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Thread: The Bum's 2016 NBA Best Bets-Trends-News-Stats !

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    Default The Bum's 2016 NBA Best Bets-Trends-News-Stats !

    Season Win Total Best Bets
    October 24, 2016

    The 2016-17 NBA season tips off on Tuesday night and basketball bettors everywhere will be glad to have the game back. While all the talk this summer has been about Kevin Durant's move to Golden State and the “Super Team” the Warriors now have, and a potential “three-match” between Cleveland and Golden State in the NBA Finals, the most cynical of NBA fans will argue that the regular season doesn't really matter much given the huge disparity between the top teams in the league and the rest.

    But there are plenty of other teams bettors can cash tickets with and these two teams could be ones that surprise many with their play and ultimately go “over” there projected season win totals and return to the playoffs.

    Season Win Total Bet #1: Chicago Bulls Over 40.5 wins (-110)

    The Bulls went through a massive roster overhaul themselves this summer but the bulk of those moves were departures from town. Gone are the likes of Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and Pau Gasol, as they've now completely handed over the keys to their immediate future to superstar Jimmy Buter.

    Experienced vets like Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo were brought in to go along with additions like Isaiah Canaan, Michael Carter-Williams and Robin Lopez, as this Bulls team will have a very different look than in year's past. That's definitely a good thing as all of these additions and their subsequent skills on the floor lend themselves to success in Fred Hoiberg's desire to play faster and be more offensive-minded.

    Hoiberg came from Iowa State where he loved to play fast and win games with his offense, and after going through a year of inheriting a Bulls team that wasn't built for that style of play, he's actually got some guys that fit his schemes this season. That in itself should translate into a few more wins for the Bulls in 16-17 and the organization did finish above this number a year ago with 42 victories.

    Clearly it's moot to compare last year's Chicago team to this season's, but a solid core of youthful talent and veteran leadership should be able to get Chicago back into the postseason this year. They are going to need to be better than .500 to do that and I wouldn't be shocked to see them even crack the 50-win plateau this year.

    Season Win Total Bet #2: New York Knicks Over 40 wins (+100)

    Two of those departed Bulls players in Noah and Rose wound up in New York this year and they are hoping they can be part of the solution for the Knicks alongside Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingas.

    The Knicks have long been a team that bettors prefer to fade in recent years, but they showed signs of turning the corner a year ago in going 32-50 SU and will be much better this year. They've got an opening night date with Cleveland which won't be easy, but assessing where they stand and where they need to go after Game 1 coming against the defending champs isn't a bad thing at all.

    They've got much more talent and depth at nearly all five positions this year and if Rose and Noah can stay healthy and play 70+ games for them this year, we could end up seeing the Knicks and Madison Square Garden hit the playoff stage again.

    With a bet like this there were always be some hesitation as bettors still will have a tough time trusting the Knicks after so many down years, but the second tier of the Eastern Confernce has become more congested and the Knicks aren't at the bottom end of that spectrum anymore. They'll have multiple winning games against the likes of Philadelphia and Brooklyn within their own division this year, and they should be able to at least get one W from even the better teams like Boston and Toronto.

    Knicks fans are desperate for some results soon in this rebuilding process the organization embarked on a few years back, and this could be the season that New York finds themselves competing for one of those final playoff spots in the East and finishing over .500 for the first time since 2012-13 when they went 54-28 SU. I don't believe the Knicks will finish with that good of a mark in 2016-17, but 45 + wins is definitely in the realm of possibilities.
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    2017 Finals Matchup Odds
    October 23, 2016

    It doesn’t happen often but the NBA Finals has had a history of back-to-back rematches with 14 taking place all-time.

    This trend popped up last year when Golden State and Cleveland met in the best-of-seven finale for the second straight season.

    We also saw the Heat and Spurs play in consecutive finals between 2012 and 2014.

    What we’ve never seen in the history of the NBA Playoffs is the same teams playing in the finals for three straight seasons.

    Despite that fact, oddsmakers at Sportsbook.ag believe the Cavaliers and Warriors will square off again in the finals.

    The NBA Finals Possible Matchups prop is one of the popular wagers at the offshore outfit and bettors will have to lay money on a Cleveland-Golden State matchup next June.

    Cavaliers vs. Warriors 4/7 (Bet $100 to win $57)

    Listed below are all of the odds for this specific prop wager at Sportsbook.ag.

    2017 NBA Finals Possible Matchups (6/11/17)

    76ers vs. Blazers 7000/1
    76ers vs. Clippers 2000/1
    76ers vs. Grizzlies 6000/1
    76ers vs. Jazz 7000/1
    76ers vs. Kings 9999/1
    76ers vs. Lakers 9999/1
    76ers vs. Mavericks 9999/1
    76ers vs. Nuggets 9999/1
    76ers vs. Pelicans 9999/1
    76ers vs. Rockets 9999/1
    76ers vs. Spurs 800/1
    76ers vs. Suns 9999/1
    76ers vs. Timberwolves 6000/1
    76ers vs. Thunder 4500/1
    76ers vs. Warriors 200/1

    Bucks vs. Blazers 2500/1
    Bucks vs. Clippers 800/1
    Bucks vs. Grizzlies 2000/1
    Bucks vs. Jazz 2500/1
    Bucks vs. Kings 9999/1
    Bucks vs. Lakers 9999/1
    Bucks vs. Mavericks 9999/1
    Bucks vs. Nuggets 9999/1
    Bucks vs. Pelicans 3500/1
    Bucks vs. Rockets 3500/1
    Bucks vs. Spurs 250/1
    Bucks vs. Suns 9999/1
    Bucks vs. Timberwolves 2000/1
    Bucks vs. Thunder 1500/1
    Bucks vs. Warriors 65/1

    Bulls vs. Blazers 1500/1
    Bulls vs. Clippers 450/1
    Bulls vs. Grizzlies 1200/1
    Bulls vs. Jazz 1500/1
    Bulls vs. Kings 7000/1
    Bulls vs. Lakers 7000/1
    Bulls vs. Mavericks 6000/1
    Bulls vs. Nuggets 7000/1
    Bulls vs. Pelicans 2000/1
    Bulls vs. Rockets 20000/1
    Bulls vs. Spurs 160/1
    Bulls vs. Suns 9999/1
    Bulls vs. Timberwolves 1400/1
    Bulls vs. Thunder 900/1
    Bulls vs. Warriors 40/1

    Cavaliers vs. Blazers 65/1
    Cavaliers vs. Clippers 20/1
    Cavaliers vs. Grizzlies 50/1
    Cavaliers vs. Jazz 65/1
    Cavaliers vs. Kings 300/1
    Cavaliers vs. Lakers 300/1
    Cavaliers vs. Mavericks 250/1
    Cavaliers vs. Nuggets 300/1
    Cavaliers vs. Pelicans 100/1
    Cavaliers vs. Rockets 100/1
    Cavaliers vs. Spurs 6/1
    Cavaliers vs. Suns 800/1
    Cavaliers vs. Timberwolves 60/1
    Cavaliers vs. Thunder 40/1
    Cavaliers vs. Warriors 4/7

    Celtics vs. Blazers 500/1
    Celtics vs. Clippers 170/1
    Celtics vs. Grizzlies 450/1
    Celtics vs. Jazz 500/1
    Celtics vs. Kings 2500/1
    Celtics vs. Lakers 2500/1
    Celtics vs. Mavericks 2000/1
    Celtics vs. Nuggets 2500/1
    Celtics vs. Pelicans 800/1
    Celtics vs. Rockets 800/1
    Celtics vs. Spurs 55/1
    Celtics vs. Suns 7000/1
    Celtics vs. Timberwolves 500/1
    Celtics vs. Thunder 300/1
    Celtics vs. Warriors 13/1

    Hawks vs. Blazers 1500/1
    Hawks vs. Clippers 450/1
    Hawks vs. Grizzlies 1200/1
    Hawks vs. Jazz 1500/1
    Hawks vs. Kings 7000/1
    Hawks vs. Lakers 7000/1
    Hawks vs. Mavericks 6000/1
    Hawks vs. Nuggets 7000/1
    Hawks vs. Pelicans 2000/1
    Hawks vs. Rockets 20000/1
    Hawks vs. Spurs 160/1
    Hawks vs. Suns 9999/1
    Hawks vs. Timberwolves 1400/1
    Hawks vs. Thunder 900/1
    Hawks vs. Warriors 40/1

    Heat vs. Blazers 1500/1
    Heat vs. Clippers 450/1
    Heat vs. Grizzlies 1200/1
    Heat vs. Jazz 1500/1
    Heat vs. Kings 7000/1
    Heat vs. Lakers 7000/1
    Heat vs. Mavericks 6000/1
    Heat vs. Nuggets 7000/1
    Heat vs. Pelicans 2000/1
    Heat vs. Rockets 20000/1
    Heat vs. Spurs 160/1
    Heat vs. Suns 9999/1
    Heat vs. Timberwolves 1400/1
    Heat vs. Thunder 900/1
    Heat vs. Warriors 40/1

    Hornets vs. Blazers 5000/1
    Hornets vs. Clippers 1600/1
    Hornets vs. Grizzlies 4000/1
    Hornets vs. Jazz 4500/1
    Hornets vs. Kings 9999/1
    Hornets vs. Lakers 9999/1
    Hornets vs. Mavericks 9999/1
    Hornets vs. Nuggets 9999/1
    Hornets vs. Pelicans 7000/1
    Hornets vs. Rockets 7000/1
    Hornets vs. Spurs 500/1
    Hornets vs. Suns 9999/1
    Hornets vs. Timberwolves 4500/1
    Hornets vs. Thunder 3000/1
    Hornets vs. Warriors 130/1

    Knicks vs. Blazers 2000/1
    Knicks vs. Clippers 600/1
    Knicks vs. Grizzlies 1600/1
    Knicks vs. Jazz 2000/1
    Knicks vs. Kings 9999/1
    Knicks vs. Lakers 9999/1
    Knicks vs. Mavericks 8000/1
    Knicks vs. Nuggets 9999/1
    Knicks vs. Pelicans 3000/1
    Knicks vs. Rockets 3000/1
    Knicks vs. Spurs 200/1
    Knicks vs. Suns 9999/1
    Knicks vs. Timberwolves 1800/1
    Knicks vs. Thunder 1200/1
    Knicks vs. Warriors 50/1

    Magic vs. Blazers 3000/1
    Magic vs. Clippers 900/1
    Magic vs. Grizzlies 2500/1
    Magic vs. Jazz 3000/1
    Magic vs. Kings 9999/1
    Magic vs. Lakers 9999/1
    Magic vs. Mavericks 9999/1
    Magic vs. Nuggets 9999/1
    Magic vs. Pelicans 4500/1
    Magic vs. Rockets 4500/1
    Magic vs. Spurs 300/1
    Magic vs. Suns 9999/1
    Magic vs. Timberwolves 2500/1
    Magic vs. Thunder 1800/1
    Magic vs. Warriors 80/1

    Nets vs. Blazers 9999/1
    Nets vs. Clippers 8000/1
    Nets vs. Grizzlies 9999/1
    Nets vs. Jazz 9999/1
    Nets vs. Kings 9999/1
    Nets vs. Lakers 9999/1
    Nets vs. Mavericks 9999/1
    Nets vs. Nuggets 9999/1
    Nets vs. Pelicans 9999/1
    Nets vs. Rockets 9999/1
    Nets vs. Spurs 2500/1
    Nets vs. Suns 9999/1
    Nets vs. Timberwolves 9999/1
    Nets vs. Thunder 9999/1
    Nets vs. Warriors 600/1

    Pacers vs. Blazers 1800/1
    Pacers vs. Clippers 500/1
    Pacers vs. Grizzlies 1400/1
    Pacers vs. Jazz 1800/1
    Pacers vs. Kings 9000/1
    Pacers vs. Lakers 9000/1
    Pacers vs. Mavericks 7000/1
    Pacers vs. Nuggets 9000/1
    Pacers vs. Pelicans 2500/1
    Pacers vs. Rockets 2500/1
    Pacers vs. Spurs 190/1
    Pacers vs. Suns 9999/1
    Pacers vs. Timberwolves 1600/1
    Pacers vs. Thunder 1100/1
    Pacers vs. Warriors 45/1

    Pistons vs. Blazers 2000/1
    Pistons vs. Clippers 600/1
    Pistons vs. Grizzlies 1600/1
    Pistons vs. Jazz 1500/1
    Pistons vs. Kings 9999/1
    Pistons vs. Lakers 9999/1
    Pistons vs. Mavericks 8000/1
    Pistons vs. Nuggets 9999/1
    Pistons vs. Pelicans 3000/1
    Pistons vs. Rockets 3000/1
    Pistons vs. Spurs 200/1
    Pistons vs. Suns 9999/1
    Pistons vs. Timberwolves 1800/1
    Pistons vs. Thunder 1200/1
    Pistons vs. Warriors 50/1

    Raptors vs. Blazers 900/1
    Raptors vs. Clippers 300/1
    Raptors vs. Grizzlies 700/1
    Raptors vs. Jazz 800/1
    Raptors vs. Kings 4500/1
    Raptors vs. Lakers 4500/1
    Raptors vs. Mavericks 3500/1
    Raptors vs. Nuggets 4500/1
    Raptors vs. Pelicans 1400/1
    Raptors vs. Rockets 1400/1
    Raptors vs. Spurs 100/1
    Raptors vs. Suns 9999/1
    Raptors vs. Timberwolves 800/1
    Raptors vs. Thunder 500/1
    Raptors vs. Warriors 24/1

    Wizards vs. Blazers 2500/1
    Wizards vs. Clippers 800/1
    Wizards vs. Grizzlies 2000/1
    Wizards vs. Jazz 2500/1
    Wizards vs. Kings 9999/1
    Wizards vs. Lakers 9999/1
    Wizards vs. Mavericks 9999/1
    Wizards vs. Nuggets 9999/1
    Wizards vs. Pelicans 3500/1
    Wizards vs. Rockets 3500/1
    Wizards vs. Spurs 250/1
    Wizards vs. Suns 9999/1
    Wizards vs. Timberwolves 2000/1
    Wizards vs. Thunder 1500/1
    Wizards vs. Warriors 65/1
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    2016-17 MVP Betting Odds
    October 23, 2016

    2017 Finals Matchup Odds

    Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry won the NBA Most Valuable Player award for the second straight season last summer. It also marked the first time that a player won with a unanimous vote as he swept all 131 first-place votes.

    Curry was listed as a 9/2 co-favorite (Bet $100 to win $450) at Sportsbook.ag to pull off the three-peat and history isn’t on his side.

    Only three players have pulled off the feat and the last instance occurred in the eighties.

    Bill Russell – 1961, 1962, 1963
    Wilt Chamberlain – 1966, 1967, 1968
    Larry Bird – 1984, 1985, 1986

    Oklahoma City point guard Russell Westbrook was the other co-favorite but he's now shifted into the top betting choice at 4/1 odds. The All-Star has finished fourth in the MVP voting the last two seasons and with Kevin Durant leaving the Thunder in the offseason, many expect Westbrook’s numbers to only grow.

    Speaking of Durant, he’s listed as a 10/1 betting choice to win the MVP in his first season with the Golden State Warriors.

    Other notable players that are receiving attention at the offshore outfit include LeBron James (5/1), Kawhi Leonard (7/1) and James Harden (15/2).

    Listed below are odds to win the Most Valuable Player per Sportsbook.ag.

    Odds to win 2016-2017 NBA Regular Season MVP (4/20/17) per Sportsbook.ag

    Russell Westbrook 4/1
    Stephen Curry 9/2
    LeBron James 5/1
    Kawhi Leonard 7/1
    James Harden 15/2
    Kevin Durant 10/1
    Paul George 20/1
    Anthony Davis 25/1
    Damian Lillard 25/1
    Karl Anthony Towns 25/1
    Kyrie Irving 30/1
    Blake Griffin 50/1
    Carmelo Anthony 50/1
    Chris Paul 50/1
    Draymond Green 50/1
    Giannis Antetokounmpo 50/1
    DeMarcus Cousins 75/1
    Isaiah Thomas 75/1
    LaMarcus Aldridge 75/1
    Al Horford 100/1
    Andre Drummond 100/1
    DeMar DeRozan 100/1
    Hassan Whiteside 100/1
    Jeff Teague 100/1
    John Wall 100/1
    Klay Thompson 100/1
    Kristaps Porzingis 100/1
    Marc Gasol 100/1
    Mike Conley 100/1
    Gordon Hayward 125/1
    Paul Millsap 125/1
    Andrew Wiggins 150/1
    Bradley Beal 150/1
    Dwyane Wade 150/1
    Jimmy Butler 150/1
    Kemba Walker 150/1
    Kyle Lowry 150/1
    Kevin Love 200/1
    Derrick Rose 250/1
    Dwight Howard 250/1
    Tony Parker 250/1
    Brandon Ingram 300/1
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    Defending champ Cavs host Knicks on opening night as 2016-17 schedule unveiled

    Finals rematch highlights impressive five-game Christmas Day lineup; Durant makes his return to Oklahoma City on Feb. 11

    NEW YORK — The NBA today released its complete game schedule and broadcast schedules for TNT, ESPN, ABC, NBA TV and ESPN Radio for the 2016-17 regular season, which features an opening night with the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers hosting the New York Knicks. The league's 71st season tips off Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016, and concludes Wednesday, April 12, 2017. For the first time ever, each team is scheduled to appear on at least one of the league's national television partners (TNT, ESPN or ABC).

    For the second season in a row, teams will play fewer stretches of four games in five nights and back-to-back games than ever before. Four-in-fives have been cut to 0.7 per team (20 total), a 71 percent reduction from 2.3 per team (70 total) in 2014-15 and a 26 percent reduction from 0.9 per team (27 total) last season. Back-to-backs have been cut to 16.3 per team, a 16 percent reduction from 19.3 per team in 2014-15 and an 8 percent reduction from 17.8 per team last season.

    Kia NBA Tip-Off 2016

    Kia NBA Tip-Off 2016 includes 14 teams playing eight national television games in the first four days of the season. The 2016-17 season begins Oct. 25 with a TNT doubleheader, marking the 21st straight year the network has started with two games on opening night.

    TNT's first game Tuesday features four-time Kia NBA MVP LeBron James and the Cavaliers receiving their championship rings in a nationally televised ceremony before taking on the Knicks, who acquired former Kia NBA MVP Derrick Rose in the offseason and hired Jeff Hornacek as head coach (8 p.m. ET). In the second game, two-time reigning Kia NBA MVP Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors, who finished a league-record 73-9 last season, face two-time reigning Kia NBA Defensive Player of the Year Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs (franchise-record 67-15 last season) in Oakland, Calif., as four-time scoring champion Kevin Durant makes his Warriors debut (10:30 p.m. ET).

    ESPN launches its 15th consecutive year of NBA coverage with two doubleheaders during opening week. On Wednesday, Oct. 26, the top pick of NBA Draft 2016 presented by State Farm, Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers, makes his debut as the Sixers meet 2015-16 All-NBA First Team selection Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder in Philadelphia

    (8 p.m. ET). In the second game, the No. 2 pick of NBA Draft 2016, Brandon Ingram, and new head coach Luke Walton lead the Los Angeles Lakers against four-time All-Star James Harden, new head coach Mike D'Antoni and the Houston Rockets in L.A. (10:30 p.m. ET).

    Kia NBA Tip-Off 2016 continues Thursday, Oct. 27 with a TNT doubleheader. Newly acquired 12-time All-Star Dwyane Wade and the Chicago Bulls host recently signed four-time All-Star Al Horford and the Boston Celtics (8 p.m. ET), and nine-time All-Star Chris Paul and the LA Clippers visit two-time All-Star Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers (10:30 p.m. ET).

    ESPN's second opening-week doubleheader takes place Friday, Oct. 28 and begins with Cleveland visiting two-time All-Stars DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry and the Toronto Raptors in a rematch of the 2016 Eastern Conference Finals (7 p.m. ET). The second game features three-time All-Star Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans hosting the Warriors (9:30 p.m. ET).

    NBA TV starts its 18th year of NBA coverage with four games during opening week. The network's live game coverage tips off with a doubleheader Saturday, Oct. 29, when the Pelicans visit the Spurs (8 p.m. ET) before two-time All-Star DeMarcus Cousins goes head-to-head against 2015-16 Kia NBA Rookie of the Year Karl-Anthony Towns as the Sacramento Kings welcome the Minnesota Timberwolves to the new Golden 1 Center (10:30 p.m. ET). On Sunday, Oct. 30, three-time All-Star John Wall and the Washington Wizards visit the Memphis Grizzlies, who have made the playoffs six consecutive seasons (7 p.m. ET). NBA TV's opening week of games concludes with the Raptors hosting the Denver Nuggets, whose young nucleus includes 2015-16 NBA All-Rookie Team selections Nikola Jokic and Emmanuel Mudiay (7:30 p.m. ET).
    Christmas Day

    The NBA's five-game showcase on Christmas Day (Sunday, Dec. 25) is headlined by a Finals 2016 rematch between the Cavaliers and Warriors in Cleveland at 2:30 p.m. ET on ABC. That game is followed on ABC by the Spurs facing the Bulls in San Antonio at 5 p.m. ET.

    Christmas Day action begins at 12 p.m. ET on ESPN with Boston visiting New York. In the network's other two Dec. 25 games, the Thunder and Timberwolves match up in Oklahoma City (8 p.m. ET), and the Clippers and Lakers meet at Staples Center (10:30 p.m. ET).

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    Four nationally televised games are part of Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, Jan. 16. TNT's doubleheader opens with Cleveland facing Golden State in the Cavaliers' first game at Oracle Arena since completing a historic comeback in Game 7 of The Finals 2016 (8 p.m. ET). The late game pits the Thunder against the Clippers in Los Angeles (10:30 p.m. ET).

    NBA TV also has a doubleheader. The opener features newly signed eight-time All-Star Dwight Howard leading the Atlanta Hawks against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden (1 p.m. ET), and the late game showcases the Pelicans visiting three-time All-Star Paul George and the Indiana Pacers (4 p.m. ET).
    TNT Debuts Regular Monday Telecasts

    In a new feature as part of Turner Sports' 33rd year of NBA coverage, TNT presents 10 Monday doubleheaders. The series begins on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
    NBA Saturday Primetime on ABC Returns
    The 2016-17 schedule also includes the return of NBA Saturday Primetime on ABC, the second season for the series. Nine of the network's 18 regular-season broadcasts are set for Saturday at 8:30 p.m. ET. The first installment comes Jan. 21, when San Antonio visits Cleveland.

    More Highly Anticipated Matchups

    • NBA TV Fan Night (Tuesday, Nov. 1): Fan Night's season debut is a doubleheader -- Rockets at Cavaliers (7 p.m. ET) and Warriors at Trail Blazers (10 p.m. ET).

    • Knicks at Bulls (Friday, Nov. 4, 8 p.m. ET, ESPN): Rose, the 2010-11 Kia NBA MVP with the Bulls, returns to Chicago as a member of the Knicks.

    • Bulls at Miami Heat (Thursday, Nov. 10, 8 p.m. ET, TNT): Wade, Miami's all-time leader in scoring, assists and steals, faces his former team for the first time.

    • Lakers at 76ers (Friday, Dec. 16, 8 p.m. ET, ESPN): Simmons and the 76ers host Ingram and the Lakers in a matchup between the top two picks in NBA Draft 2016 presented by State Farm.

    • NBA Global Games (Jan. 12 and 14): Thursday, Jan. 12 includes NBA Global Games London 2017, a matchup between the Pacers and Nuggets (3 p.m. ET, NBA TV), and NBA Global Games Mexico City 2017, a contest between 2015-16 NBA All-Rookie First Team selection Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns and 13-time All-Star Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks. The Suns also play the Spurs in Mexico City on Saturday, Jan. 14, marking the first consecutive regular-season games in Mexico.

    • Warriors at Thunder (Saturday, Feb. 11, 8:30 p.m. ET, ABC): Durant, the 2013-14 Kia NBA MVP with the Thunder, makes his first regular-season visit to Oklahoma City.

    • Timberwolves at Trail Blazers (Thursday, April 6, 10:30 p.m. ET, TNT): Three of the last four Kia NBA Rookie of the Year winners -- Portland's Lillard (2012-13) and Minnesota's Andrew Wiggins (2014-15) and Towns (2015-16) -- headline the matchup.
    Additional 2016-17 Schedule Highlights

    TNT will televise 20 Thursday doubleheaders. The network will also air NBA All-Star 2017 festivities from Feb. 17-19, culminating with the NBA's 66th All-Star Game on
    Sunday, Feb. 19.

    ESPN's schedule includes 41 games on Wednesdays and 29 on Fridays. The network's telecasts will be available via WatchESPN. ESPN Deportes (ESPN's Spanish-language U.S. sports network) will also televise a full slate of regular-season games.
    The NBA on TNT, ESPN, ABC and NBA TV will present flexible scheduling throughout the regular season in order to provide the most compelling matchups to a national audience.

    ESPN Radio will air 28 games live throughout the season, including Cavaliers-Knicks on opening night as well as Cavaliers-Warriors and Spurs-Bulls on Christmas Day. It will also air events from NBA All-Star 2017 and broadcast The Finals 2017.
    For the 15th straight season, ABC will exclusively broadcast The Finals, which tips off in June 2017. TNT is the exclusive home of the 2017 Eastern Conference Finals, and ESPN will exclusively televise the 2017 Western Conference Finals.

    Once again, NBA LEAGUE PASS will offer up to 40 live, out-of-market games each week through television, broadband and mobile for fans who want to watch their favorite teams, players and matchups from outside their local markets (blackout restrictions apply). Games included in NBA LEAGUE PASS will be in addition to those available on TNT, ESPN, ABC and NBA TV as well as local networks (such as a regional sports network and/or over-the-air station). For more information about NBA LEAGUE PASS options, visit www.nba.com/leaguepass/.

    NBA.com and the NBA App will provide day-by-day and team-by-team schedules as well as regular-season telecast schedules of the league's domestic broadcast partners -- TNT, ESPN, ABC, NBA TV and ESPN Radio. Last season, NBA programming and games were seen in 215 countries and territories in 49 languages.
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    Offseason Player Movement: Atlantic Division

    Below is a list of players on every team's roster at the end of the 2015-16 season, grouped by free agent and contract status along with players added or lost this offseason through free agency, trades, waivers or the Draft.

    * * *


    Boston Celtics
    Players Under Contract: G Avery Bradley, F Jae Crowder, G R.J. Hunter, F Jonas Jerebko, F Amir Johnson, F Jordan Mickey, F/CKelly Olynyk, G Terry Rozier, G Marcus Smart, G Isaiah Thomas, G/FJames Young

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016:


    2016 Draft: SF Jaylen Brown, PF Guerschon Yabusele, C Ante Zizic, PG Demetrius Jackson, PF Ben Bentil, SF Abdel Nader

    Free Agents: G Gerald Green, F/C Al Horford, F/C Tyler Zeller (re-signed)


    Free Agents
    : F/C Jared Sullinger, G/F Evan Turner


    F/C John Holland


    Brooklyn Nets

    Players Under Contract: Bojan Bogdanovic, G/F Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, G Sean Kilpatrick, C Brook Lopez, F Chris McCullough, F/C Henry Sims

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: G Markel Brown (restricted), G/F Sergey Karasev (unrestricted), G Shane Larkin (unrestricted), G Donald Sloan (unrestricted)


    2016 Draft: G Isaiah Whitehead

    Free Agents:
    F Anthony Bennett, F Trevor Booker, G Randy Foye, CJustin Hamilton, G Jeremy Lin, F Luis Scola, G Greivis Vasquez

    Trades: SG Caris LeVert


    Free Agents: G Wayne Ellington, F/C Willie Reed (restricted), FThomas Robinson

    F Thaddeus Young

    Waived: G Jarrett Jack


    New York Knicks

    Players Under Contract: F Carmelo Anthony, F/C Kyle O'Quinn, F/CKristaps Porzingis

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: F Cleanthony Early (restricted)


    2016 Draft:

    Free Agents:
    F Lou Amundson (re-signed), C Guillermo Hernangomez, G Brandon Jennings, F Mindaugas Kuzminskas, GCourtney Lee, F Maurice Ndour, C Joakim Noah, F Lance Thomas(re-signed), G Sasha Vujacic (re-signed)

    Trades: G Justin Holiday, G Derrick Rose

    Free Agents: G Arron Afflalo, G Langston Galloway, F/C Kevin Seraphin, F Derrick Williams

    Trades: G Jose Calderon, G Jerian Grant, C Robin Lopez

    Waived: G Tony Wroten


    Philadelphia 76ers

    Players Under Contract: F Robert Covington, C Joel Embiid, F Jerami Grant, F Richaun Holmes, G T.J. McConnell, F/C Nerlens Noel, CJahlil Okafor, G Nik Stauskas, F Christian Wood

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: G/F Hollis Thompson (restricted)


    2016 Draft: SF Ben Simmons, SG Timothe Luwawu, SG Furkan Korkmaz, F Dario Saric (2014 Draft)

    Free Agents: G Jerryd Bayless, F Elton Brand (re-signed), G Gerald Henderson, G Sergio Rodriguez, G Brandon Paul, F Elton Brand


    Free Agents: G Ish Smith, G Isaiah Canaan

    Trades: G Kendall Marshall

    Waived: C Sasha Kaun, F Carl Landry


    Toronto Raptors

    Players Under Contract: F Bruno Caboclo, F DeMarre Carroll, G Cory Joseph, G Kyle Lowry, C Lucas Nogueira, F Patrick Patterson, GNorman Powell, G/F Terrence Ross, C Jonas Valanciunas, G Delon Wright

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: F/C Jason Thompson (unrestricted)


    2016 Draft: C Jakob Poeltl, PF Pascal Siakam

    Free Agents: G DeMar DeRozan (re-signed), F/C Jared Sullinger, GFred VanVleet


    Free Agents: F/C Bismack Biyombo, F James Johnson, F Luis Scola


    Remember the 3 G's Gambling, Golf, Girls not in any particular order.....

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    Offseason Player Movement: Central Division

    Below is a list of players on every team's roster at the end of the 2015-16 season, grouped by free agent and contract status along with players added or lost this offseason through free agency, trades, waivers or the Draft.

    * * *


    Chicago Bulls
    Players Under Contract: G-F Jimmy Butler, F-C Cristiano Felicio, FTaj Gibson, F Doug McDermott, F Nikola Mirotic, F Bobby Portis, FTony Snell

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016:

    2016 Draft: SG Denzel Valentine, SF Paul Zipser

    Free Agents: G Isaiah Canaan, G Rajon Rondo, G Dwyane Wade

    Trades: G Spencer Dinwiddie, G Jerian Grant, C Robin Lopez

    Free Agents: G Aaron Brooks, F-C Pau Gasol, G E'Twaun Moore, CJoakim Noah

    Trades: F-C Cameron Bairstow, G Jose Calderon, G-F Mike Dunleavy, G Justin Holiday, G Derrick Rose


    Cleveland Cavaliers

    Players Under Contract: F Channing Frye, G Kyrie Irving, F Kevin Love, G Iman Shumpert, C-F Tristan Thompson

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: G J.R. Smith, (unrestricted-player option)

    2016 Draft: PG Kay Felder

    Free Agents: C Chris Andersen, F LeBron James (re-signed), FRichard Jefferson (re-signed), G-F James Jones (re-signed), GJordan McRae (opt-in), G Mo Williams (opt-in)

    Trades: G-F Mike Dunleavy, C Albert Miralles

    Free Agents: C Timofey Mozgov

    Trades: G Matthew Dellavedova, C Sasha Kaun

    Waived: G-F Dahntay Jones


    Detroit Pistons

    Players Under Contract: C Joel Anthony, C-F Aron Baynes, G Lorenzo Brown, F Reggie Bullock, G Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, F Tobias Harris, F Darrun Hilliard, G Reggie Jackson, F Stanley Johnson, FMarcus Morris

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: G Steve Blake (unrestricted)

    2016 Draft: PF Henry Ellenson, SG Michael Gbinije

    Free Agents: C Andre Drummond (re-signed) F Jon Leuer, C Boban Marjanovic, G Ray McCallum Jr., G Ish Smith

    Trades: F-C Cameron Bairstow

    Free Agents: F Anthony Tolliver

    Trades: G Spencer Dinwiddie, G Jodie Meeks


    Indiana Pacers

    Players Under Contract: F-C Lavoy Allen, F Rakeem Christmas, GMonta Ellis, F Paul George, F-G CJ Miles, G-F Glenn Robinson, GRodney Stuckey, F-C Myles Turner, F-C Shayne Whittington, G Joe Young

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016:

    2016 Draft: SF Georges Niang

    Free Agents: G Aaron Brooks, C Al Jefferson, F/C Kevin Seraphin, GNick Zeisloft

    Trades: F Jeremy Evans, G Jeff Teague, F Thaddeus Young

    Free Agents: C Jordan Hill, F Solomon Hill, C Ian Mahinmi

    Trades: C Stanko Barać, G George Hill, G Ty Lawson, SG Caris LeVert, G-F Emir Preldžić


    Milwaukee Bucks

    Players Under Contract: F Giannis Antetokoumpo, G Michael Carter-Williams, F John Henson, G-F Khris Middleton, C-F Greg Monroe, FJabari Parker, G Greivis Vasquez, G Rashad Vaughn

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016:

    2016 Draft: PF Thon Maker, SG Malcolm Brogdon

    Free Agents: F Steve Novak (re-signed), C Miles Plumlee (re-signed), F Mirza Teletovic, G Jason Terry

    Trades: F Michael Beasley, G Matthew Dellavedova

    Free Agents: G Jerryd Bayless, G Greivis Vasquez

    Trades: G Tyler Ennis, C Albert Miralles

    Waived: F Damien Inglis, F-C Johnny O'Bryant

    Dismissed from NBA for 2016-17 & 2017-18: G O.J. Mayo

    Remember the 3 G's Gambling, Golf, Girls not in any particular order.....

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    Offseason Player Movement: Southeast Division

    Below is a list of players on every team's roster at the end of the 2015-16 season, grouped by free agent and contract status along with players added or lost this offseason through free agency, trades, waivers or the Draft.

    * * *


    Atlanta Hawks
    Players Under Contract: G Tim Hardaway Jr., G Kyle Korver, F Paul Millsap, G Dennis Schroder, F Mike Scott, F Thabo Sefolosha, F/CTiago Splitter, C Walter Tavares

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: G Kirk Hinrich (unrestricted)

    2016 Draft: SG DeAndre' Bembry, SG Isaia Cordinier

    Free Agents: G/F Kent Bazemore (re-signed), G Malcolm Delaney, CDwight Howard, F Kris Humphries (re-signed), G Jarrett Jack, FMike Muscala (opt-in)

    Trades: SF Taurean Prince

    Free Agents: F/C Al Horford

    Trades: G Jeff Teague

    Waived: G/F Lamar Patterson


    Charlotte Hornets
    Players Under Contract: G Aaron Harrison, F/C Spencer Hawes, CFrank Kaminsky, F Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, G Jeremy Lamb, GKemba Walker, F/C Cody Zeller

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: G Jorge Gutierrez (restricted), F/C Tyler Hansbrough (unrestricted)

    2016 Draft:

    Free Agents: F Nicolas Batum (re-signed), C Roy Hibbert, G Brian Roberts, G Ramon Sessions, C Mike Tobey, F Marvin Williams (re-signed)

    Trades: G Marco Belinelli

    Free Agents: F/C Al Jefferson, G Courtney Lee, G Jeremy Lin

    Trades: G Troy Daniels, SG Malachi Richardson


    Miami Heat
    Players Under Contract: F Chris Bosh, G Goran Dragic, F Josh McRoberts, G Josh Richardson, G Briante Weber, F Justise Winslow

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016:

    2016 Draft:

    Free Agents: G Wayne Ellington, F/C Udonis Haslem (re-signed), FJames Johnson, G Tyler Johnson (re-signed), G Rodney McGruder, CWillie Reed, G Beno Udrih, G Dion Waiters, C Hassan Whiteside (re-signed), F Derrick Williams

    Trades: F Luke Babbit

    Free Agents: F Luol Deng, G Gerald Green, G/F Joe Johnson, G Dwyane Wade, G/F Dorell Wright


    Retired: F/C Amar'e Stoudemire


    Orlando Magic
    Players Under Contract: F Aaron Gordon, G/F Mario Hezonja, GElfrid Payton, C Nikola Vucevic, G C.J. Watson

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016:

    2016 Draft: C Stephen Zimmerman

    Free Agents: G D.J. Augustin, F/C Bismack Biyombo, G Evan Fournier (re-signed), F Jeff Green

    Trades: PF Serge Ibaka, G Jodie Meeks, G C.J. Wilcox

    Free Agents: C Dewayne Dedmon, G Brandon Jennings, F Andrew Nicholson, F/C Jason Smith

    Trades: F Ersan Ilyasova, F Devyn Marble, G Shabazz Napier, GVictor Oladipo


    Washington Wizards
    Players Under Contract: G/F Jarell Eddie, F Drew Gooden, C Marcin Gortat, F Markieff Morris, F Kelly Oubre, F Otto Porter, G John Wall

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: F/C J.J. Hickson (unrestricted)

    2016 Draft:

    Free Agents: G Bradley Beal (re-signed), C Ian Mahinmi, F Andrew Nicholson, F/C Jason Smith, G/F Marcus Thornton (re-signed)

    Trades: G Trey Burke

    Free Agents: G Alan Anderson, F Jared Dudley, F/C Nene, G Ramon Sessions, G Garrett Temple

    Remember the 3 G's Gambling, Golf, Girls not in any particular order.....

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    Offseason Player Movement: Southwest Division

    Below is a list of players on every team's roster at the end of the 2015-16 season, grouped by free agent and contract status along with players added or lost this offseason through free agency, trades, waivers or the Draft.


    Dallas Mavericks
    Players Under Contract: G Justin Anderson, G J.J Barea, G Devin Harris, G/F Wesley Matthews

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: F Charlie Villanueva (unrestricted)

    2016 Draft: C A.J. Hammons

    Free Agents: F Quincy Acy, F Harrison Barnes, G Seth Curry, GJonathan Gibson, F Dirk Nowitzki (re-signed), C Dwight Powell (re-signed), G Deron Williams (re-signed)

    Trades: C Andrew Bogut, C Stanko Barać

    Free Agents: G Raymond Felton, F David Lee, C Zaza Pachulia, FChandler Parsons

    Trades: C Stanko Barać, F Jeremy Evans

    Waived: C JaVale McGee


    Houston Rockets
    Players Under Contract: F Trevor Ariza, G Patrick Beverley, G/FCorey Brewer, F/C Clint Capela, F Sam Dekker, G Andrew Goudelock, G James Harden, F Montrezl Harrell, G/F K.J. McDaniels

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: F/C Donatas Motiejunas(restricted), F Josh Smith (unrestricted)

    2016 Draft: C Chinanu Onuaku, C Zhou Qi

    Free Agents: F Ryan Anderson, G Eric Gordon, F/C Nene, G Pablo Prigioni

    Trades: G Tyler Ennis

    Free Agents: C Dwight Howard, F Terrence Jones, G Jason Terry
    Trades: F Michael Beasley


    Memphis Grizzlies
    Players Under Contract: G Jordan Adams, G/F Tony Allen, G Vince Carter, C Marc Gasol, F JaMychal Green, F Jarell Martin, F Zach Randolph, F Brandan Wright

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: G/F P.J. Hairston (unrestricted), G Xavier Munford (team option)

    2016 Draft: PG Wade Baldwin, C Wang Zhelin, PF Deyonta Davis, SF Rade Zagorac

    Free Agents: G Mike Conley (re-signed), F James Ennis, F Chandler Parsons, G/F Wayne Selden, Jr., G/F D.J. Stephens

    Trades: G Troy Daniels

    Waiver Claim: G Tony Wroten

    Free Agents: C Chris Andersen, F Matt Barnes, G Jordan Farmar, G/FLance Stephenson



    New Orleans Pelicans
    Players Under Contract: C Alexis Ajinca, C Omer Asik, F Dante Cunningham, F Anthony Davis, G Tyreke Evans, G Jrue Holiday, G/FQuincy Pondexter

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: G Norris Cole (unrestricted), G/F Jordan Hamilton (unrestricted), C Kendrick Perkins (unrestricted)

    2016 Draft: PF Cheick Diallo, SG Buddy Hield

    Free Agents: G Tim Frazier (re-signed), F Alonzo Gee (re-signed), GLangston Galloway, F Solomon Hill, F Terrence Jones, G E'Twaun Moore, C Robert Sacre, G/F Lance Stephenson

    Trades: C/F Jarnell Stokes

    Free Agents: F Ryan Anderson, G Eric Gordon, F James Ennis

    Trades: F Luke Babbitt

    Waived: G Toney Douglas


    San Antonio Spurs
    Players Under Contract: F LaMarcus Aldridge, F Kyle Anderson, GDanny Green, F Kawhi Leonard, G Patty Mills, G Tony Parker, G/FJonathon Simmons

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: F Matt Bonner (unrestricted), G Kevin Martin (unrestricted), G Andre Miller (unrestricted)

    2016 Draft: PG Dejounte Murray

    Free Agents: C Dewayne Dedmon, G Manu Ginobili (re-signed), C Pau Gasol, G Livio Jean-Charles, F David Lee

    Trades: G Olivier Hanlan (rights)

    Free Agents: C Boban Marjanovic, F David West

    Trades: F/C Boris Diaw

    Retired: F/C Tim Duncan

    Remember the 3 G's Gambling, Golf, Girls not in any particular order.....

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    ayer Movement: Northwest Division

    Below is a list of players on every team's roster at the end of the 2015-16 season, grouped by free agent and contract status along with players added or lost this offseason through free agency, trades, waivers or the Draft.

    * * *


    Denver Nuggets
    Players Under Contract: G/F Will Barton, F Wilson Chandler, FKenneth Faried, F Danilo Gallinari, G Gary Harris, C Nikola Jokic, GEmmanuel Mudiay, G Jameer Nelson, C Jusuf Nurkic, G/F JaKarr Sampson, G/F Axel Toupane

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016:

    2016 Draft: PG Jamal Murray, PF Juan Hernangomez, SG Malik Beasley, PF Petr Cornelie

    Free Agents: F Darrell Arthur (re-signed), F/G Mike Miller (re-signed)


    Free Agents: G D.J. Augustin

    Trades: F/C Joffrey Lauvergne


    Minnesota Timberwolves
    Players Under Contract: F Nemanja Bjelica, F/C Gorgui Dieng, G Tyus Jones, G Zach LaVine, F Shabazz Muhammad, F Adreian Payne, C Nikola Pekovic, G Ricky Rubio, F/C Karl-Anthony Towns, G/F Andrew Wiggins

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: F Tayshaun Prince (unrestricted)

    2016 Draft: PG Kris Dunn

    Free Agents: C Cole Aldrich, C Jordan Hill, G/F Brandon Rush


    Free Agents: F Damjan Rudez


    Retired: F Kevin Garnett

    Waived: F Greg Smith


    Oklahoma City Thunder
    Players Under Contract: C Steven Adams, F Nick Collison, F Josh Huestis, C Enes Kanter, F Mitch McGary, G Anthony Morrow, GCameron Payne, G Andre Roberson, F Kyle Singler, G Russell Westbrook (contract extended)

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: C Nazr Mohammed (unrestricted)

    2016 Draft: PF Domantas Sabonis, SG Daniel Hamilton

    Free Agents: SG Ronnie Price

    Trades: SG Victor Oladipo, F Ersan Ilyasova, G/F Alex Abrines (2013 Draft), F/C Joffrey Lauvergne

    Free Agents: F Kevin Durant, G Randy Foye, G Dion Waiters

    Trades: F Serge Ibaka


    Portland Trail Blazers
    Players Under Contract: F Al-Farouq Aminu, G Pat Connaughton, F/CEd Davis, G Damian Lillard, G C.J. McCollum, G Luis Montero, F/CMason Plumlee, F Noah Vonleh

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: C Chris Kaman (unrestricted)

    2016 Draft: SF Jake Layman

    Free Agents: G Allen Crabbe (re-signed), C Festus Ezeli, F Maurice Harkless (re-signed), F/C Meyers Leonard (re-signed), G/F Evan Turner

    Trades: G Shabazz Napier

    Free Agents: G Gerald Henderson, G Brian Roberts


    Waived: F Cliff Alexander


    Utah Jazz
    Players Under Contract: G Alec Burks, G Dante Exum, F/C Derrick Favors, C Rudy Gobert, F Gordon Hayward, G Rodney Hood, F Joe Ingles, F Chris Johnson, F Trey Lyles, G Shelvin Mack, G Raul Neto, CJeff Withey

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016:

    2016 Draft: PF Joel Bolomboy, PG Tyrone Wallace, PG Marcus Paige

    Free Agents: G/F Joe Johnson

    Trades: F/C Boris Diaw, G George Hill

    Free Agents: F Trevor Booker

    Trades: G Trey Burke, C Tibor Pleiss, SF Taurean Prince

    Waived: G Kendall Marshall

    Remember the 3 G's Gambling, Golf, Girls not in any particular order.....

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    Offseason Player Movement: Pacific Division

    Below is a list of players on every team's roster at the end of the 2015-16 season, grouped by free agent and contract status along with players added or lost this offseason through free agency, trades, waivers or the Draft.

    * * *


    Golden State Warriors
    Players Under Contract: G Stephen Curry, F Draymond Green, G/FAndre Iguodala, G Shaun Livingston, F Kevon Looney, G Klay Thompson

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016:

    2016 Draft: C Damian Jones, SG Patrick McCaw

    Free Agents: G Ian Clark (re-signed), F Kevin Durant, F James Michael McAdoo (re-signed), C Zaza Pachulia, C Anderson Varejao(re-signed), F David West


    Free Agents: G Leandro Barbosa, F Harrison Barnes, C Festus Ezeli, G/F Brandon Rush, F/C Marreese Speights

    Trades: C Andrew Bogut


    L.A. Clippers
    Players Under Contract: F Blake Griffin, C DeAndre Jordan, G Chris Paul, F Paul Pierce, G J.J. Redick, G C.J. Wilcox

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: F Jeff Ayres (unrestricted)


    2016 Draft: PF Brice Johnson, PG David Michineau, PF Diamond Stone

    Free Agents: G Alan Anderson, F Brandon Bass, G Jamal Crawford(re-signed), G Raymond Felton, G/F Wesley Johnson (re-signed), F Luc Mbah a Moute (re-signed), G Austin Rivers (re-signed), F/C Marreese Speights, G/F Dorell Wright

    Trades: F Devyn Marble

    Free Agents: C Cole Aldrich, F Jeff Green, G Pablo Prigioni

    Trades: G C.J. Wilcox

    Waived: F Branden Dawson


    Los Angeles Lakers
    Players Under Contract: F Anthony Brown, F Larry Nance Jr., FJulius Randle, F D'Angelo Russell, G Louis Williams, G Nick Young

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: F Ryan Kelly (restricted), F Metta World Peace (unrestricted)

    2016 Draft: SF Brandon Ingram, C Ivica Zubac

    Free Agents: F/C Tarik Black (re-signed), G Jordan Clarkson (re-signed), F Luol Deng, G Marcelo Huertas (re-signed), F/C Yi Jianlian, C Timofey Mozgov, F Thomas Robinson

    Trades: G Jose Calderon

    Free Agents: F Brandon Bass, C Roy Hibbert, C Robert Sacre



    Phoenix Suns
    Players Under Contract: G Eric Bledsoe, G Devin Booker, C Tyson Chandler, G Archie Goodwin, G John Jenkins, G Brandon Knight, CAlex Len, F P.J. Tucker, F T.J. Warren, F Alan Williams

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: F Chase Budinger (unrestricted), G Phil Pressey (unrestricted)

    2016 Draft: PF Dragan Bender, PG Tyler Ulis, PF Marquese Chriss

    Free Agents: G Leandro Barbosa, F Jared Dudley


    Free Agents: F Jon Leuer, G Ronnie Price, F Mirza Teletovic

    Trades: SG Bogdan Bogdanović


    Sacramento Kings
    Players Under Contract: F Omri Casspi, F Willie Cauley-Stein, GDarren Collison, C DeMarcus Cousins, F Duje Dukan, C Kosta Koufos, G Ben McLemore

    Free Agents In Summer of 2016: F James Anderson (player option), F Caron Butler (player option), F/C Eric Moreland (restricted)

    2016 Draft: PG Isaiah Cousins, C Georgios Papagiannis, C Skal Labissiere

    Free Agents: G Arron Afflalo, F Matt Barnes, G Jordan Farmar, G Ty Lawson, G Garrett Temple, F Anthony Tolliver

    Trades: SG Bogdan Bogdanović, SG Malachi Richardson

    Free Agents: F Quincy Acy, G Rajon Rondo, G Seth Curry

    Trades: G Marco Belinelli

    Remember the 3 G's Gambling, Golf, Girls not in any particular order.....

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    2016-17 Season Preview: NBA TV & NBA.com expert predictions

    From division winners to the MVP to who hoists the Larry O'Brien trophy next June, our panel of experts from NBA TV and NBA.com reveal their predictions for the 2016-17 season.

    Eastern Conference division winners

    Expert Atlantic Central Southeast

    David Aldridge (Turner Sports) Celtics Cavs Hornets
    Greg Anthony (Turner Sports) Celtics Cavs Hornets
    Steve Aschburner (NBA.com) Celtics Cavs Wizards
    Fran Blinebury (NBA.com) Raptors Cavs Hawks
    Rick Fox (Turner Sports) Raptors Cavs Hornets
    Scott Howard-Cooper (NBA.com) Raptors Cavaliers Hawks
    Stu Jackson (Turner Sports) Raptors Cavs Hornets
    Reggie Miller (Turner Sports) Celtics Cavs Hawks
    Shaun Powell (NBA.com) Celtics Cavs Hawks
    John Schuhmann (NBA.com) Celtics Cavs Hornets
    Sekou Smith (NBA.com) Raptors Cavs Hawks
    Steve Smith (Turner Sports) Raptors Cavs Hawks
    Isiah Thomas (Turner Sports) Raptors Cavs Hawks
    Ian Thomsen (NBA.com) Raptors Cavs Hawks
    Lang Whitaker (NBA.com) Raptors Cavs Hawks

    Western Conference division winners
    Expert Northwest Southwest Pacific
    David Aldridge (Turner Sports) Blazers Spurs Warriors
    Greg Anthony (Turner Sports) Thunder Spurs Warriors
    Steve Aschburner (NBA.com) Blazers Spurs Warriors
    Fran Blinebury (NBA.com) Blazers Spurs Warriors
    Rick Fox (Turner Sports) Thunder Spurs Warriors
    Scott Howard-Cooper Blazers Spurs Warriors
    Stu Jackson (Turner Sports) Blazers Spurs Warriors
    Reggie Miller (Turner Sports) Thunder Spurs Warriors
    Shaun Powell (NBA.com) Blazers Spurs Warriors
    John Schuhmann (NBA.com) Jazz Spurs Warriors
    Sekou Smith (NBA.com) Blazers Spurs Warriors
    Steve Smith (Turner Sports) Blazers Spurs Warriors
    Isiah Thomas (Turner Sports) Timberwolves Spurs Warriors
    Ian Thomsen (NBA.com) Thunder Spurs Warriors
    Lang Whitaker (NBA.com) Blazers Spurs Warriors

    NBA Finals picks & NBA champion
    Expert Eastern Conf. champion Western Conf. champion Finals winner
    David Aldridge (Turner Sports) Cavs Warriors Warriors
    Greg Anthony (Turner Sports) Cavs Warriors Cavs
    Steve Aschburner (NBA.com) Cavs Warriors Warriors
    Fran Blinebury (NBA.com) Cavs Warriors Warriors
    Rick Fox (Turner Sports) Cavs Warriors Warriors
    Scott Howard-Cooper (NBA.com) Cavs Warriors Warriors
    Stu Jackson (Turner Sports) Cavs Warriors Warriors
    Reggie Miller (Turner Sports) Cavs Warriors Warriors
    Shaun Powell (NBA.com) Cavs Warriors Warriors
    John Schuhmann (NBA.com) Cavs Warriors Warriors
    Sekou Smith (NBA.com) Cavs Warriors Cavs
    Steve Smith (Turner Sports) Cavs Warriors Warriors
    Isiah Thomas (Turner Sports) Cavs Spurs Cavs
    Ian Thomsen (NBA.com) Cavs Clippers Cavs
    Lang Whitaker (NBA.com) Cavs Warriors Warriors

    Award picks, Part I
    (MVP, Rookie of Year & Defensive Player of Year)

    Expert MVP ROY DPOY
    David Aldridge (Turner Sports) LeBron James Joel Embiid DeAndre Jordan
    Greg Anthony (Turner Sports) Paul George Joel Embiid Kawhi Leonard
    Steve Aschburner (NBA.com) Russell Westbrook Joel Embiid Rudy Gobert
    Fran Blinebury (NBA.com) LeBron James Joel Embiid Kawhi Leonard
    Rick Fox (Turner Sports) Russell Westbrook Buddy Hield DeAndre Jordan
    Scott Howard-Cooper Kevin Durant Buddy Hield Kawhi Leonard
    Stu Jackson (Turner Sports) Russell Westbrook Kris Dunn DeAndre Jordan
    Reggie Miller (Turner Sports) Russell Westbrook Kris Dunn Paul George
    Shaun Powell (NBA.com) Russell Westbrook Joel Embiid Hassan Whiteside
    John Schuhmann (NBA.com) James Harden Joel Embiid Rudy Gobert
    Sekou Smith (NBA.com) Kevin Durant Jaylen Brown Kawhi Leonard
    Steve Smith (Turner Sports) LeBron James Kris Dunn Draymond Green
    Isiah Thomas (Turner Sports) LeBron James Jaylen Brown Kawhi Leonard
    Ian Thomsen (NBA.com) James Harden Joel Embiid DeAndre Jordan
    Lang Whitaker (NBA.com) LeBron James Jamal Murray Anthony Davis

    Award picks, Part II
    (Most Improved Player, Sixth Man & Coach of Year)

    Expert Most Improved Sixth Man Coach of Year
    David Aldridge (Turner Sports) D'Angelo Russell Zach Randolph Tom Thibodeau
    Greg Anthony (Turner Sports) Victor Oladipo Brandon Jennings Nate McMillan
    Steve Aschburner (NBA.com) D'Angelo Russell Stanley Johnson Tom Thibodeau
    Fran Blinebury (NBA.com) Myles Turner Andre Iguodala Steve Kerr
    Rick Fox (Turner Sports) Devin Booker Marcus Smart Tom Thibodeau
    Scott Howard-Cooper Rodney Hood Andre Iguodala Brad Stevens
    Stu Jackson (Turner Sports) Devin Booker Brandon Knight Gregg Popovich
    Reggie Miller (Turner Sports) Victor Oladipo Andre Iguodala Billy Donovan
    Shaun Powell (NBA.com) Bismack Biyombo Andre Iguodala Terry Stotts
    John Schuhmann (NBA.com) JaMychal Green Cory Joseph Brad Stevens
    Sekou Smith (NBA.com) Victor Oladipo Jamal Crawford Tyronn Lue
    Steve Smith (Turner Sports) Jabari Parker Zach Randolph Tyronn Lue
    Isiah Thomas (Turner Sports) Zach LaVine Jamal Crawford Tom Thibodeau
    Ian Thomsen (NBA.com) Myles Turner Jamal Crawford Tom Thibodeau
    Lang Whitaker (NBA.com) Karl-Anthony Towns Jamal Crawford Brad Stevens
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    NBA poised for season unlike any other
    October 24, 2016

    The story lines are as long as a Stephen Curry 3-pointer.

    With a superteam in the West, a megastar in the Midwest, superstars all around the league, its global popularity at an all-time high, more revenue than ever and labor peace looming, this season has the potential to be like no other the league has ever had. Yes, rivaling the Celtics' run in the 1960s, possibly topping Magic-Bird rivalry of the `80s and Michael Jordan's run of the `90s.

    LeBron James is holding the title in Cleveland and Kevin Durant has settled in Golden State, so the NBA Finals could be headed for the same destination again next June.

    But what a journey it should be getting there.

    ''I think there is a somewhat an inevitability of this Cleveland-Warriors meeting in the finals again, which can sometimes make you overlook how enjoyable the regular season can be if you love basketball,'' ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy said. ''So I think they'll meet in the finals again, but that doesn't make the regular season uninteresting to me.''

    A summer spending spree created new contenders and enticing questions for a global audience that will begin being answered Tuesday when the new season opens in the places the last one ended.

    The record-setting Warriors will be must-see TV again with Durant, the former scoring champ and league MVP, sharing shots with Curry, the current scoring champ and MVP.

    James is on a Jordan-like run, looking for a seventh straight trip to the NBA Finals and hoping to build a dynasty where there was once just despair.

    There's Dwyane Wade in Chicago and Dwight Howard in Atlanta after both went home.

    Derrick Rose left home, traded from the Bulls to the New York Knicks.

    Former Commissioner David Stern used to say the NBA was in its golden age.

    Under Adam Silver, it may be even shinier.

    ''There are a lot of charged-up players in this league,'' Silver said. ''There are a lot of teams, young teams in the development cycle, where I think they would even say realistically they're unlikely to win the championship this season, but they're on the road to winning a championship.''

    He will give James and the Cavaliers their rings before the season opener, and Durant joins Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson in the expensive and explosive Warriors lineup later that night against San Antonio.

    Their teams are heavily favored to meet in the NBA Finals for the third consecutive year, a rivalry that could turn into something like the Celtics-Lakers, or before that of Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain.

    But this is no two-team show.

    ''It's tough,'' Green said. ''But at the same time I'm almost certain that it's a goal of (Cleveland's) to get back to try to win a championship. With that being said, there's a lot of great teams in this league. And they're not saying we're going to watch the Cavs and the Warriors in June.''

    Like Russell Westbrook and Oklahoma City being defiant, not devastated by Durant's departure the way the Cavs were when James bolted for Miami in 2010.

    Or young stars like Karl-Anthony Towns growing up into the spotlight, now that Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett, titans for so long, have grown old and retired. And yet another batch of unmatched international talent, led by No. 1 pick Ben Simmons, an Australian whose debut will be delayed as he recovers from a foot injury.

    It's what the league sought to create during the 2011 lockout, when more revenues were shifted from players to teams in hopes the clubs would then distribute them better and chip away at the gulf between the big-market haves and the little-market have-nots.

    Money really started pouring in with the extension of the league's national TV contracts, which kicked in this season to the tune of about $2.6 billion annually. The TV deal has sent salaries soaring so much that owners and players are poised to agree to a new labor agreement soon without the type of fight that led to the last one.

    The wealth of talent, and the wealth to acquire it, has emboldened teams to spend now where they once may have stood pat.

    Durant, Al Horford and many more switched teams during the dizzying days of July free agency, with the Spurs putting Pau Gasol alongside Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge into the frontcourt spot that Duncan for so long had anchored.

    A third of the league changed coaches, with clubs like Minnesota (Tom Thibodeau) and Houston (Mike D'Antoni) turning to proven winners to steer them through the rough Western Conference waters.

    The Spurs or Clippers could emerge as the toughest test out there for the Warriors. Things look easier for James in the East, where he has emerged as the champion for six straight years. But he never thinks about what happened in the past.

    ''There are going to be so many more challenges, so many different obstacles that we're going to have to face this year as a ballclub,'' James said. ''We have to be mentally focused, mentally prepared for it all. I think we will, be but it will not be easy and it shouldn't be.''

    Silver, who should definitely like what he sees, summed up the anticipation:

    ''I'm looking forward to the season.''
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    Pacers fine-tune roster by adding Bentil
    October 24, 2016

    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) The Indiana Pacers have signed 6-foot-9 rookie forward Ben Bentil.

    Bentil was one of Boston's second-round draft picks in June but was cut before the start of the season. The former Providence star is not expected to get much playing time and could be assigned to the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, Indiana's NBA D-League team.

    The move comes one day after the Pacers waived forward Jeremy Evans and guard Julyan Stone.

    Terms of Monday's deal were not announced. Indiana opens its season Wednesday at home against the Dallas Mavericks.


    Pelicans waive Gee, keep Stephenson
    October 24, 2016

    METIAIRE, La. (AP) The New Orleans Pelicans have waived veteran forward Alonzo Gee, a move that keeps recently acquired guard Lance Stephenson on the opening night roster.

    The 6-foot-5 Stephenson has struggled to find a long-term fit since leaving Indiana in 2014, playing with Charlotte, the Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis during the past two seasons. But he was productive late last season with the Grizzlies, averaging 14.2 points in 26 games.

    The 6-foot-6 Gee, acquired by New Orleans during the 2015 offseason, appeared in 73 games with the Pelicans last season, averaging 4.5 points and 3.4 rebounds in 22.4 minutes per game.

    Gee also has played with Washington, San Antonio, Cleveland, Denver and Portland since going undrafted out of Alabama in 2009. He has career averages of 6.8 points and 3.3 rebounds.


    Lakers waive Yi Jianlian, Anthony Brown
    October 24, 2016

    EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (AP) The Los Angeles Lakers have waived Yi Jianlian at the Chinese forward's request.

    The Lakers also waived forward Anthony Brown on Monday and apparently kept Metta World Peace on their opening night roster.

    Yi returned to the NBA last month after a four-year absence in an attempt to win a job with the Lakers. The 7-footer was the sixth overall pick in the 2007 draft.

    Yi averaged 3.0 points and 2.5 rebounds during the preseason. But Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said Yi apparently didn't think he would have a prominent role with the team.

    The Lakers also released Brown, their second-round pick out of Stanford last year.

    The surprising moves mean World Peace and journeyman Thomas Robinson likely have made the opening roster.

    The Lakers host Houston on Wednesday.


    Vogel brings positivity, winning to Magic
    October 24, 2016

    ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) Tipping off an NBA season isn't new to Frank Vogel, yet this year is different.

    The always optimistic coach is starting over with the Orlando Magic after being dismissed by the Indiana Pacers. He is intent on getting the Magic back in the playoffs for the first time since Dwight Howard was with the team.

    ''I want to see our guys succeed,'' Vogel said in an interview with The Associated Press. ''I want to see smiles on their faces when they get over this hump and they achieve what we all know they are capable of achieving. I want to see our fans embrace it and enjoy it. They deserve it.''

    The Pacers let Vogel go after five seasons and he became one of the most sought coaches this offseason. He wasn't unemployed long. Two weeks after his firing, Vogel was introduced as coach of the Magic, who had been stunned when Scott Skiles quit in May after one playoff-less season in Orlando.

    Vogel is the ideal fit of the defensive-first profile Magic general manager Rob Hennigan was looking for in coach. While in Indiana, the Pacers were one of the top defensive teams in the league.

    ''He's very genuine,'' Hennigan said. ''I think he believes in coaching but at the same time connecting with players. His general approach is to really treat guys not just with respect, but it's really a collaboration in his eyes. I think our guys really respond to that approach.''

    A one-time video coordinator for the Boston Celtics, Vogel rose through ranks as an assistant coach where building a connection with players is must. That approach never left Vogel as he went from fourth assistant to interim coach to head coach of the then-underachieving Pacers.

    Vogel proved the anti-Jim O'Brien, who Vogel replaced in Indiana. Vogel attempted to reach his players and connect with them. Paul George, a rookie first-round pick coming off the bench during Vogel's interim season, was one of the players Vogel connected with best.

    ''Jim O'Brien is one of the hardest coaches to play for,'' George said. ''He was old school, hard-nosed. But Frank was the exact opposite of what he was - real positive, open minded.''

    Under Vogel, George became a perennial All-Star.

    ''We had a great six years together,'' George said. ''He's kind of just been there throughout my whole growing up in this league. From my rookie year to fatherhood to the All-Star Games, he's been there.''

    Despite his relationship with George and the playoff berths, Larry Bird felt it was time for a change.

    Bird, the Pacers president of basketball operations, didn't renew Vogel's contract though the coach had a winning record in four of his five full seasons.

    ''I sensed some things over the last few years and took a lot of notes like I do every year,'' Bird said in a telephone interview with AP. ''When his contract was up, I just thought maybe it was time right then.''

    Vogel had a 250-181 regular-season record and guided the Pacers to back-to-back Eastern Conference finals still has accepted the move, even if he still doesn't completely understand it.

    ''Part of the business,'' said Vogel, who also 31-30 in the playoffs after taking over for fired Jim O'Brien with 38 games to go in 2011. ''I still have a lot of friends there, including Larry, who was the one who chose to make the change. I will always be grateful for him.

    ''I'm disappointed, I wanted to be there forever,'' said Vogel, a 43-year-old New Jersey native. ''I loved living in Indiana. I loved the organization, the Simon family. I loved everything about being the Pacers coach.''

    Bird said building relationships with players is one Vogel's strengths.

    ''The main thing is he is so positive - positive energy,'' Bird said in a telephone interview with AP. ''You felt like he could the players to believe in his system, believe in him. I thought that was a great attribute he had.''

    Vogel has brought the same approach to Orlando where he and Hennigan have reconfigured the Magic into the mold of his Pacers teams. The two men added power forward Serge Ibaka and free agent center Bismack Biyombo in the summer to bolster the interior defense.

    The first-year Orlando coach seems to be quickly winning over the Magic players.

    ''He's a good guy,'' said third-year forward Aaron Gordon. ''We can tell he is genuine.''

    The next step is to see if Vogel's ability to connect with players translates into enough wins to get Orlando back into the playoffs for the first time since 2012. Vogel predicted during his opening news conference that the team would be in the playoffs this season. After months on the job, he hasn't backed off that promise.

    ''I believe we are going to have a chance to go deep into the playoffs,'' Vogel said. ''I believe in this team.''
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    Kevin Durant eager to get started at last with Warriors
    October 24, 2016

    OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) Steve Kerr joked around on what became a post-mosh Monday, feeling some of the natural pressure before his Golden State Warriors get going at last with all the weight of trying to win another NBA championship on their star-studded shoulders.

    The reigning NBA Coach of the Year said he cut short practice given Kevin Durant's jostling in the mosh pit at a Kanye West concert the previous evening.

    ''He got a great workout last night,'' Kerr said with a smile.

    Kanye performed at Oracle Arena, where KD will become THE show Tuesday night for the defending Western Conference champions. And MVP Stephen Curry, too, of course.

    ''We all have pressure. That's a good thing,'' Kerr said Monday. ''The alternative is, `Maybe we can win 30 this year instead of 25.' Who wants that? Unfortunately, a lot of the teams in the league have that, teams that are going through rebuilding stuff, and they're trying to get where we are. So we're in a really enviable position. We know how lucky we are to be together with this group. We understand the responsibility that comes with it, and that's fine. It's a good position to be in.''

    A day away from his highly anticipated Warriors debut, Durant insisted he had no idea just how much daily interest Golden State would generate before the season even began.

    How much Durant's every move would be intently watched - whether it was his concert-going or riding the BART train to get around.

    ''I never had a chance to get to a show. I was always moving around, Olympics and traveling a lot,'' Durant said of attending West's show. ''I'm glad he came through here. I was telling all my friends. I've always told them I wanted to get in a mosh pit. It was amazing.''

    Durant had no concerns about anything going wrong with all those people in tight quarters.

    ''I'm covered, man. I'm covered by a higher power upstairs, no matter what happens,'' he said.

    Four months after squandering a 3-1 series lead and losing Game 7 of the NBA Finals to LeBron James and Cleveland, the Warriors are ready to start fresh without any thought on chasing the regular-season wins record they now hold at 73. They will host San Antonio and Kerr's former coach and mentor, Gregg Popovich, on Tuesday night.

    ''It's the Spurs, so it makes it even more fun,'' Kerr said.

    Golden State also will honor TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager, who is fighting leukemia, with a special T-shirt for all fans at the opener.

    Kerr has said all along Durant would need time to adjust.

    ''He's light years beyond where he was three weeks ago,'' Kerr said. ''He's embracing the chaos, for sure.''

    With Durant and so many new players, Kerr still expects everything to take time before the Warriors really start clicking. Kerr wasn't even on the bench for last season's opener, missing the initial 43 games and a record 24-0 start while dealing with complications from a pair of back surgeries.

    Next week might be even bigger for Durant, whose former Oklahoma City Thunder visit on Nov. 3. Golden State rallied from 3-1 down to beat OKC in the Western Conference Finals.

    Durant's departure was a big deal. It still is.

    ''I think they're just looking for something to grab onto and make it a story,'' Durant said. ''We understand that. That's one thing I actually didn't understand coming in here. Everything's going to be taken and used as a headline. It's definitely a learning experience for me not used to all this coverage around a team. That's just part of the job. That's why we get paid the way we do and that's why we are who we are as players. You're kind of prone to criticism.''

    New center Zaza Pachulia got a glimpse of the attention and hype surrounding the Warriors on media day last month.

    He's ready to embrace it.

    ''We take it as a compliment because it means you're doing something right. It means you've got good talent here, it means that people want to know about you more than anybody else,'' he said. ''It's a huge year for us, a big season, kind of what we expected with a lot of expectations, a lot of eyes on us.''
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    Thunder waive troubled F Mitch McGary
    October 24, 2016

    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) The Thunder finally cut ties with troubled forward Mitch McGary on Monday.

    The team announced that it waived McGary, a first-round pick in 2014, along with guard Ronnie Price, forward Chris Wright and center Kaleb Tarczewski.

    McGary faces two drug suspensions for a combined minimum of 15 games. Thunder general manager Sam Presti said last month that he was disappointed in McGary's decisions.

    The former Michigan standout saw action in 52 games, mostly as a reserve, during the past two seasons. He averaged 4.4 points and 3.5 rebounds.

    McGary also got caught in a numbers game. The Thunder added several skilled big men this summer, including rookie Domantas Sabonis, Joffrey Lauvergne and Ersan Ilyasova.

    Price, a veteran who signed this summer, was let go in favor of 23-year-old Semaj Christon.
    Remember the 3 G's Gambling, Golf, Girls not in any particular order.....



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