View Full Version : two minute warning syndicate top play

01-22-2003, 07:40 PM
take the spurs tonight boys. Hope everyone is blowing there man to bits. hit 17 out of last 21 all legit all fact no b.s. Anyone serious about major cash goldclub455@hotmail.com I will take care of anyone. I don't care. Big super sunday weekend 2 games to unload saturday and annual bookie banger sunday. Play with high ballers and win big and consistent with people who have tons of cash on these games each night. bases/madness weeks away. Jump on board the money train as they are the real deal as you know. Just remember as I tell all ballers no games, no locks, just results that hit and win big and consistent. can't win all the time there but win more often than not the run is amazing 12 year history ands at end of week you will be on plus side big time. Who wants to be a fly on the wall? good luck players.