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04-27-2005, 05:44 PM
"The MLB Specialist"

Start Winning Tonight in MLB !!!

Last Night Service Plays 5 - 0 !!!!

Homerun Play Last Night

Regular Service Plays Last Night
Oakland WINNER
Toronto WINNER
Marlins/Rockies Over 11 WINNER
Arizona WINNER

Free Play Tonight
Arizona +135

Homerun Play Record 15 of 24 up +2500 Units This Year
Homerun Plays are 500 Unit Plays
All other MLB Plays are 100 Unit Plays
MLB Service Plays up +3335 Units !!!

4/25 Homerun Play EASY WINNER Yankees
4/24 Homerun Play LOSS Giants
4/23 Homerun Play EASY WINNER Red Sox
4/22 Homerun Play LOSS Seattle
4/21 Homerun Play LOSS Over Texas/Yankees
4/20 Homerun Play LOSS Over Cards/Cubs
4/20 Homerun Play LOSS Giants
4/19 Homerun Play LOSS Phillies
4/18 Homerun Play WINNER LA Dodgers
4/17 Homerun Play LOSS Angels
4/16 Homerun Play LOSS Padres
4/15 Homerun Play WINNER Twins
4/14 Homerun Play EASY WINNER Orioles/Tampa Over 9.5
4/13 Homerun Play LOSS Atlanta Braves
4/12 Homerun Play WINNER LA Dodgers
4/11 Homerun Play WINNER San Diego Padres
4/10 Homerun Play WINNER New York Mets
4/9 Homerun Play WINNER Washington Nationals !!!
4/8 Homerun Play WINNER Giants!!
4/7 Homerun Play WINNER Oakland A's !!
4/6 Homerun Play EASY WINNER LA Dodgers
4/5 Homerun Play WINNER Minnesota Twins
4/4 Homerun Play WINNER Orioles
4/3 Homerun Play EASY WINNER Yankees

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" The MLB Specialist "

04-27-2005, 11:21 PM
Tonight MLB Service Plays Were:
Homerun Play
Texas -130

Regular Service Plays
Toronto -130
Yankees -150
Arizona +135

04-28-2005, 01:23 AM
Final Service Play Record For The Night 3 - 1 (8 - 1 Last 9)

Homerun Play
Texas -130 WINNER

Regular Service Play
Arizona +135 WINNER
Toronto -130 WINNER
Yankees -150 LOSS