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11-12-2004, 05:42 PM
I have taken this upon myself to offer a win / win situation to all here .

Since most males cant stand a woman whooping thier ass at what they percieve to be " Thier " game , I offer you this ;)

I want loudmouth who cant seem to just leave me alone ( must be envy or love (shudder) ) a win / win deal !

I have started a contest over at ********* that only loudmouth can enter and since hes telling the world that I cant win .... whats he got to lose :confused: . I tell you what ....... his munchkin handle here and no Tin Mans , no Wizs , no Dorothys , no Cowardly Lions , no Scarecrows , absolutely none of them if he loses . I will on the otherhand since Im not in love with a place that allows this kind of crap ( 99% would have banned him for his mouth alone , let alone his obsession with me a long-time ago ) as I said I will leave even if I win ....... thats right guys a total win / win situation that all should find appealing .

Give It A Vote :



You really dont need his 45% pickin butt anyways .... do you ?

11-12-2004, 06:22 PM
Hiya Darlin'

Pay no mind to that psycho. He's the BC Village Idiot.

Gets unmanageable when he misses his medication.

Even stoops so low as to bring mothers into a heated exchange of words for lack of any mental acumen. Imagine the mentality of this imbecile?

Too cowardly to post his own record but goes out of his way to post others'. LOL just ask him for his record ... it drives him insane.

You've made us a fortune long term - and not by posting 3 or 4 or 5 "picks" each week.

3 WISE MEN are with you all the way ... we consider him nothing more than cheap amusement ... he's the freaking punchline in our conference calls.

And 5-1 says he rejects your contest... he's not very intrepid and will never be confused with a marine colonel.

Oh and by the way ... we have him at 47% and when his suck - up followers get wind of this ... maybe they'll stop lowering themselves by greasing his can so much. That's so pathetic.

Carry on,


11-12-2004, 06:56 PM
MMM, There are quite a few members that value your picks and insight... Hang in there, even if you stay in the other section, dont leave..

Gl, The Ham mer

11-12-2004, 06:57 PM
For the life of me I really think he loves me , or at least my ability .

I have waited for him to stick his foot in that giant hole for quite sometime and would agree that hes a 5:1 voter that he shouldnt accept ( Make a Good Parlay Choice :red: ) . Hopefully Monte can back-check that and see if hes all jaw-bone or not ?

His outright need to stick his nose where its never ask for ( and told not to go about 1,000 times by Monte ) shows a compelling desire to be centered-up as a go-to-guy and if anyone paid any attention to his selections ( Horses , Dogs , Basketball , Football .... Hell just name it :confused: ) hes a massive juice paying loser of gigantic proportions by any standard .

And as far as records go ..... did you ever hit the nail on the head (he goes ballistic) but with true wagers a records like balls :

" Either You Gotem Or You Dont "

And in closing I would lay 6:1 hes abused many a lady in his day ....... thats one record that he cant escape :red:

Pathetic ..... just absolutely pathetic ;)

G.L. to you and lets see just how much comradship plays over greasing a can here , seems most forgot what this forum was all about . If I want friends at least I want them to be socially acceptable , not the case here I guess :confused:

Also is he not the worst smoke-screen thrower God ever gave male hormones too ?

Come_On everyone line up and give this a just-due ;)

11-12-2004, 07:13 PM
but damn i miss out on what seems to be "fun "
im going to take a far fetched guess here........ :red: :red:
the wiz has shown his azz again .. STOP ME IF IM WRONG ??
little lady , we know im not one of those guys and id luv2 see him match plys wth. a girl !!!!!!!! lmao i know , i know , i just fell off your tit , and should not be buried under your fat azz , but ive waited almost a yr. to see this........ its show time and i hope i get to see a spanking,, cuzz im one sick, perverted dude..
MMM ,do what has to be done .. as always the utmost respect for you.. I may go down in flames but here it goes.......
3:1 MMM taking all plys.... but a max.. of 5 bens..... understood???
BOL my lady friend........ L2P2

11-12-2004, 07:22 PM
@ 8-3 i vote the wizz cant vote more than ONCE........:red: :red:

11-12-2004, 07:24 PM
LMAO @ "Dogs , Basketball , Football .... Hell just name it ... hes a massive juice paying loser of gigantic proportions by any standard ".

Well said - And please don't forget .... a chronic Bed - Wetter.

Two weeks ago he TOLD me to post my plays and nothing else ... no one is interested in what I think or say.

I've thought long and hard about it ( 2 seconds ) and my answer to him is :


My counter offer is this :

FIRST: He should post his record like every forthright person in BC

SECOND : Having done that accurately and without any misrepresentation he must then make an appointment to ever speak with me.

THIRD : Let him be advised that he ought not to hold his breath in awaiting my reply.


11-12-2004, 07:25 PM
Why would I waste my time with you??????
I have proven you to be a lying sack of shit time and time again....
I see two problems you have..
1. you have NO use for men (must have a HUGE dildo)
2. You have a serious problem with the truth.
I wouldn't waste my time with you, you are useless.........
You talk of a contest????
Put something up besides your FAT ass, every DIKE in Illinois has had that

Next to you being useless, Covergirl with a big dick in his mouth is next, Now that is a useless piece of shit.
Covergirl, Best Of Luck :finger: :finger: :finger:

11-12-2004, 07:27 PM

Ask him to please post his record .


11-12-2004, 07:36 PM
You seem to be obsessed with my record.
Guess I better watch out when I bend over, faggotts like yourself like mens asses....
I can't believe you would attack the people that follow me????/
You really do think you are better than everyone else.............

BTW Covergirl, your mother gives GOOD head......

Just to bad she did give your father head (who ever that may be) the night you were conceived........

11-12-2004, 07:38 PM
Vegas Owes Me .... for a winning wager :red:

" What A Crock "

Ole Bait-Face shows his colors once again and I knew all along he wouldnt even come close to showing he deserves to be here .

Pathetic ....... absolutely ;)

11-12-2004, 07:39 PM

MMM you need to worry about the last contest you were involved in here, remember the one where you "Stiffed" Monte on $200? How about paying that one off before you start another. The Laundry list with you is not a short one here. I think if your little supporters knew the story behind you they might think differently. I still think it's bullshit and you can come up with your reply any which way you want. You will be proven to be a liar and YOU know it as well as BC and others here know. I use to like seeing your posts. Now your name here makes me ill.

wiz, let it go.....PLEASE! Your wasting your time and you know that. No matter who i agree with the language is just too much and unappropriate.....C'mon! There are games to be played and we should be worrying about them!