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Thread: 2018 MLB Streak Contest Challenge Rules $500 at Stake

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    Default 2018 MLB Streak Contest Challenge Rules $500 at Stake

    2018 MLB Challenge Rules $500 at Stake ODDS RAISED TO ANY!
    This contest is for the 2018 MLB Season and be posted in this section of the Forums.

    The object will be to pick 9 MLB Sides (Favs or Dogs or both) Totals or Run Lines -1.5 in a Row Correctly.

    You must choose a game at least once every week.

    TO PLAY:

    You will start Your own thread titled something to the effect of .......

    "YOUR USERNAME MLB Challenge Picks"

    This contest will run itself. You will reply daily or whenever you want to pick again to YOUR OWN thread. If you lose, start a new streak in the SAME thread.

    If you are getting close to 9 in a row, let us know IN THIS THREAD. We will than go check back in your thread and make sure it is valid.

    Game Times and when you post also matters. If the game starts at 7 PM, your post has to be on or before 7 PM.

    PLEASE keep talk in other people's thread to a minimum. We want it to be fairly clean when we have to validate a streak.

    Anyone that gets 9 in a row will win $500 Sportsbook Site Sponsor Account or $500 Cash Via Paypal.
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