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Uncle Lou
01-21-2003, 02:27 PM
Today we like Mississippi -1 against Alabama. We go hunting over the Top 25 with a couple of games today, this is the first. We do not have a personal vendetta against the Tide, but they are not playing well on the road, in the conference. Unranked Mississippi hosts and is favored over #15 Alabama. The Tide have struggled with their SEC play, and they take on Kentucky on Saturday. The Tide will be looking more toward the Cats then toward the Rebles tonight. Miss is coming off of a win against #23 LSU at home, and they look to stay hot on their own floor. Miss is now 10-4 on the season, and look to even their SEC mark to 2-2. The Tide have lost three of their last four games, and it will get worse before it gets any better.

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