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Thread: Friday's NHL Trends and Indexes - 4/28

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    Default Friday's NHL Trends and Indexes - 4/28

    Trends and Indexes

    Friday, April 28

    Good Luck on day #117 of 2017!

    As information becomes available, we will attempt to post the trends and indexes as soon as possible.
    Information is posted from what we believe are reliable sources.
    Any opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the posting member or BettorsChat.


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    Armadillo: Friday's six-pack

    — Spurs ousted Memphis, Raptors eliminate the Bucks, both in six games.

    — Detroit scored 19 runs Tuesday; they scored 0-1 runs the next two days.

    — Mets are 8-13; Cespedes/Syndergaard are both hurt now. No bueno.

    — If I ever write a book, one of the chapters will be “Baseball players get hurt a lot.”

    — Baltimore is 14-6, with a run differential of +9. Texas is +11; their record is 10-12.

    — I’m still amazed that no one drafted Florida State RB Dalvin Cook; young man is a FOOTBALL PLAYER.


    Armadillo: Running Diary of the 2017 NFL Draft……..

    7:41: Trying to decide which channel to watch the draft on; NFL Network or ESPN, assuming ESPN has enough employees left to do live programming.

    Seeing how I boycotted Chris Berman for the last 20 years or so, since he and Steve Young took delight in mocking the Rams when they sucked in the 90’s, I’ll give post-Berman ESPN the first shot. Plus, Deion Sanders is on NFL Network; can’t stand him.

    7:46: NFL is lucky as hell; when they foolishly put a Super Bowl in New Jersey a few years ag0, they missed a big snowstorm by a day. Tonight, on April 27, it is 74 degrees in Philly. Unusual; they just as easily could’ve gotten cruddy weather- Phillies got rained out at home two nites ago.

    7:53: NFL started moving the draft a few years ago, when Radio City Music Hall was unavailable for draft weekend- they’ve struck gold. Now 14 cities want to host the draft- you know it’ll be in LA when the Rams’ new stadium is finished. I’m guessing Dallas will get it soon, too.

    8:07: Roger Goodell makes $32M a year or so to be NFL’s Commish; he can take getting booed. Philly fans oblige by booing the hell out of him. Weird thing is, he isn’t a lawyer. Thought you had to be a lawyer to be a commish.

    Goodell family trivia: When Robert Kennedy was assassinated in 1968, the man who replaced him as a US Senator from New York was Charles Goodell, Roger’s father.

    8:10: Mel Kiper Jr, draft expert, touts Myles Garrett as a smart #1 pick for Cleveland, who is on the clock. Jon Gruden touts LSU safety Jamal Adams as the #1 pick. Gruden insists that Garrett isn’t the best player in this draft and he shows video evidence why, citing inconsistent effort.

    Earlier this week, former Cowboys’ exec Gil Brandt tweeted that only 14.5 of Garrett’s 31 sacks in college came against SEC competition.

    8:14: Browns take Garrett, the 5th SEC player taken #1 in the last 11 drafts. Cleveland also has the #12 pick in this round, so we’ll hear from them again in a few hours.

    8:17: 49ers/Bears flip-flop the #2/#3 picks; looks like John Lynch will be trying to stockpile some draft picks in his first draft running the 49ers.

    8:22: Bears take QB Mitchell Trubisky, meaning he gets to freeze his butt off for the next 10 Decembers in Chicago. Mike Glennon (3 years, $45M in Chicago) must be happier than hell; he signed with the Bears as a free agent, now it looks like he’ll be moving along again in a year or two.

    The film of Trubisky that Gruden shows isn’t flattering; Trey Wingo points out that the only North Carolina QB to ever start an NFL game is TJ Yates. Trubisky started only 13 games at UNC, but then again, he isn’t going to start for a while.

    8:29: 49ers take DE Solomon Thomas from Stanford; Lynch was a great DB, so it makes sense that his first draft pick is a defensive end. The young man once lived in Australia for five years; his first favorite sport was swimming.

    49ers gave up 2,600 yards rushing last year; unlike Trubisky, Moore will play right away.

    8:35: Jacksonville picks in the top 5 for the 6th year n a row; they take Leonard Fournette from LSU, who missed five games last year, including one by choice. He didn’t seem to be great with catching balls out of the backfield.

    College coaches use the draft to be seen on TV: Stanford’s David Shaw is working on NFL Network, Ed Orgeron, Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, Brian Kelly are all in Philly with their players. Recruiting season in college football is 365/12/7/24- tonite is no exception.

    Fournette’s agent, by the way, is Jay Z.

    8:43: Tennessee, with one of the picks acquired in the Jared Goff trade, selects WR Corey Davis of Western Michigan, the only D-I team to offer him a scholarship out of high school.

    49ers, by the way, got two extra draft picks from the Bears for dropping from #2 to #3.

    8:51: Jets draft LSU safety Jamal Adams; Todd Bowles was a DB when he played, so this makes perfect sense. Gruden loves Adams- this is a good pick. Jets allowed 30 TDs LY, had only eight INT’s. Louis Riddick praises Adams’ constant effort.

    I would love to know how many kids get drafted by the Jets/Giants but aren’t aware that the teams play in New Jersey, not New York. There have to be at least one or two.

    Adams’ father is George Adams, who played RB for the Giants 30 years ago, so we know he knows the Jets play in the Garden State.

    Since 1987, Adams family is 8th father/son combo who were both drafted in the first round. Two of those eight are Mannings.

    9:00: Chargers are on the clock; it still saddens me that they left San Diego, screwing their loyal fans for no decent reason, other than abject greed. They’re not the only ones who have done it, but they seem to be the team who left a pretty good situation to be a tenant in Los Angeles.

    Chargers took WR Mike Williams instead of his college teammate, Deshaun Watson. Philip Rivers had to like this pick. Williams comes from a hometown of 170 people.

    9:04: Carolina takes Christian McCaffrey from Stanford; his dad played for the Broncos, his granddad was once the fastest man in the world.

    Fallout of this: Fournette/McCaffrey both skipped their bowl game to avoid injury, and they both benefitted with a solid draft position— will that makes this an increasing trend this fall?

    Four of the first eight players taken went to LSU or Stanford.

    9:12: Bengals take WR John Ross from Washington, whose pee-wee coach as a kid was Snoop Dawg (seriously). Ross is really, really fast, but he is going to play a decent amount of games in cold weather and he has had injury issues (shoulder. knee). Has he ever played in cold weather?

    9:15: Chiefs trade up to the #10 spot in the draft; Buffalo trades down, but they get an extra #1 pick next year, to drop down 17 spots— KC has to be taking a QB, right?

    9:18: ESPN fires Andy Katz, Ed Werder, Jayson Stark, but we’re supposed to watch the 6:00 SportsCenter because Ice Cube plays dominos with Jemele Hill? Oy.

    9:20: Chiefs take Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes, whose dad pitched in the big leagues; he is the first QB taken in the first round by the Chiefs since Todd Blackledge, in 1983.

    Gruden is tight with Andy Reid (Packer assistants together in early 90’s); he compares Mahomes to Brett Favre— seriously, he did.

    As ESPN goes to commercial, Deshaun Watson doesn’t look very happy. Hey, Thurman Thomas once sat in a diner for half a day waiting to be drafted- his career turned out pretty well.

    9:28: Saints take a DB from Ohio State that Jon Gruden doesn’t like that much. I like it when there is criticism; not every player is the greatest player ever.

    Random rant: I bought a MacBook Pro last August; the keyboard sucks, with G and T keys often sticking. For $1,300, thought I’d get a decent keyboard. Otherwise, the laptop is fine.

    9:35: Houston Texans traded up to draft Deshaun Watson, who won a lot of football games in college, but did throw 30 INT’s over the last two years, most in the whole country in I-A.

    Texans have started 8 QB’s in three years under Bill O’Brien (QB guru). What makes this guy such a guru if he couldn’t make any of those eight QB’s serviceable players?

    9:43: Arizona is on the clock; Carson Palmer turns 38 in December, so of course, they take a linebacker from Temple, where Bruce Arians was once the head coach. Local Philly fans eat up the local kid makes good angle.

    Good news for Drew Stanton, Arizona’s current backup QB.

    9:52: Hometown Eagles are on the clock: Gruden says they have to draft a CB. The crowd of roughly 70,000 is VERY EXCITED.

    Eagles select Derek Barnett, a DE from Tennessee. He had more sacks in college than Reggie White— this is the pick Philly got from the Vikings for Sam Bradford. Eagle fans do not seem real happy, but unlike Myles Garrett, 29 of his 33 career sacks were in SEC games.

    10:00: Colts take S Malik Hooker, who wanted to play basketball at Pitt, but Jamie Dixon never offered him, so he went to play football at Ohio State.

    Louis Riddick says he needs to tackle better, Gruden says he has been hurt too much and hasn’t played enough football to be taken this high- he only played two years of HS football.

    10:07: I don’t care if people boo Goodell, he seems like a good man. When the Ravens take a CB from Alabama, a 14-year old Make-a-Wish kid announces the pick, and Goodell introduces the young man. Then again, having the kid there means Goodell doesn’t get booed.

    Mel Kiper’s five best available players are all SEC players, three from Alabama.

    Random fact: Joe Flacco’s cap hit this year is $24.55M, highest in the NFL.

    10:16: Redskins take Jonathan Allen, DE from Alabama, a pick applauded by the ESPN panel. Gruden is shocked he was available at #17, but apparently he has injury issues (shoulder).

    10:20: “Who knows what they’re going to do?” Gruden on the Titans, who are up next.

    Tennessee takes Adoree Jackson, a CB from USC who also played some WR for the Trojans and is a return threat. Jackson apparently also runs track; curious to see if that continues.

    This will all be a lot more fun tomorrow, when the Rams have picks. Should’ve hung a #16 Rams jersey in the room tonight as a reminder of why we don’t have a pick in the first round.

    10:27: Last year was Tampa Bay’s first winning season since 2010, but they didn’t make the playoffs. They took OJ Howard, a TE from Alabama, who should help open up their offense. He is Alabama’s 20th #1 draft pick since 2010, nine more than any other school.

    Bucs are on Hard Knocks this summer; their CB Brett Grimes is married to a woman who is a real character— she is very outspoken on social media and doesn’t hold back. If HBO gets a mike on her, Hard Knocks will be highly entertaining TV.

    10:31: First offensive lineman comes off the board at #20, Garrett Bolles to Denver; this kid was kicked out of five schools. Five. He brought his little baby up on stage with him.

    Apparently the kid’s lacrosse coach wound up getting thru to him and straightening him out. Hopefully Mr Bolles will send that man a nice gift- he is also a 25-year old rookie, by the way. Denver really needed a good offensive lineman.

    This is the latest the draft has ever gone before an offensive lineman was selected.

    10:40: Detroit Lions take Jarrad Davis, a LB from Florida, who gets high marks for having good character. Was fun to hear that. Gruden thinks he will start as a rookie.

    10:42: Dolphins take a kid from Missouri who has someone dressed as a Star Wars character sitting behind him in his house.

    Wonder if Missouri alums are happy with their move to the SEC? I’m guessing the school’s accountants are happy; the SEC is a freakin’ gold mine, but on the field/court, Mizzou has mostly sucked in the SEC.

    10:46: How in God’s name is Dalvin Cook still available? The Florida State RB is a FOOTBALL PLAYER.

    Giants take a tight end from Ole Miss, further proof that Eli Manning runs the franchise.

    10:54: Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders take a CB from Ohio State who, according to Raiders’ tradition, was accused of sexual assault recently. Wouldn’t be the Raiders if they took a solid citizen, though the young man hasn’t been charged with any crime and he strongly denies the accusation. Hopefully the kid was a victim of a potential scammer.

    11:03: Cleveland is back on the clock: they take Jabril Peppers, a safety from Michigan who had a diluted drug sample at the Combine. This is the 5th time in 11 years, the Browns have had two first round picks.

    One of the guys who runs the Cleveland Browns’ front office now was the Jonah Hill character in Moneyball, an Ivy League nitwit who played WR at Harvard in college, but made his reputation in baseball front offices.

    Appears as if the Browns upgraded their defense tonight; Gregg Williams is the Browns’ new defensive coordinator- as a Rams’ fan, I think highly of Williams after he was our DC the last few years.

    11:10: Atlanta Falcons trade with Seattle to move up to the #26 slot; Falcons have two new coordinators this year, unusual for a team that did so well last year- they take Takkarist McKinley, a LB from UCLA who was a sprinter in high school and who was raised by his grandmother after his mother deserted him at age 6.

    11:18: Buffalo takes another LSU CB: Ed Orgeron might be there to support his guys, but in reality these are guys recruited and coached mostly by Les Miles, who put so many guys into the NFL it wound up costing him his job.

    11:20: Dallas Cowboys get a worse greeting than Goodell when their turn is announced; no one is less popular in Philly than the Cowboys, who take Taco Charlton, a pass rusher that played at Michigan.

    Long time ago, I knew a guy from Philly who wore a green windbreaker; on the back was a drawing of an animated Eagle urinating on the Cowboy logo. Oy.

    11:32: Browns have traded up for a third pick in the first round; during the commercial break I put the A’s game on and saw something I never saw before— Kendall Graveman recorded an unassisted double play and he’s a pitcher— great play by him on a comebacker.

    Cleveland drafts a TE from Miami; he will be a 20-year old rookie who looks more like a WR than a tight end. He has a lot of people celebrating with him when he gets drafted.

    11:35: After a tribute to the late Dan Rooney, the Steelers pick JJ Watt’s brother, a LB from Wisconsin. Steelers play in Houston Christmas night.

    11:40: 49ers/Saints have the last two picks tonite— San Francisco takes Reuben Foster, their third defensive player taken tonite.

    New Orleans ends the first round by taking a tackle from Wisconsin, someone to protect Drew Brees as his career winds down. Ryan Ramczyk once quit football to become a welder; lucky for him he got talked out of that blunder.

    There is a kid named Forrest Lamp in the draft, an offensive lineman from Western Kentucky. When he gets drafted, I will call him a bright kid, because his freakin’ name is Lamp!!!!

    If Gruden or Mel Kiper criticize the team that selects Lamp, will they be throwing shade?

    Thanks for reading; hope you enjoyed it.
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    Friday, April 28

    Edmonton @ Anaheim

    Game 53-54
    April 28, 2017 @ 10:30 pm

    Dunkel Rating:
    Dunkel Team:
    Dunkel Line:
    Dunkel Total:
    by 1 1/2
    Vegas Team:
    Vegas Line:
    Vegas Total:
    Dunkel Pick:
    (+125); Over

    Nashville @ St. Louis

    Game 51-52
    April 28, 2017 @ 8:00 pm

    Dunkel Rating:
    St. Louis
    Dunkel Team:
    Dunkel Line:
    Dunkel Total:
    St. Louis
    by 3
    Vegas Team:
    Vegas Line:
    Vegas Total:
    St. Louis
    Dunkel Pick:
    St. Louis
    (-120); Under

    Long Sheet

    Friday, April 28


    NASHVILLE (46-29-0-12, 104 pts.) at ST LOUIS (50-31-0-7, 107 pts.) - 4/28/2017, 8:00 PM
    Top Trends for this game.
    NASHVILLE is 12-19 ATS (-11.7 Units) after scoring 4 goals or more in their previous game this season.
    ST LOUIS is 109-81 ATS (+26.3 Units) in all games over the last 2 seasons.
    ST LOUIS is 31-20 ATS (+9.5 Units) second half of the season this season.
    ST LOUIS is 57-43 ATS (-1.5 Units) when playing against a team with a winning record over the last 2 seasons.
    ST LOUIS is 13-9 ATS (+3.7 Units) when playing against a team with a winning record in the second half of the season this season.
    NASHVILLE is 26-15 ATS (+10.5 Units) when playing against a team with a winning record this season.
    NASHVILLE is 18-8 ATS (+26.3 Units) when playing against a team with a winning record in the second half of the season this season.

    Head-to-Head Series History
    NASHVILLE is 8-8 (+0.4 Units) against the spread versus ST LOUIS over the last 3 seasons
    ST LOUIS is 8-8-0 straight up against NASHVILLE over the last 3 seasons
    7 of 13 games in this series have gone UNDER THE TOTAL over the last 3 seasons . (Under=+0.7 Units)


    EDMONTON (52-27-0-10, 114 pts.) at ANAHEIM (50-24-0-13, 113 pts.) - 4/28/2017, 10:30 PM
    Top Trends for this game.
    ANAHEIM is 20-8 ATS (+9.8 Units) in a home game where where the total is 5 or less this season.
    ANAHEIM is 32-17 ATS (+11.1 Units) second half of the season this season.
    ANAHEIM is 17-5 ATS (+9.0 Units) in home games after a division game this season.
    ANAHEIM is 46-19 ATS (+23.9 Units) in home games revenging a home loss versus opponent since 1996.
    ANAHEIM is 244-183 ATS (+43.6 Units) revenging a loss versus opponent since 1996.
    ANAHEIM is 15-3 ATS (+11.4 Units) after allowing 4 goals or more this season.
    ANAHEIM is 12-2 ATS (+9.5 Units) after a loss by 2 goals or more in their previous game this season.
    ANAHEIM is 25-16 ATS (+3.4 Units) when playing against a team with a winning record this season.
    ANAHEIM is 15-8 ATS (+6.3 Units) when playing against a team with a winning record in the second half of the season this season.
    EDMONTON is 52-37 ATS (+4.9 Units) in all games this season.
    EDMONTON is 33-18 ATS (+8.9 Units) second half of the season this season.
    EDMONTON is 25-11 ATS (+9.5 Units) vs. division opponents this season.
    EDMONTON is 20-8 ATS (+8.8 Units) after a win by 2 goals or more this season.
    EDMONTON is 19-8 ATS (+8.5 Units) after scoring 4 goals or more in their previous game this season.
    EDMONTON is 15-8 ATS (+6.4 Units) when playing against a team with a winning record in the second half of the season this season.

    Head-to-Head Series History
    ANAHEIM is 10-5 (+3.5 Units) against the spread versus EDMONTON over the last 3 seasons
    ANAHEIM is 10-5-0 straight up against EDMONTON over the last 3 seasons
    6 of 12 games in this series have gone OVER THE TOTAL over the last 3 seasons . (Over=-0.9 Units, Under=-0.6 Units)


    Short Sheet

    Friday, April 28

    Western Conference Semifinals – Best of 7 – Game 2 – NAS Leads 1-0

    Nashville at St Louis, 8:00 PM ET
    Nashville: 6-13 SU off a road win
    St Louis: 18-5 SU off a home loss against a division rival

    Western Conference Semifinals – Best of 7 – Game 2 – EDM Leads 1-0

    Edmonton at Anaheim, 8:00 PM ET
    Edmonton: 3-7 SU off 2 or more consecutive road wins
    Anaheim: 12-2 SU after a loss by 2 goals or more in their previous game

    Armadillo's Write-Up

    Friday, April 28

    Nashville is 5-0 in playoffs this month, with three road wins- they allowed six goals in the five games. Predators blocked 18 shots in Game 1, Blues only four. Home side won seven of last ten Nashville-St Louis games; Predators lost four of last six games in this arena. Under is 6-3-2 in last 11 series games. Nashville won four of last five road games. Under is 3-2-3 in last eight Predator games. Blues won seven of their last nine games but is 2-3 in last five home tilts. Five of their last seven games stayed under the total. St Louis is 2-5 in last seven series in this round. Nashville has never advanced past this round, in three tries.

    Oilers scored four third period goals to break 1-1 tie and win Game 1 5-3- they were 2-5 on power play, Ducks 1-3. Anaheim lost four of last five games with Edmonton; Oilers lost three of last five games in the Pond. Under is 4-2-2 in last eight series games. Edmonton won eight of its last 10 games overall, five of last six on road. Over is 4-2-1 in their last seven road games. Ducks won eight of their last nine games overall. Oilers are in playoffs for first time since losing Cup Final in 2006; Anaheim lost three of last four times they were in this round; Ducks are in playoffs for 10th time in last 12 years overall.

    Second round NHL series
    NY Rangers (-$150) vs Ottawa (+$130)
    Ottawa 2-1

    Pittsburgh (+$110) vs Washington (-$130)
    Pittsburgh 3-2

    St Louis (+$110) vs Nashville (-$130)
    Nashville 4-3

    Anaheim (-$135) vs Edmonton (+$115)
    Edmonton 5-3

    Home: 1-3 (21-25)
    Over: 2-1-1 (15-22-9)

    NHL First round series:
    Wash 3-2 OT
    Tor 4-3 2OT
    Tor 4-3 OT
    Wash 5-4
    Wash 2-1 OT
    Wash 2-1 OT
    Capitals win series, 4-2

    Pitt 3-1
    Pitt 4-1
    Pitt 5-4 OT
    CBJ 5-4
    Pitt 5-2
    Penguins win series, 4-1

    Montreal-NY Rangers
    NYR 2-0
    Mtl 4-3 OT
    Mtl 3-1
    NYR 2-1
    NYR 3-2 OT
    NYR 3-1
    Rangers win series 4-2

    Bos 2-1
    Ott 4-3 OT
    Ott 4-3 OT
    Ott 1-0
    Bos 3-2 OT
    Ott 2-1 OT
    Senators win series, 4-2

    Nash 1-0
    Nash 5-0
    Nash 3-2 OT
    Nash 4-1
    Predators win series, 4-0

    Minnesota-St Louis
    StL 2-1 ot
    StL 2-1
    StL 3-1
    Minn 2-0
    StL 4-2 OT
    Blues win series, 4-1

    Ana, 3-2
    Ana 3-2
    Ana 5-4 OT
    Ana 3-1
    Ducks win series, 4-0

    Edmonton-San Jose
    SJ 3-2 ot
    Edmonton 2-0
    Edmonton 1-0
    SJ 7-0
    Edmonton 4-3 OT
    Edmonton 3-1
    Oilers win series, 4-2

    Home teams: 20-22
    Over: 13-21-8


    Friday, April 28

    Trend Report

    8:00 PM
    Nashville is 2-6 SU in its last 8 games when playing on the road against St. Louis
    Nashville is 5-0 SU in its last 5 games
    St. Louis is 6-2 SU in its last 8 games when playing at home against Nashville
    St. Louis is 2-5 SU in its last 7 games when playing Nashville

    10:30 PM
    Edmonton is 4-1 SU in its last 5 games when playing Anaheim
    Edmonton is 7-17 SU in its last 24 games when playing Anaheim
    Anaheim is 17-7 SU in its last 24 games when playing Edmonton
    Anaheim is 9-3 SU in its last 12 games when playing at home against Edmonton

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    Friday, April 28

    Friday's NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Betting Preview and Odds

    The Edmonton Oilers attempt to seize a 2-0 advantage in their Western Conference second-round series on Friday when the teams reconvene at Honda Center.

    Nashville Predators at St. Louis Blues (-120, 5)

    Predators lead series 1-0

    ABOUT THE PREDATORS (46-29-8-4, 42-36 O/U): The only team that has yet to lose in the Stanley Cup Playoffs looks to keep their perfect run intact when the surprising Nashville Predators visit the St. Louis Blues on Friday night in Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals. No. 8 seed Nashville improved to 5-0 in the postseason with a 4-3 victory in Game 1 that was marred by a costly injury. Trading captain Shea Weber in the offense was a shocking move, even if the blockbuster deal yielded another star defenseman in P.K. Subban, who put on a show in Game 1 by scoring once and setting up a pair of goals -- all coming via booming slap slots. Subban tied his career high and became the first Nashville defenseman to register three points in a playoff game while boosting his career postseason totals to 43 points in 60 games. "We can sugarcoat it, but that's why they pay me, you know?" Subban told reporters after the game. "It's to come up big in these games and perform."

    ABOUT THE BLUES (50-31-5-2, 36-39 O/U): Although St. Louis dispatched Minnesota in five games in the opening round, it continues to struggle with its special teams, converting on 1-of-16 chances with the man advantage in the playoffs while surrendering two power-play goals for the second straight contest. "Penalties killed us," Blues forward Ryan Reaves said after Thursday's practice session. "We've obviously got to eliminate penalties. Playoff hockey, teams are going to make you pay." Forward Jaden Schwartz, who scored six playoff goals over 38 contests in the past four seasons, collected his third in six games.

    LINE HISTORY: Game 2 of this Western Conference Semifinal series opened with the Blues pegged as -120 favorites after dropping the opener Wednesday night. The total opened at 5.


    Predators - RW C. Smith (Questionable, lower body), C C. Jarnkrok (Questionable, undisclosed), LW K. Fiala (Out For Season, leg).

    Blues - C R. Fabbri (Out For Season, knee).


    * Predators are 5-0 in their last 5 overall.
    * Blues are 4-0 in their last 4 games playing on 1 days rest.
    * Over is 5-0-3 in Predators last 8 Conference Semifinals games.
    * Over is 4-0-3 in Blues last 7 Conference Semifinals games.
    * Home team is 11-4 in the last 15 meetings.

    Edmonton Oilers at Anaheim Ducks (-140, 5)

    Oilers lead series 1-0

    ABOUT THE OILERS (52-27-5-5, 35-45 O/U): A now-healthy Leon Draisaitl continues to make opponents feel sick, and the Anaheim Ducks routinely have found themselves under the weather when he's on the ice. After ending Anaheim's point streak at 18 contests (15-0-3), Draisaitl and the Edmonton Oilers attempt to seize a 2-0 advantage in their Western Conference second-round series on Friday when the teams reconvene at Honda Center. "I think people make too big a deal of it," Draisaitl said of his dominance of the Ducks, as the 21-year-old German recorded one goal and three assists in Wednesday's series-opening 5-3 win to increase his point total to 12 (seven goals, five assists) in six encounters with Anaheim in 2016-17. Stay-at-home defenseman Adam Larsson matched his point total from his previous 23 games by scoring two goals and setting up another on Wednesday. "He's definitely not Bobby Orr but (Wednesday) he sure looked good on that last one, skating," Oilers coach and Jack Adams finalist Todd McLellan said of Larsson's game-winning goal in which he banked a shot from behind the goal line off Ducks defenseman Josh Manson and into the net. Countryman Oscar Klefbom, who has 11 points (two goals, nine assists) in his last 11 contests, extended his point streak to three games after notching an assist in back-to-back outings.

    ABOUT THE DUCKS (50-24-10-3, 30-37 O/U): Anaheim captain Ryan Getzlaf is enjoying a healthy run in his own right, scoring and setting up a goal in Game 1 to give him 34 points (eight goals, 26 assists) in his last 23 overall contests while increasing his total to nine (two goals, seven assists) in six encounters with Edmonton. After dealing with the respective injuries to All-Star Cam Fowler and Sami Vatanen, Anaheim has another on its hands in its back end as coach Randy Carlyle deemed defenseman Kevin Bieksa (club-best four assists) to be "doubtful" for Game 2 because of a lower-body injury. Bieksa initially sustained the injury while colliding with a teammate in the first period on Wednesday before officially exiting the contest in the second. Vatanen has missed two games with an upper-body injury, with Carlyle telling the Orange County Register that the playoff situation "has not allotted us enough time for him to be 100 percent."

    LINE HISTORY: The Ducks opened at -130 for Game 2 and have been bumped up to -140. The total opened at 5 and will likely remain on that number


    Oilers - D A. Ference (Out For Season, hip), RW T. Pitlick (Out For Season, knee).

    Ducks - D S. Vatanen (Questionable, shoulder), D K. Bieksa (Doubtful, lower body), D S. Despres (Out Indefinitely, concussion), D C. Stoner (Out Indefinitely, abdominal).


    * Oilers are 5-0 in their last 5 Conference Semifinals games.
    * Ducks are 11-1 in their last 12 after allowing 5 goals or more in their previous game.
    * Under is 12-3-2 in Oilers last 17 Friday games.
    * Over is 2-0-2 in Ducks last 4 home games.
    * Oilers are 9-27 in the last 36 meetings.

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