View Full Version : Nfl Hall Of Fame Game, Now Available!

07-25-2004, 12:33 AM
"THE NFL IS BACK BABY"!! MNF August 9th Washington vs. Denver HALL OF FAME GAME! I have been researching both of these teams for the last 12 straight hours and I am damn sure I've found where our winning side on this one is! I for one believe there is value to be found in the preseason and this game right here right now is going to make a fine example of it.<br><br>Monday night August 9th features the return of the NFL as we know it!! I have 6 pages of very detailed game report inside letting you know which TOP SIDE is the winning play here, "start the season off right"!!<br><br><b><font color=red>http://www.procappers.com/handicapper.php?CapperID=6072</b></font>