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10-08-2005, 08:56 AM
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FREE PICK - NCAAF - West Virginia vs. Rutgers -Contenders or Pretenders?* This week Rutgers has a chance to make a statement in the Big East with a win over perennial* power West Virginia.* However the only statement Rutgers is going to make is that they are not quite ready for the Big East reins yet.

You might think this might be a trap game for West Virginia coming off a bad loss to their rival Virginia Tech* and having to go up against the ranked new comers of the Big East “Louisville” next week, but don’t count on it.* West Virginia will be up for this one after being embarrassed last week and they won’t take Rutgers lightly after their convincing win over Pitt.*

West Virginia is the toughest most physical team in the big east and look for both their Offensive and Defensive lines to control the line of* scrimmage. West Virginia is the 16th in the country in rushing and will look to play smash mouth football but they will also keep the defense honest with Brandon Myles who has the second most catches in the Big East. The Mountaneers* are 2-0 on the road this year against the spread and look for them to go to 3-0 with a repeat 35-30 win at Rutgers.

Take West Virginia +3 1/2
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