Sunday’s six-pack

— Brewers 9, Phillies 8— Milwaukee led this game 8-1 in the 7th inning, blew the lead, but ended their 6-game losing streak.

— Indians 2, Toronto 1 (10)— Tribe’s first late-inning win (7th inning on) since May 23.

— Astros 8, Orioles 4— Colin Moran fouled a ball off his face, left game; Marwin Gonzalez came off the bench and hit a 3-run homer.

— Royals 7, White Sox 2— Chicago is 0-7 since the All-Star break.

— I wonder how much it costs to have an advertisement on the Green Monster at Fenway Park for a year; has to be pretty steep.

— Dodgers traded reliever Sergio Romo to Tampa Bay, which is in the thick of the AL Wild Card race.


Sunday’s Den: Ranking the months of the year………..

12) May— Slow month. Weather is getting better here in upstate New York, but it is still spring and there is a lot of rain (spring showers bring summer flowers, something like that). NHL, NBA playoffs are underway, as is baseball.

11) February— College basketball and very little else, except the Super Bowl, Daytona 500 and cold, cruddy weather. At least it is the shortest month of the year.

10) January— Just like February, except the NFL playoffs and college football title game are also in the mix. Golf starts up, so you can at least see warm people on TV.

When I was working, Martin Luther King Day was great for me; a Monday in January where I could sleep till noon. Nothing better than staying inside in January.

9) April— If you like rain, this is your month here in the Northeast, but after a long winter, rain is OK. Baseball starts, which is good. NHL/NBA playoffs start up. Excellent week to hang out in Las Vegas and sip cool drinks by the pool, before the day’s baseball starts.

8) August— I’m not a big racetrack guy; August around here means thoroughbred racing 25 miles north of here at Saratoga. It is a fun day, but lot of people trying to look rich, and thats not my thing. Exhibiton football is OK up to a point; solid baseball month.

7) June— When I was a young person, this was the best month of the year, because school ended and the weather was tremendous.

6) July— If you like basketball, you can choose which part of the month to go to Las Vegas to see either the NBA Summer League or AAU games later in the month. There are also really good AAU games at Disney in Florida at the end of the month, as summer recruiting goes to an end. I’ve learned a lot of basketball watching game after game in the summer.

5) October— Baseball playoffs, NFL/college football, and lot of college basketball research, with the season starting in early November. As soon as the baseball season ends, it is time to delve back into hardwood mode and get ready for 4.5 months of college basketball.

Side note: Everyone should spend at least one Halloween in Las Vegas; it is…….interesting.

4) September— NFL and college football start, pennant races in baseball, lot of solid action, and it is still summer weather. Since I’m not a kid or a teacher, I could care less that school starts in September. When I was a kid, September was WAY lower on this list.

3) November— Tremendous overlap of college football/basketball begins; busiest time of year for this website. NFL games on Sundays, NBA/NHL are underway. Lot of action.

When I had a job, this was a great month; three days off: Election Day, Veterans Day ad of course, Thanksgiving. Never underestimate a month with three holidays in it.

2) December— The best week to visit Las Vegas is the week before Christmas; room rates are way cheaper, there are ton of games to wager on that week, and if you don’t want to talk to anyone, you don’t have to, since most of the people in Las Vegas that week are foreigners.

1) March— My favorite month of the year. Meaningful college basketball for the first three weeks of the month, winter is ending, and spring training baseball every day on TV, to fill the gaps if basketball is off that day.