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09-28-2004, 03:06 PM
Breaking news of sophisticated SCAM!

Hello Sports Fans and Players,

Joey Hamilton here with breaking news.

BetCharter Sportsbook (hosted by Royal Sports), is apparently run by con artists. Player reports being taken for $9,500 in an elaborate scam. (see below)

BetRoyal agrees to resolve the activity with BetCharter. Players and other victims of BetCharter should immediately stop all betting activity and call Royal Sports as well as write ***. Players should be aware of a possible scam artist that identifies himself as "Jimmy" and uses the following phone numbers 800-288-4614, 702-528-9194.

Let's take a quick look at a few important updates.

*** issued a SCAM Alert on...

9/23/04 - BetCharter (hosted by Royal) involved in elaborate con for $9,500.
BetCharter (hosted by Royal Sports) is apparently run by con artists who contact players that have subscribed to free sports picks from freeMailPicks.com.

Once the touts (calling themselves "a betting syndicate") make contact with the player, they tout the player into making deposits to BetCharter. The bait is a profit-sharing arrangement with Charter fronting $86,000 with an agreement to split the profits 50/50 on games picked by the "betting syndicate". The catch is the player has to invest 10% as part of this joint venture.

The player is enticed with discounts until he makes the deposit. When the $86k doesn't show up in the joint account, the player calls Charter. Charter tells the player that the discounted price expired and he must deposit more in order to meet the requirements for this program.

When the player can no longer or refuses to deposit further, Charter touts announce that there are no refunds and the deposit has been forfeited to the syndicate. The player reports being taken for $9,500.


09-28-2004, 03:11 PM
Like I've said before Royal is a stay away from book