire scrimmage without completing a pass!

    I’m not willing to write Lynch off completely, but he’s being clearly outplayed by seventh-round pick Trevor Siemian who did an admirable job last year as the stater for the Denver Broncos. Siemian’s numbers weren’t great, but they also weren’t garbage. With 3,401 passing yards and 18 touchdowns against 10 picks, Siemian checked out with an 84.6 quarterback rating as a first-year starter last year. Again, that’s totally fine.

    None if this is meant to put either quarterbacks’ careers on tombstones just yet, but I’m not rushing to BetOnline.ag to bet on them as MVP’s either.

    What I’m curious about is the timing. The Broncos boast perhaps the league’s best defence, even without the recently retired DeMarcus Ware. Von Miller, T.J. Ward, Aqib Talib and Derek Wolfe anchor a squad that ranked 4th in points (18.6) and 4th in total yards agains (5,057) but didn’t have an offence that offset how well this unit performed.

    And that’s the crazy part. This team is literally one player away from being a real Super Bowl contender and there’s nothing out there which suggests that Lynch nor Siemian is really capable of pushing this team over the edge. Say what you will about Peyton Manning towards the end of his career, but he at least knew what he was doing (outside of being a freaking Hall of Famer).

    The move to ignore the quarterback position falls outside of what the team has been doing in the off-season for years. They gave Demaryius Thomas $43.5M and Emmanuel Sanders $26.9M in guarantees. They just dropped $70M in guarantees over a 6-year, $114.5M contract to Von Miller. They even rolled the dice on Jamaal Charles. Everything that the Denver Broncos have done and are doing screams, “This is our window and we are locking this down.”

    When everything – and I mean everything – about the Denver Broncos is geared in Win Now Mode, there’s no excuse for having a quarterback that is as inexperienced and unproductive as Trevor Siemian. BetOnline.ag has the Broncos listed at a Regular Season Win Total of 8.0 games. That’s inexcusable given how talented this roster is, but it’s well justified when you look at how weak of a link that they have at the offensive helm.

    So what’s the plan in Denver? Why pass up on Colin Kaepernick? Why not kick the tires on Jay Cutler? Why aren’t you throwing whatever you’ve got at Tony Romo? Why aren’t you trying to upgrade the position in the slightest just in case?

    There’s also no hard proof that the staff in Denver is capable of developing a young quarterback. Head coach Vance Joseph is a defensive coordinator by trade, and Mike McCoy will be running the offence. I think McCoy is a very good coach, but he also had the supremely underrated Philip Rivers to work with. The step down to Siemian and Lynch must’ve been a gut punch.

    Bill Musgrave is more specifically the quarterbacks coach, and he has spent the last two seasons developing Derek Carr in to the highest paid quarterback in the league. It’s one thing to take a second round pick who was always highly rated and help him blossom in to a franchise superstar. Siemian’s standing as a seventh rounder that nobody really wanted says plenty, and there weren’t enough glimpses in 2016 to suggest that he has what it takes to push this team over the edge.

    The prevailing argument is that Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl, and helped this team to the playoffs, despite being in the twilight of his career. I’m sorry, but that argument is totally bunk. Comparing Peyton Manning at the end of his career to Trevor Siemian is ridiculous. You can’t just rely on overall talent at skill positions and an all-world defence to break through in an NFL that routinely tailors its rules to make things easier for a quarterback.

    As they say in the NFL, it just takes one bad game for New England to get bumped from the playoffs. The Broncos are most certainly built like a team that can challenge for the AFC Championship. They just forgot to construct their foundation around the pillar that’s probably most important. I’d be willing to overlook this oversight myself if there general manager wasn’t Jon Elway.
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    Depth gives Packers D more versatility
    August 8, 2017

    GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) Josh Jones is listed as a safety on the Green Bay Packers roster, though he eventually he might be better known as a jack-of-all-trades player.

    The hard-hitting rookie drafted in the third round has left a strong impression so far in training camp, showing the potential to contribute quickly at an already strong position.

    There are safeties in numbers in Green Bay, giving coach Mike McCarthy the kind of depth and flexibility needed to keep up with pass-oriented or spread offenses.

    ''I mean it definitely fits my skill set. I can do a lot of things for a defense,'' said Jones, who had 229 tackles and eight interceptions over three seasons at North Carolina State. ''I don't put a limit on what I can do as a football player.''

    There might be limits, though, to how much playing time he will get as a rookie. Strong safety Morgan Burnett and free safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, who made his first Pro Bowl last year, are the unquestioned starters.

    Micah Hyde left in the offseason to sign with Buffalo, but coaches like what second-year player Kentrell Brice has done in camp. Brice and fellow safety Marwin Evans were the only rookie free agents to play in all 16 Packers regular-season games and three postseason contests last year.

    Hyde's value came in lining up at various positions. Sometimes, when Burnett was used more like an inside linebacker in early-down situations, Hyde would play a more traditional safety role. Hyde could cover the slot receiver. He could line up wide when the cornerback position was decimated by injuries.

    It's a versatile role that Brice or Jones could be slated to fill. Jones might also be used at times like the 6-foot-1, 209-pound Burnett, as a defender closer to the line more adept at covering receivers than a traditional inside linebacker.

    ''So the ability of those guys to play the nickel, the dime, the sub linebacker and free safety, strong safety, that speaks volumes. Morgan does that,'' McCarthy said. ''That body type, that position, the importance of the safety position I think is critical to the way you need to play defense in today's NFL.''

    Safety was a problem area for the Packers not long ago. Clinton-Dix has become a core player after being drafted by the Packers in the first round in 2014, filling what was then a critical need.

    Burnett is an important piece in the Packers' evolution into becoming more flexible. Once primarily a 3-4 defense, the Packers have gone with five defensive backs more often on early downs to better match up with offenses. It's called a ''nitro'' package when Burnett is in the box playing more of a linebacker role.

    ''Everyone in the room is capable of doing the same thing, doing each other's job,'' said Burnett, entering his NFL eighth season.

    Jones is listed at the backup to Burnett on the depth chart going into the preseason opener Thursday against Philadelphia. Cornerback Davon House has described Burnett as a ''thumper,'' and the rookie out of North Carolina State has a stoic demeanor that backs up his early reputation as a hitter.

    ''I come to work, a blue-collar type of dude,'' Jones said. ''I want it the hard way, and that's what I do, I just play football.''

    NOTES: McCarthy said before practice Tuesday that the Packers haven't determined yet how much playing time to give QB Aaron Rodgers in the preseason. The two-time NFL MVP is entering his 13th season and 10th as the starter. ... Backup QB Brett Hundley appears likely to get the start against Philadelphia. McCarthy said coaches will determine playing time at a meeting Wednesday. ... CB House (hamstring) was considered day to day, though McCarthy said he had ''no long-term concern'' about the injury.
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    Chiefs QB Mahomes to start second half
    August 8, 2017

    ST. JOSEPH, Mo. (AP) It has been years since the Kansas City Chiefs gave their fans any reason to stick around after halftime of their preseason opener, when the starters and backups generally take a seat.

    That will change Friday night.

    Chiefs coach Andy Reid plans to give each of his quarterbacks a full quarter against the San Francisco 49ers. That means Alex Smith will start and veteran backup Tyler Bray will get the second quarter, while first-round draft pick Patrick Mahomes II will start the second half.

    It's arguably the most anticipated preseason debut by a Chiefs rookie since 1983, which also was the last time Kansas City spent a first-round draft pick on a quarterback.

    Asked what he wants to see out of his young signal caller, Reid replied: ''I'd tell you this with everyone: execute. Obviously the quarterbacks have a little more responsibility with all the calls and so on, but the main thing is to execute.''

    Reid said most of the starters would play the first quarter alongside Smith, while the backups on the depth chart this week will have Bray under center. So whatever the outcome for Mahomes is Friday night, it must be examined through the prism of working with third-team players.

    Likewise, it will almost certainly come against the second- and third-team 49ers defense.

    That's one reason Reid was reticent Tuesday following the Chiefs' final open practice of the week to put too much stock in a single preseason game. He instead will lump the performances in a game setting along with what he's seen out of practice and the meeting rooms, and begin deliberating with his coaching staff on what will ultimately comprise his 53-man roster.

    With changes to the cutdown rules, he'll also have three more games to examine.

    ''The first preseason game, everyone has an opportunity to play. After that, it's not guaranteed,'' Reid said. ''That kind of stuff has never changed. The thing you don't want to do is give another team, if possible, a good player. You want to make sure you do as thorough evaluation as you can.''

    Several starters are also unlikely to play because of injuries, and one of them forced the Chiefs to make a roster move ahead of their preseason opener. Incumbent kicker Cairo Santos is out while nursing a groin injury, so the Chiefs signed Sam Ficken late Tuesday to handle those duties.

    They placed wide receiver Corey Washington on waivers to make roster space for him.

    ''He's going to be fine,'' Reid said of Santos. ''It's not a serious deal.''

    Most of the other injury woes have occurred on defense.

    Rookie lineman Tanoh Kpassagnon was the latest to go down with what Reid called shin splints. DT Bennie Logan has already been out with a knee injury, while second-year pro Chris Jones remains on the PUP list following offseason knee surgery.

    DT Roy Miller, signed last week, continues to work his way back from a torn Achilles tendon sustained last October. He has yet to practice with the team.

    In the secondary, star safety Eric Berry is unlikely to play while dealing with a heel injury that has sidelined him since Saturday. Cornerbacks De'Vante Bausby (ankle) and Jacoby Glenn (concussion) are also out, while linebackers Tamba Hali and Dadi Nicolas remain out with knee injuries.

    The positive of all those injuries is that others will have an opportunity to stand out.

    ''You get to see them with the swings that happen in games. That is really what it is all about,'' defensive coordinator Bob Sutton said, ''is how you deal with these swings and can you get your focus right back in. Can you let that play go, good or bad, and get right into it? Or hey, we have had two or three series that have not gone the way we wanted it to go on defense. So can we get this thing back on track and get in position to win the game?

    ''We have a lot of young guys,'' Sutton said, ''so I think it will be exciting to see them.''
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    NFL notebook: Wife pushes Cutler out of retirement
    August 7, 2017

    Jay Cutler credited his wife and the recruiting pitch of Dolphins head coach Adam Gase for pulling him out of a short-lived retirement and into the starting quarterback job in Miami.

    Cutler, who was released by the Bears in March, said spouse Kristin Cavallari is more responsible than any other for his return to the NFL, eschewing the opportunity to call games for FOX Sports for the chance to play for Gase again.

    "She got tired of me being around the house," Cutler said Monday in Davie, Fla.

    While Cutler will not play in Thursday night's preseason opener against the Atlanta Falcons, Gase said the quarterback "didn't come out of retirement to stand on the sideline."

    The 34-year-old Cutler met with the media at midday before taking a physical and officially signing a one-year, $10 million contract. He agreed to the deal Sunday, including incentives that could push it to $13 million.

    --Dolphins star wide receiver Jarvis Landry is under investigation for possible battery, according to multiple reports.

    The investigation stems from an incident involving Landry and his girlfriend earlier this year in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

    Gase confirmed the team is aware of the report, but he declined to comment further.

    The Broward County State Attorney's Office confirmed to CBS Miami on Monday that the Fort Lauderdale Police Department presented them with the case. No decision is expected this week on charges.

    Landry's girlfriend filed a paternity suit against him in April in Broward County court, according to the Miami Herald. However, she released a statement to NFL Network via a publicist on Monday in support of Landry.

    --Perennial Pro Bowl nose tackle Vince Wilfork did not have to be dragged over hot coals to make him walk away from the game. But in announcing his retirement after 13 NFL seasons, hot coals were part of that decision.

    Wilfork revealed to the world why he is quitting the game in a video posting on social media, letting the public know in simple terms what the reasons were for his decision.

    "No more cleats. I'm moving on to smoked meats," Wilfork proclaimed in the video while clad in denim overalls and standing in front of a Kingsford charcoal grill.

    The posting, a promotional for the company, lit up the Twitterverse, blotting out the simple retirement tweet earlier by the five-time Pro Bowl selection.

    --The San Francisco 49ers officially placed linebacker Malcolm Smith on the injured reserve list with a torn pectoral muscle, ending his 2017 season.

    The 6-foot, 225-pound Smith suffered the injury during practice Saturday at Levi's Stadium.

    Smith, 28, joined the 49ers as a free agent on March 9 after signing a five-year, $26.5 million deal. He played in 15 games, including 14 starts, for the Oakland Raiders last season, and he started all 16 games in 2015, when he had four sacks for the Raiders.

    The 49ers signed linebacker Austin Calitro on Monday to add depth at the position.

    The 6-0, 240-pound Calitro originally signed with the New York Jets as an undrafted rookie free agent on May 5 out of Villanova and was later waived on May 15. During his time at Villanova (2012-16), he appeared in 48 games and registered 220 tackles, 26 tackles for loss, 8.5 sacks, eight passes defensed, three forced fumbles and two interceptions.

    --The New York Jets' thin wide receiving corps sustained a hit with Quincy Enunwa being placed on injured reserve.

    Enunwa injured his neck while falling face-first to the turf during the team's 7-on-7 drills session on Saturday.

    The loss of the 25-year-old Enunwa is a major blow to a team that features an inexperienced depth chart at the position. Robby Anderson, Charone Peake, rookie ArDarius Stewart and Marquess Wilson remain the top receiver options for the club after the Jets cut Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. Marshall signed with the New York Giants in March and Eric Decker joined the Tennessee Titans three months later.

    Enunwa recorded career highs in receptions (58), yards (857) and touchdowns (four) last season. The fourth-year pro's 80 career receptions rank first among the team's current wideouts, followed by Wilson (56) and Anderson (42).

    --The Minnesota Vikings activated running back Latavius Murray from the physically unable to perform list, the team announced.

    Murray was sidelined while recovering from offseason ankle surgery.

    The 27-year-old was expected to practice with Minnesota for the first time since signing a three-year, $15 million deal -- $8.55 million guaranteed -- as a free agent in March. He missed all of the offseason practices and the first 10 days of training camp while rehabilitating his surgically repaired right ankle.

    Murray is expected to compete for carries with second-round draft pick Dalvin Cook and Jerick McKinnon.

    --Quarterback Brock Osweiler will start the preseason opener for the Cleveland Browns, coach Hue Jackson announced.

    Osweiler, 26, will open Thursday night's home game against the New Orleans Saints at FirstEnergy Stadium. Jackson said Cody Kessler will be second in line, followed by rookie DeShone Kizer and Kevin Hogan.

    "At this stage in the evaluation process of our quarterbacks, we are going to have Brock start the preseason opener against the Saints on Thursday night," Jackson said in a statement released by the team. "A lot goes into our evaluation, but it's always going to be about efficiently and effectively running the offense. You want your starter to be able to do that despite any circumstance.

    "Brock hasn't really gotten any first-team reps and this will give him that chance. We look forward to seeing what he can do with this opportunity throughout the week and against the Saints."

    --Denver Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian will start Thursday night's game against Chicago Bears, coach Vance Joseph announced.

    The first-year Denver head coach said Paxton Lynch will get the start against the San Francisco 49ers in the second week of the preseason on Aug. 19. Both games are on the road.

    The two quarterbacks have rotated with the first team throughout training camp as they battle for the starting job.

    "Games matter. The games start Thursday," Joseph told reporters after Monday's practice in the Pat Bowlen Fieldhouse. "I want to get to the games so we can get to the bottom of this."
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    Kicker Mason Crosby, Packers look to get leg up on FGs
    August 7, 2017

    GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) Hitting field goals in the NFL comes down to more than just making a strong, accurate kick.

    The snap must be on target, while the holder has to make a clean catch and set up the ball at the correct angle. All this must be done in a matter of seconds.

    The Green Bay Packers are working on this process after the normally dependable Mason Crosby missed six of his last seven kicks at the team's Family Night practice. Crosby is working with a new long snapper in Derek Hart, along with a new holder in punter Justin Vogel. Both are undrafted rookies.

    Coach Mike McCarthy and special teams coach Ron Zook said the blame falls on the whole field goal unit, not just Crosby.

    ''Ah gosh, obviously it wasn't very good Saturday night,'' Zook said Monday. ''But obviously we've got to get better. We will get better.''

    The Family Night practice was the team's first this preseason at Lambeau Field, an annual event that drew 63,000 fans despite a brief weather delay. It is as close as rookies and newcomers will get to the atmosphere of the first preseason game at home against the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday.

    Crosby described the process as a running like a fine-tuned machine when successful. The Packers have another month to get up to speed before the regular season begins.

    ''You go out there in front of 80,000 people and believe it or not, everybody is kind of amped up a little bit, things change, and that's a great experience,'' Zook said. ''One of the things (Hart) said, `I wish we could do this more often.' I said, `Well, you'll get your chance Thursday. We're going do it again.'''

    Hart is trying to replace long-time snapper Brett Goode, while Vogel is trying to become the Packers' third punter in three seasons. Last year's punter, Jacob Schum, is on the reserve/injured list with a back injury. Schum had replaced six-year veteran Tim Masthay toward the end of training camp in 2016.

    Crosby is the Packers' franchise scoring leader with 1,267 points going into his 11th season in Green Bay. He hit 86.7 percent of his field goals last season, the second-highest mark of his career behind 2013 (89.2 percent).

    ''I've been fortunate. I've had the same snapper for the last nine years prior to this, so the consistency there, it takes some work, it takes some time,'' Crosby said. ''Justin and Derek need to get in sync with their stuff and then I just have to trust and go.''

    NOTE: CB Davon House missed practice on Monday after injuring his right hamstring at the Family Night practice. ''Just trying to be smart. Week 1 is a month away. I don't want to hurt it out there at practice before the real games start,'' House said.
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    QB Siemian to start preseason opener
    August 7, 2017

    Quarterback Trevor Siemian will start Thursday night's game against Chicago Bears, coach Vance Joseph announced Monday.

    The first-year head coach said Paxton Lynch will get the start against the San Francisco 49ers in the second week of the preseason on Aug. 19. Both games are on the road.

    The two quarterbacks have rotated with the first team throughout training camp as they battle for the starting job.

    "Games matter. The games start Thursday," Joseph told reporters after Monday's practice in the Pat Bowlen Fieldhouse. "I want to get to the games so we can get to the bottom of this."

    Siemian, 25, has the advantage in terms of experience, having started 14 games in 2016. He passed for 3,401 yards with 18 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

    The Broncos selected the 23-year-old Lynch with the 26th overall pick in the 2016 draft. He played in three games, passing for 497 yards with two touchdowns and one interception.


    QB Savage to get start for Texans
    August 8, 2017

    WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.VA. -- Tom Savage will get the start Wednesday night for the Houston Texans as they open the preseason against the Carolina Panthers as the former backup tries to establish himself as the defending AFC South champions' new QB1.

    Rookie backup Deshaun Watson will play extensively, followed by third quarterback Brandon Weeden.

    "Tom's going to start the game," Texans head coach Bill O'Brien said. "Deshaun and Brandon will play."

    As for how much time the quarterbacks will play, O'Brien was noncommittal.

    "You have no idea how the game's going to play out," he said. "How long is this drive? How long is that drive? You have to play it by ear relative to how the game goes."

    Savage has taken every snap with the first-team offense during training camp. He needs all the repetitions he can get because he's started only two games in his first three seasons. O'Brien expects a sharp night.

    "Good operation of the offense," O'Brien said about what he wants to see from the offense. "Take care of the football. Getting in and out of the huddle quickly. From all three of them, just a clean game, a clean operation. Everybody on the same page, and see if we can score some points."

    O'Brien said having Savage and Weeden has been good for Watson's development.

    "Absolutely," he said. "When Deshaun has a question, (they) can help him, not just the coach. That's what these guys do. Tom and Brandon have done a really good job with Deshaun of kind of giving him their own insight into the offense, which is good to see."

    --Even though the trip to Carolina is for only a preseason game, Savage expects a lot from himself.

    "I think just consistency," he said. "Ultimately, we've got to score points. That's what I want to accomplish on Wednesday and then protect the ball."

    Like his teammates and coaches, Savage is eager to begin the preseason schedule.

    "Yeah, I know our offense and defense are kind of getting on each other's nerves right now," he said. "It'll be good to take it out on someone else."

    Savage enjoys working with the other quarterbacks, Watson and Weeden.

    "It's awesome," he said. "We're always communicating with each other. That's what we want to see. That's the name of this game. We want to win games and by that, you've got to have good leadership in that room, and we've got to be a tight-knit room."
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    Spotlight on Battle of the Week
    August 9, 2017

    As the first full week of preseason games kick off, there is competition at numerous spots on rosters. Some are for starting jobs and many are for key backup roles.

    Writers on the scene for The Sports Xchange provided a snapshot of one of the battles on their team this week. The variety illustrates how much is up for grabs.

    The area with the most competition is cornerback, which was identified by six teams. After that, four positions have three teams with competition.

    Following is a look at 32 teams, grouped by division.



    --Rod Smith and Alfred Morris at third running back. Morris is the veteran. He is in the best shape of his career and can still look like the former 1,000-yard rusher he was with the Redskins. But he doesn't play special teams and is not good in pass protection or receiving. Smith can play special teams, and the Cowboys found out he is a pretty good runner in the preseason opener. Smith has the advantage. Morris might be trade bait.


    --Offense vs. the defense: Offenses going against defenses is nothing new to NFL training camps, but what has made the Giants' offense vs. the defense so interesting to watch is how much more lethal the Giants' offense now is. At the start of camp, many predicted that the offense would get a good test against the 10th-ranked defense from last year, and sure enough, that battle has come to fruition. Head coach Ben McAdoo has designed periods during the practice that pit a receiver against a defender, for example, and he'll keep score to see which side wins. The competition has not only resulted in some classic battles, but more important, it's provided an early glimpse into just how far the offense, which last year this time looked sluggish and flat, has really come.


    --Isaac Seumalo and Chance Warmack for the starting left-guard job. Seumalo will start Thursday night against Green Bay and it's his job to lose. But Warmack, who played for offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland at Alabama, has had a pretty good camp thus far.


    --Rob Kelley vs. Samaje Perine at running back: Kelley was the surprise of last season as an undrafted rookie free agent who took over for Matt Jones in Week 8. Coaches love him for his push after contact and his reliability. If a hole is there, Kelley will find it and at least get the Redskins into a manageable down and distance. Perine, a fourth-round pick in 2017, is a true power back. Overshadowed by star running back Joe Mixon at Oklahoma, Perine is well positioned for playing time if Kelley falters. He has better hands than Washington's coaches expected, though he needs to be better in pass protection and he drew the coaches' ire for a fumble in practice last week. For now, Kelley is the No. 1 back.



    -- Mitch Unrein vs. Jonathan Bullard and Jaye Howard at defensive end. Unrein isn't particularly fast or powerful but has displayed enough on both counts to remain with starters for two years. He played in Denver for John Fox four seasons. He's been dependable and has 44 tackles in two seasons playing largely in the base 3-4 defense. In nickel, he usually came off the field. The Bears acquired Howard in the offseason and his strength and experience have been apparent, although he is trying to come back from last year's season-ending hip injury. Bullard has the most to prove after a rookie year when he drew criticism from coaches and didn't make an impact until the season's final games. Bullard has a new jersey number (90, after being 74), a new outlook and has been moved to both end spots in camp. He has generally been more disruptive. Yet, the real test for him will be preseason games. Howard and Bullard are perceived as bigger pass rush threats than Unrein. It would appear the Bears can use all three on the roster, but this might be impacted by how many pure nose tackles they keep. All three have been tried at nose at times to add depth. Former Packers C.J. Wilson and John Jenkins are run-stuffing nose tackles who could back up starter Eddie Goldman. At 6-3, 314, Howard is heavier than both Unrein and Bullard and a better emergency fit at nose if needed there.


    --Quandre Diggs vs. D.J. Hayden at nickel cornerback: While Darius Slay and Nevin Lawson have the starting cornerback jobs locked up, a good battle is brewing between Diggs and Hayden for the No. 3 spot. Diggs has taken most of the reps so far, but he's coming off a down season that ended prematurely because of a torn pectoral muscle. The Lions signed Hayden to a one-year deal in free agency with the expectation that he would contribute in nickel packages. Both players have had solid camps so far, with Diggs looking more and more like the player who overachieved as a part-time starter his rookie year.


    --Quinten Rollins vs. Kevin King vs. Damarious Randall at cornerback. Green Bay, which had some of the worst cornerback play in football last season, solved half of its problems this offseason by signing Davon House in free agency. The other cornerback job remains open, although Rollins has surged to the lead. Rollins had an injury-plagued, forgettable 2016 season in which he allowed seven touchdowns. Foes also had a 133.8 passer rating against Rollins and completed 71.4 percent of their passes.

    But Rollins, who played four years of college basketball at Miami (Ohio) and just one year of football, has been an early star of camp. "He's quick. You can tell his core issues have been taken care of," Packers cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt said of Rollins. "He's fluid. You can see the explosiveness out of his breaks. The kid is coming in with a focus that our standard of play wasn't there last year and he's a very prideful man. He hasn't said two words. He's just been working. That's what I like. We don't need a lot of talking."


    --Emmanuel Lamur vs. Ben Gedeon at weak-side linebacker: Gedeon, the rookie fourth-round draft pick, has muscled his way into the competition for the job in the base defense. This is the position Chad Greenway played before retiring after 11 seasons. The position is needed for only about 40 percent of the snaps since the Vikings play so many nickel packages. Camp started with Lamur competing with Edmond Robinson for the job. But Robinson has tailed off, while Gedeon has come on strong. The 6-foot-2, 244-pound Gedeon is a more natural middle linebacker, but has enough athleticism to handle the primary job of stopping the run as weak-side backer in the base.



    --With cornerback Jalen Collins suspended for the first 10 games, the Falcons will turn to C.J. Goodwin to take over the fourth cornerback spot. Goodwin, a former college basketball player and converted wide receiver, made the team last season as a special teams player. He played in 14 games and made one start. The Falcons are hoping Goodwin can make a big jump in his second year as a cornerback. He was already working with the second team as the Falcons had to be anticipating the news on Collins, who was working with the third team.

    "One other corner that has jumped out to me so far and I thought he was making progress last year is C.J. Goodwin," Falcons head coach Dan Quinn said. "For sure, he's one that we counted on. He made the team as a special teams player first and then through injuries, him and Jalen Collins really jumped in quickly and both of them answered the bell."

    Goodwin, 6-foot-3 and 190 pounds, played 16 plays on defense and 23 on special teams in Super Bowl LI. He had two tackles and one pass breakup.

    "Goodwin, to me, I know he's going into his third year technically in the NFL, but it's his second year as a defensive player, so I'm hopeful that jump we talked about, going from year one to year two, that's the jump I hope he'll make," Quinn said.


    --The role of backup tight end doesn't receive a lot of chatter, but given the heavy workload placed on Greg Olsen, there's a need to have a steady reserve. Ed Dickson and Scott Simonson are in contention for this role, though Dickson's experience as an eight-year veteran and Simonson, who has been waived by the organization three times since 2015, but had a slow start to camp because of an injury have probably tilted this competition. Still, there's ample opportunity for the needle to move here. Because Olsen is so productive, there hasn't been a need to go after another high-profile player at that position, but that shouldn't lessen the importance.


    --Third-year DE Hau'oli Kikaha has recovered from his third surgery on his left ACL and has been getting reps with the first team as he tries to surpass Alex Okafor, who was signed as a free agent to upgrade the pass rush. Okafor is the front-runner but a healthy Kikaha, who was a second-round draft choice in 2015, has a chance to challenge him if he performs well early in the preseason.


    --Javeon Elliott vs. Robert McClain at slot cornerback: Elliott, who was an undrafted rookie signed after a tryout, is the starting slot corner in nickel passing downs. He has a knack for making plays on the football. But McClain enters his eighth NFL season and is a real asset on special teams. He adds some experience to the position and, right now, it's Elliott's job to lose.



    --Second-year defensive tackle Robert Nkemdiche keeps turning heads in camp seemingly every single day and it's getting to the point now where the former first-round pick could be on the verge of overtaking 12-year veteran Frostee Rucker for a starting role in the Cardinals' 3-4 base defense. Rucker, who turns 34 in September, might be difficult to displace because of his experience and reliability. The Cardinals like to rotate their defensive linemen in and out of games, however, so Nkemdiche is sure to see plenty of action. Because of his youth and explosiveness and ability to be an overall disruptor, he's likely to find himself getting most of the snaps up front in 2017.


    --Cooper Kupp vs. Pharoh Cooper at wide receiver: The Rams under head coach Sean McVay feature a number of different wide-receiver and tight-end packages, but it will be interesting to see who earns the bulk of the time alongside Robert Woods and Tavon Austin between Cooper and Kupp. Kupp, a rookie from Eastern Washington, has impressed with his command of the playbook and route-running polish.

    "I see a mature rookie," McVay said. "I think one of the things that really impressed us about (him), just watching him in college is that he's one of those receivers that sees the game through the quarterback's eyes. He always has a plan at the line of scrimmage, understands coverages and route concepts and I think that's what enables him to be such a productive player and very advanced for a rookie. He's one of the more mature rookies that I've ever been around and we're expecting some good things from him moving forward."

    Cooper also drew praise from McVay.

    "I think Pharoh is a great competitor," McVay said. "I think what Pharoh Cooper's doing is continuing to get more comfortable playing the receiver position as a whole. This guy is just a very good athlete that's continuing to become a better receiver each and every day. A tough, physical player, competes well in the run game and I think you see the play that he makes down in the red zone yesterday -- he's aggressively running through the football, he's kind of a fearless mindset and mentality. I really enjoy being around Pharoh and love what he's done the last few days."


    --Matt Barkley vs. C.J. Beathard for backup quarterback. Training camp began with a clear-cut pecking order at quarterback, with Brian Hoyer starting, Barkley backing up and Beathard probably headed to a season on the developmental squad. But the rookie has outplayed the veteran in the early going, giving 49ers coaches something to watch in Friday's preseason opener against Kansas City.


    --Backup quarterback: Trevone Boykin earned the backup job to Russell Wilson last season without a challenge from a veteran quarterback in training camp. He doesn't have that luxury this year as Austin Davis is pushing him hard for the reserve role. Davis unofficially completed 8 of 13 passes with an interception during the team's scrimmage on Monday while Boykin was 6 of 11 with an interception. Boykin struggled significantly in the first handful of practices of camp, but has looked marginally better in recent days. It will be a fight that should last all of camp.



    --Tight end has been interesting because of the presence of Logan Thomas in the competition. Charles Clay is the starter, and unless his nagging knee injury barks, that will be the case come opening day. Behind him, Nick O'Leary is probably No. 2, but that's certainly not set in stone. Thomas, a converted quarterback who is trying to make the transition to tight end at the NFL level, is 6-foot-6 and weighs 250 pounds. He's a big target down the middle, and he has good hands. The big issue for him is will he be able to block? O'Leary has improved in that area, and if Thomas does, too, he could make the team and even get meaningful snaps because he has real potential to be a downfield threat.


    --QB Jay Cutler vs. time: Not to be cute or flip, but this is a real battle because the opener is Sept. 10 against Tampa Bay, which gives the newly-acquired Cutler roughly one month to learn the offense and his teammates. Cutler, signed Monday, retired in May and admitted he hadn't been working out recently. In the QB-driven NFL, this is now the biggest battle of training camp.


    --Cameron Fleming vs. LaAdrian Waddle for backup swing offensive tackle. The New England offensive line returns its five starters, who seem pretty well entrenched in their roles. Fleming and Waddle served as backups a year ago, although the latter was a healthy scratch virtually all season. Despite New England using two draft picks at the position -- Tony Garcia and Conor McDermott -- Fleming and Waddle have split reps at left tackle when starter Nate Solder has missed practice time. With neither rookie stepping up at this point, it looks like Fleming and Waddle are likely battling it out for one roster spot as the veteran swing tackle backup. Fleming's ability to serve as a tight end in jumbo packages could give him an edge, but the battle likely will have to play out in preseason game action.


    --No. 1 wide receiver: Last week's battle was for the No. 2 wide receiver job. Well, every understudy is now battling to be the headline attraction following the season-ending neck injury suffered by No. 1 wideout Quincy Enunwa. Robby Anderson, whose 42 catches for 587 yards last season are by far the most of any returning player in camp, is the favorite by default, though he's gotten off to a slow start this summer. Veteran Marquess Wilson, who had 56 catches for 777 yards in four seasons with the Chicago Bears, is also a candidate but has broken his foot three times in the last two years. Rookies ArDarius Stewart and Chad Hansen will each have a big learning curve to negotiate, which might leave Chris Harper - who has 14 catches in two NFL seasons but has displayed good hands and big-play ability thus far in training camp - as the sneakiest candidate to win the job.



    --Returner: The Ravens have as many as 10 players looking to earn their way onto the roster as a returner. Michael Campanaro, a fourth-year player from Wake Forest, has the most experience, but he has battled through injuries throughout his career. Keenan Reynolds, a former record-setting quarterback at Navy, has shown much improvement since his rookie season and is pushing hard for the job. Baltimore has also been impressed with undrafted rookie receiver Tim White. He has shown blazing speed and the poise to handle kicks. Other players getting looks at returner are Griff Whalen, C.J. Board, Chris Moore, Bobby Rainey, Lardarius Webb, Danny Woodhead, and Taquan Mizzell.


    --With Adam Jones suspended for the first game of the season, the starting cornerback spot for that game, and subsequent chance for a player to showcase themselves on Sunday, Sept. 10 versus the Ravens, is available. William Jackson III, whom the Bengals selected as the 24th overall pick in last year's draft, appears to be the favorite. Jackson missed his rookie season after being injured during training camp. He's battling Darqueze Dennard for this spot. Dennard also has had his share of injury issues in his career. Jackson has performed well in 11-on-11 drills against the first team-offense even handling himself quite well in one-on-one coverage with A.J. Green.


    --Incumbent Cody Parkey and rookie seventh-round draft choice Zane Gonzalez usually end practice every other day in a kicking duel. The competition is close to dead even at this point, which makes the preseason opener against the Saints on Thursday and the next three games critical to both kickers. Gonzalez kicked field goals of 39 and 22 yards in an intrasquad scrimmage on Friday. Parkey connected from 40 yards. Both can reach the back of the end zone on kickoffs. Practice ended Monday with another field-goal session. Parkey was 5-for-5. Gonzalez missed from 33 yards. but then hit his next two kicks.


    --Backup running back: Le'Veon Bell has not yet reported and rookie third-round pick James Conner has missed most of camp with a shoulder injury. That has left most of the reps with the first-team offense to Fitzgerald Toussaint and Knile Davis. Toussaint was designated the starter when the Steelers released their first depth chart of training camp Tuesday. It's been a spirited competition between the two. Toussaint has been with the Steelers the past two seasons, and Davis was signed as a free agent in March. Conner returned to practice Tuesday, but Toussaint and Davis will continue to battle because the Steelers will keep only three tailbacks.



    --Wide receiver: Jaelen Strong and Braxton Miller are competing to be the No. 2 receiver opposite Pro-Bowl selection DeAndre Hopkins. Strong is big and jumps well and has improved his conditioning. Miller is shifty and smart and has sound hands. A converted quarterback, Miller knows the game extremely well.


    --Inside linebacker: Second-year linebacker Antonio Morrison has been having a good camp thus far. Morrison played relatively well against the run as a rookie, but struggled in pass coverage. He has getting first-team reps while doing a better job of playing under control. Veteran Jon Bostic was a free-agent pickup in the offseason from Chicago and has done a nice job. Bostic has also been working with the first defensive unit. The big question is if he can stay healthy over the course of the season. Sean Spence has had a consistent camp as he continues to push for work. Edwin Jackson, who got extensive playing time last season, remains in the mix. Lee Rhodes is also a possibility.


    --Cam Robinson vs. Josh Wells at left tackle. When veteran Branden Albert made his surprising announcement last week that he was retiring, it was assumed that rookie Cam Robinson would move into the starting spot that Albert was supposed to have had this year. But Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone made it clear that Robinson would not be handed the job, rather he would have to earn it. Josh Wells may have something to say about that. A thumb injury cost Wells the entire 2015 season and the first 11 weeks last year. But he's healthy now and is pushing Robinson for the starting spot. Both players are 6-foot-6, but Robinson has a 15-pound weight advantage. They've shared working with the first unit offensive line in recent days and while most expect Robinson to win the job, Wells is making a strong push for the starting spot.


    --Adoree' Jackson vs. Eric Weems at kickoff returner: Jackson has been electric, but Weems was signed to fill that role in the offseason. It will be interesting to see just how much the Titans want to put on Jackson's plate, as the first-round pick is already likely to be the punt returner and is in the race for a starting cornerback spot as well.



    --Starting left guard: After being acquired in a pre-camp trade, Allen Barbre was expected to make a push for the left-guard spot, but Max Garcia has held him off so far, taking every first-team repetition at the position where he started last year. The Broncos moved Garcia back to left guard after he struggled at right guard during OTAs, gambling that free-agent pickup Ron Leary would be as effective at right guard as he was on the left side, where he started in Dallas before jumping to the Broncos in March. Barbre could still make a push for the job, but right now, it appears the spot is Garcia's to lose.


    --Kansas City struggled against the run last season, and one reason stemmed from a plethora of injuries and lack of experienced depth at inside linebacker. The Chiefs added significant competition with the addition of fifth-round pick Ukeme Eligwe and acquiring Kevin Pierre-Louis from Seattle via a trade. Kansas City also re-signed veteran Josh Mauga, who missed last season with a labral tear in his hip. The leader of the group remains Derrick Johnson, who returns from an Achilles tear in December that ended his season. Ramik Wilson appears to be the likely starter alongside Johnson, but the competition remains fierce behind them for the remaining roster spots. Defensive coordinator Bob Sutton continues rotating Mauga, Eligwe and Pierre-Louis with Justin March-Lillard and Terrance Smith looking for the right chemistry in shutting down the run.


    --Dwight Lowery vs. Tre' Boston at safety. Lowery is the returning veteran here, but Boston wasn't brought in to stand on the sidelines. Lowery provided solid play last year and was often the calming factor in the secondary when Jahleel Addae played loose. Boston, a former Carolina Panther, is opening eyes with his plays around the ball. He capped Tuesday's practice by picking off Philip Rivers in the red zone.


    --Sean Smith vs. Obi Melifonwu at dime back. Smith, at 6-foot-3, 220 pounds, was recently getting time covering tight ends in four-receiver sets, a role that the Raiders specifically selected Melifonwu to fill. The problem? Melifonwu struggled early and then was injured. As for Smith, he was at least temporarily demoted from his starting position at corner but his length could enable him to compete for that role, depending on his approach and attitude.
    Remember the 3 G's Gambling, Golf, Girls not in any particular order.....

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    NFL notebook: Falcons' Freeman signs 5-year extension
    August 9, 2017

    The Atlanta Falcons made Devonta Freeman the highest-paid running back in the NFL, signing him to a five-year contract extension on Wednesday.

    Although financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, Michael Silver of the NFL Network reported that Freeman's pact is worth $41.25 million.

    The extension, which runs through 2022, has an annual value of $8.25 million, topping the $8 million yearly salary of Buffalo's LeSean McCoy. Pittsburgh's Le'Veon Bell will surpass both when he signs his franchise tag tender.

    The 25-year-old Freeman was a big part of Atlanta's run to the Super Bowl last season, starting all 16 regular-season games and leading the team with 1,079 rushing yards to go with 462 receiving yards on 54 receptions. Freeman had 13 total touchdowns.

    --Former Pro Bowl nose tackle Vince Wilfork signed a one-day contact with New England so he could officially retire as a member of the Patriots.

    Wilfork, 35, played the first 11 of his 13 NFL seasons with New England and was a Pro Bowler five times, including four consecutive seasons from 2009-12.

    "It was truly an honor to have coached him," Patriots coach Bill Belichick said during the ceremony. "Best defensive lineman I have ever coached."

    Wilfork spent his final two NFL seasons with the Houston Texans. Coincidentally, his final game was at Foxborough, Mass., where the Titans lost to the Patriots in an AFC Divisional playoff game last January.

    --The NFL will hire as many as 24 full-time game officials for the upcoming 2017 season, the league and the NFL Referees Association announced.

    Full-time officials will be hired at each of the seven officiating positions. The NFL currently employs a roster of 124 officials, including 17 crews of seven people apiece and five swing officials that serve as substitutes.

    Prior to the announcement, officials have worked as contractors to the league.

    "We believe this is a great development for NFL officiating overall and ultimately the quality of our game," NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent said. "We share a common goal, which is to make our game as great as it can possibly be, and look forward to working together on this new effort."

    --Dallas Cowboys defensive end Tyrone Crawford appeared to have escaped serious injury after he was carted off the field during Tuesday's practice.

    Crawford underwent X-rays that revealed a lateral right ankle sprain, but team officials said he is expected to be ready for the regular-season opener against the New York Giants, multiple media outlets reported.

    The injury occurred while Crawford was chasing down second-year running back Ezekiel Elliott. He appeared to be in excruciating pain and one teammate grabbed his helmet as Crawford lay prone on the field.

    The 6-foot-4, 275-pound Crawford underwent surgery on his right shoulder following last season. He registered 4.5 sacks despite sitting out the final two games of the regular season.

    --A minor leg injury did not keep Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis away from the team for long.

    After missing Tuesday's practice for what reportedly was a cyst on his knee, Lewis returned to the facility later that evening.

    "I was able to return to work last night after receiving great medical care," said Lewis in a statement Wednesday. "I especially want to thank all of the doctors, nurses and technicians who treated me. I am glad to be back with the team as we prepare to play the Buccaneers on Friday."

    The team announced Tuesday that Lewis would briefly be away from the team to deal with an unspecified "minor health issue."

    --Linebacker DeAndre Levy filed an injury grievance against the Detroit Lions.

    Levy, who was released by the team in March, is seeking to recoup $1.75 million in salary for this season, ESPN first reported.

    Hip and knee injuries limited the 30-year-old Levy to only six games over the past two seasons. Detroit cut Levy with two years remaining on a four-year, $33 million contract.

    Levy injured his knee in the 2016 season opener and subsequently underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus. He returned three months later to play in the final four regular-season games as well as a playoff matchup vs. Seattle.

    --The San Francisco 49ers released Jeremy Zuttah, less than five months after acquiring the Pro Bowl center from the Baltimore Ravens.

    Linebacker Sean Porter was signed to a one-year deal to take the roster spot of Zuttah, who was expected to compete with incumbent Daniel Kilgore for the 49ers' starting job. Kilgore easily claimed the role and the 31-year-old Zuttah then saw second-team center snaps shift to the versatile Tim Barnes, who is also a guard.

    Zuttah played both guard and center during his nine NFL seasons, and made 41 starts at center for Baltimore over the past three campaigns. He appeared in 131 contests with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Ravens.

    Porter, who was a fourth-round pick of the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2013 draft, spent time on the Jacksonville Jaguars' practice squad last season before being promoted to the active roster. The 26-year-old played in two games in 2016 before being released on May 1.

    --Felony domestic violence charges against former 49ers cornerback Tramaine Brock were dismissed.

    The Santa Clara District Attorney's office declared that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the case because the alleged victim declined to cooperate.

    Brock, 28, was arrested on April 6 on suspicion of felony domestic violence and booked into Santa Clara County Jail. His bail was set at $50,000 and he was released from jail the following day.

    Santa Clara police found "visible injuries" on Brock's girlfriend after responding to a domestic violence call, according to the Sacramento Bee. Police described the woman's injuries as "minor" and she received no medical attention.

    --Cowboys punter Chris Jones signed a four-year contract extension through the 2021 season, the club announced.

    The 28-year-old Jones was slated to become a free agent after this season.

    Jones was more interested in staying put than seeking out big-money contract offers.

    "Chris loves the organization, loves playing for the Cowboys and loves living in Dallas, that's the reason," agent Derrick Fox told ESPN about reaching the deal. "With free agency coming up in March, it's my job to take my client to free agency, but Chris asked me to get a deal with the Cowboys because he wanted to be there long term."
    Remember the 3 G's Gambling, Golf, Girls not in any particular order.....



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