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01-18-2003, 09:56 AM
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Losing two games by the hook kept us under .500 for Friday but we look to bounce back in a big way on Saturday. A full card of games goes in NCAA hoops and we have a great selection of plays that can be purchased for only $25. Click Here To Purchase Saturday Plays (http://www.insideredge.com/signup.htm) Or simply call our daily selection line at 1-900-562-5100 to get our plays for only $20. Plays are posted on the line by 4:00 pm EST on weekdays and 10:00 am EST on weekends.

As many are fully aware, we are documented by several locations but to make it easier for you to see how we fared recently, we will begin posting our previous nights record broken down game by game. This was suggested by a forum member who wanted to purchase a day of selections, but they wanted to see the previous day without having to do a search at a sports monitor. We feel if it helps to make it easier for you, we will gladly oblige. Obviously our selections will still be documented at the many different monitors for verification. We send our report out the prior night so there may still be games going on and in those cases, they will be posted the following day. We appreciate comments such as these and will always do our best to accommodate you whenever possible.

Friday January 17, 2003 Recap

NCAA Basketball

LOSS Marist -5½ at Loyola Maryland

Total 0-1 –1.1 Units


LOSS Indiana Pacers -1½ at Boston Celtics
LOSS New York Knicks +7½ at Detroit Pistons
LOSS Chicago Bulls at New Orleans Hornets -7½
WIN Dallas Mavericks at Phoenix Suns +3½
WIN Memphis Grizzlies at Seattle Supersonics –5

Total 2-3 –1.3 Units

Grand Total 2-4 –2.4 Units

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By being monitored by several outlets, it assures that our plays are always recorded unlike some services that use different monitors for opposite sides or some that aren’t even documented at all. Honesty is one of our top priorities and without that, who can you trust?

Free Play for Saturday, January 18, 2003

Our free plays are 9-7 in January and we are now 54-36 60% with our free plays since being invited to have them documented at PlayADay Sports. Check out PlayADay Sports to look at our updated free play record. PlayADay Sports (http://www.playadaysports.com)

George Mason -4

Sorry no write up for this free play.

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01-18-2003, 11:34 AM
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Saturday plays have been finalized and are all set. Click here to purchase for only $25. Click Here To Purchase Saturday Selections (http://insideredge.com/signup.htm) Or simply call our daily selection line at 1-900-562-5100 and get our plays for only $20 per call.

Saturday January 18, 2003 Card

NCAA Basketball

Baylor at Texas Tech
George Mason -3½ at James Madison
Miami Ohio at Ohio
Mississippi at LSU
Richmond at Duquesne
Arizona at UCLA
Vanderbilt at Tennessee
Fresno State at Louisiana Tech
Tennessee Martin at Eastern Illinois


Philadelphia 76ers at Washington Wizards
Detroit Pistons at Indiana Pacers
Boston Celtics at Milwaukee Bucks

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