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Pioneer Picks
01-24-2003, 05:47 PM
Please check out www.pioneerpicks.com for comp plays and pay after you win selections. We used to post actual late phone service selections on this forum from time-to-time but they are no longer available due to the lack of respect of Bookie Buster and Phil Jr. By the way, tell your dad that he made a couple of real nice calls on the Eagles and Titans. We had a 3* on Tampa Bay. That brought our NFL record to 33-22 for the season as documented by Ruth Glasgow at the Sports Monitor of Oklahoma City. That is 60% winners.

We have a big 3* going tonight in the NBA. That is our only play. We only release selections that have a strong chance of winning. We don't strive to win a high number of units, but instead a high percentage. If you want to increase your winnings then you increase the size of your units. You do not increase the number of units bet or number of plays.

We are now monitored by AADSS at www.betaadss.com.

We have been monitored by Trackpicks since late December. Verify our record at www.trackpicks.com.

Here is our record with Trackpicks:

League data for current or most recent season.
Percentage Wins Losses Units Earned
NFL 71.43% 5 2 9.40
NCAAF 57.14% 4 3 2.10
NBA 50.00% 4 4 -2.30
NCAAB 62.50% 15 9 15.30

All picks past year.
Percentage Wins Losses Units Earned
This Month 63.64% 21 12 22.30
Past 30 Days 60.87% 28 18 24.50
This Year 63.64% 21 12 22.30
Past 365 Days 60.87% 28 18 24.50

Bookie Buster
01-24-2003, 05:55 PM
Oh no (it's baaackkkk) like a bad case of Herpes!!Go to the wanna be tout page and quit panhandling and cluttering the site!!Great call on the Bucs but they played that Sunday!!!

01-24-2003, 06:25 PM
I missed you Ted, buddy. Respect is a two way street. If you don't strive to win a high number of units and most of your plays are 3*'s, how do you increase your percentage? By the way, if you could increase the size of your unit, maybe you would be in movies and not have to bother me. Best of luck in your plays.

Pioneer Picks
01-24-2003, 06:54 PM
Phil Jr.

It ultimately does not matter how many units you win, but instead the total amount of money you win. If you play less games then you can increase your unit size. You should have a higher percentage of wins if you play less games. Thus, you win more money by playing less games with more per unit.

Example: Play on 2-3 games instead of 10. You can bet more per unit on the 2-3 games and have a much better chance of winning a positive amount because the plays you selected should be better. In other words, eliminate the games that do not give you as good a chance to win.

Ultimately, you need to understand that cappers must be rated on the percentage they win. You can rate the plays any way you want but you should never be betting twice as much on one game as opposed to another.

For instance, if I lost 8 consecutive games at a unit per game and then decided to release a 10 unit lock of the century would I be a good handicapper if it happened to win?

Our record is documented. Call if you have any questions. I am finished getting into flame wars with you on this forum.

01-24-2003, 06:57 PM
You tell 'em Ted. We're sick of Phil jr. What can you expect out of Packer Fan, anyway? One thing does trouble me, however. You said that you should increase the size of your units, not increase the number of units bet.(!?!?) Does this mean you bet $100 on 2* bets and $100 on 3* bets, but at least you can increase the *'s you win?? I don't get it?
Thanks for posting, though. Mbates & I have been trying to keep Phil jr in his place for weeks!

Bookie Buster
01-24-2003, 07:02 PM
Still have a great idea!!Ted play those games yourself if their so great make a ton of money and QUIT PANHANDLING!!If they are so good play them ..Looks to me if they were winners you would not need anyone to give you money..lol......like i said the 7-11 is not here so go to the next C-Store!!!

Pioneer Picks
01-24-2003, 07:07 PM

Sorry I was unclear.

What I meant was that if you play less games you should be able to increase the amount that you play on each game. You should be able to win at a better percentage and thus, win more money over the long term. In other words, play $150 per unit on three games instead of $50 per unit on eight games.

Check out some of the handicappers at Trackpicks. They play way to many games and kill themselves on the juice. Probably they do this because they need something to sell and do not like to pass. Just play the very best games and you do not have to pay the juice on all the selections that only have a 50 percent chance of winning. Try to win 55-60% of the time in the long run. This is what the argument between Phil Jr. and I was originally about. He believed that us "professionals" should be able to do better than that or there was no reason to pay for our selections. We cannot. Nobody can.

01-24-2003, 07:25 PM
You are right Ted. I would like to hit 60% over the long run. I am able to do that just by following picks from mbates and casheasy. Their picks are documented at 800-HEN-PIKS. Dam, can't spel that eitther. Watch for a hockey play out of mbates, on fire!
I'll bet I make more money in 1 year than you do Ted. This is just my hobby and I enjoy it. Have fun, good luck and look for my Christmas card this year.
I also look forward to the picks from other great cappers on the site. Keep them coming boys!!!!