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Thread: Wednesday's WNBA Trends and Indexes - 6/14

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    Default Wednesday's WNBA Trends and Indexes - 6/14

    Trends and Indexes

    Wednesday, June 14

    Good Luck on day #164 of 2016!

    NOTE: As information becomes available, we will attempt to post the trends and indexes as soon as possible.Information is posted from what we believe are reliable sources.Any opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the posting member or BettorsChat.

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    Armadillo: Wednesday's six-pack

    Phil Steele’s top six surprising teams for this college football season

    6) UCLA— Are 2-8-1 vs spread in last 11 non-conference games.

    5) Marshall— Went 3-9 LY, after a 3-year run of 33-8.

    4) Texas— Were 3-6 in Big X LY, but outgained teams by 19.3 yds/game.

    3) Oregon— Were 4-8 LY, after a 98-22 run. Have 17 starters back, new coach.

    2) TCU— Also has 17 starters back, is #4 experience team in country. 12-3-1 vs spread in last 16 games as a road underdog.

    1) Notre Dame— Have 15 starters back; since 2011, they’re 4-10 as a road favorite.


    Armadillo: Wednesday's List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

    13) Will the Warriors visit the White House? Delicate issue in today’s world.

    Someone in the media tweeted Monday night that the team had voted “unanimously” to skip a White House visit, but it is unclear whether that is true or not. Clemson’s football team was in Washington DC Monday for their visit after they won the national championship LY.

    CEO of the Pittsburgh Penguins said his team will accept, if invited to the White House, but in the NBA, this is a more volatile subject.

    12) Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz was saying on TV the other night that when Joe West umpires games behind the plate, occasionally he will call a perfect pitch a ball early in the game, just to see how the pitcher would react, as if to say to the pitcher, “I’m in charge here.”

    Smoltz didn’t seem terribly amused telling the story.

    11) Speaking of Smoltz, he is a great example of how scouting is an inexact science. He was the 574th player taken in the 1985 draft (22nd round), then he was traded from Detroit to Atlanta on August 12, 1987, in exchange for Doyle Alexander. Detroit needed a pitcher for the stretch drive; they made the playoffs, but lost a Hall of Fame pitcher in the process.

    10) In spring of 2016, Wisc-Milwaukee fired basketball coach Rob Jeter, despite fact that he had won 19+ games five of the last seven years- there was internal dissension- the longtime radio announcer later quit and ripped the new athletic director very publicly.

    This past season, Milwaukee went 11-24 with its new coach, who somehow just got hired by Butler of the Big East (he is a former Butler assistant), so now Milwaukee will be looking for its third head coach in three years— it is not great to be looking for a new coach just before the July recruiting period.

    9) Nick Pratto was the Kansas City Royals’ 1st round draft pick Monday; six short years ago, he hit a walk-off single to win the Little League World Series in Williamsport.

    8) Do umpires own houses? No way they’re home much from March 1-October 1, thats seven months right there. Baseball teams are home half of the season, but not umpires- if they’re not married, seems pointless to own a house that you’re rarely in. Condos seem more likely.

    7) An 11-year-old quarterback was offered a scholarship by University of Hawaii last weekend. The kid’s older brother played LB for the Rainbow Warriors- his father coached Marcus Mariota at St Louis HS. I mean, the kid doesn’t graduate high school for seven more years.

    6) Quote of the Day, part 2, from Rory McIlroy:

    “Really? We have 60 yards from left line to right line. You’ve got 156 of the best players in the world here, if we can’t hit it within that avenue, you might as well pack your bags and go home.

    These are the widest fairways we’ve ever played in a U.S. Open. Even the first and second cut is another 10 yards on top of that. So if you’ve got 50 or 60 yards to hit into and you’re complaining about the fescue that’s wider than that, I don’t think that’s an issue.”

    This was after some players complained about the complained about the length of the rough— it was cut down a little bit on Tuesday.

    5) Marlins drafted NC State infielder Joe Dunand Jr in the 2nd round; he is Alex Rodriguez’ nephew. Dunand played SS at NC State, but the Marlins announced him as a 3B.

    4) Kid who is a kicker at Central Florida has made 41 videos about what it is like to be a college athlete, and he put them on YouTube. Because the videos got over 10,000 visits, he could sell ads for the videos, but making money off them could jeopardize his amateur status, which seems both childish and hypocritical but that is today’s world.

    The NCAA hasn’t gotten involved yet; let’s hope they let the kid do his thing.

    3) Brewers called up pitching prospect Brandon Woodruff to start the first game of their twin bill Tuesday in St Louis, but his hamstring tightened up when he was warming up and he was scratched from the start, and went on the DL. Baseball players get hurt a lot.

    Not often a guy goes on the major league DL before he ever appears in a game.

    2) Cubs 14, Mets 3— Rough night for Mets’ pitcher Zach Wheeler; he faced 14 batters- 8 of them scored.

    Cubs batted Anthony Rizzo leadoff; he scored twice and knocked in three runs. Ian Happ had a grand slam and four strikeouts, first big leaguer in two years (Derek Norris) to do that.

    1) 28 of 60 players drafted in last year’s NBA Draft were born outside this country; supposed to lot less this year.

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    Wednesday, June 14

    New York @ Connecticut

    Game 655-656
    June 14, 2017 @ 7:00 pm

    Dunkel Rating:
    New York
    Dunkel Team:
    Dunkel Line:
    Dunkel Total:
    by 5 1/2
    Vegas Team:
    Vegas Line:
    Vegas Total:
    by 1 1/2
    159 1/2
    Dunkel Pick:
    (-1 1/2); Over


    Wednesday, June 14

    Trend Report

    7:00 PM
    New York is 5-0 SU in its last 5 games when playing Connecticut
    New York is 10-5 SU in its last 15 games on the road
    Connecticut is 0-5 SU in its last 5 games when playing at home against New York
    The total has gone UNDER in 10 of Connecticut's last 12 games when playing at home against New York

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    WNBA Basketball Trend Report

    NEW YORK (6 - 3) at CONNECTICUT (3 - 5) - 6/14/2017, 7:00 PM
    Top Trends for this game.
    CONNECTICUT is 27-14 ATS (+11.6 Units) in all games over the last 2 seasons.
    CONNECTICUT is 26-12 ATS (+12.8 Units) as a home favorite of 3 points or less since 1997.
    CONNECTICUT is 84-58 ATS (+20.2 Units) in June games since 1997.
    CONNECTICUT is 21-10 ATS (+10.0 Units) in May, June, or July games over the last 2 seasons.
    CONNECTICUT is 7-0 ATS (+7.0 Units) on Wednesday over the last 3 seasons.
    CONNECTICUT is 14-4 ATS (+9.6 Units) after a division game over the last 2 seasons.
    CONNECTICUT is 21-9 ATS (+11.1 Units) after scoring 75 points or more over the last 2 seasons.
    CONNECTICUT is 18-8 ATS (+9.2 Units) versus poor defensive teams - allowing 77+ points/game over the last 2 seasons.
    CONNECTICUT is 19-8 ATS (+10.2 Units) versus good offensive teams - scoring 77+ points/game over the last 2 seasons.
    NEW YORK is 24-12 ATS (+10.8 Units) in road games over the last 3 seasons.
    NEW YORK is 17-6 ATS (+10.4 Units) in June games over the last 3 seasons.
    NEW YORK is 15-5 ATS (+9.5 Units) in road games vs. division opponents over the last 3 seasons.
    NEW YORK is 18-8 ATS (+9.2 Units) in road games after scoring 75 points or more over the last 3 seasons.

    Head-to-Head Series History
    NEW YORK is 5-2 against the spread versus CONNECTICUT over the last 3 seasons
    NEW YORK is 7-0 straight up against CONNECTICUT over the last 3 seasons
    4 of 7 games in this series have gone UNDER THE TOTAL over the last 3 seasons
    Remember the 3 G's Gambling, Golf, Girls not in any particular order.....



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