View Full Version : Two minute warning crushes books with virginia

01-23-2003, 10:20 PM
congrats all cav backers as nice bounce back like I told you they are the real deal and amazing the run is 18 out of last 23 and will continue to crush books all sports. Who wants to be a fly on the wall. The public and wise guys all over wake and my guys blow your man away with inside move. NBA move on friday 10 dime destroyer signature play and annual super sunday weekend with 2 code blue games saturday one early one in prime time for all of you to watch and laugh to the bank. Sunday annual bookie banger before super bowl. anyone want serious cash goldclub455@hotmail.com I will take care of anyone who is serious as we pound your man all weekend and buy new cars whatever. talk is cheap back up everything with results as you know. Don't miss out bases/madness weeks away jump on the train and lets roll.