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07-23-2004, 08:13 PM
Are YOU ready for some football? REALLY ready?


Maybe not.

Let's say it is Week 8 of the 2004 NFL season and the Philadelphia Eagles have gotten off to a tremendous start winning their first 5 games before stumbling at Cleveland and suffering their first loss. They are now a 6-point home favorite against Baltimore, and you figure they are mad about losing their perfect record and will take it out on the Ravens...until you discover that from Week 6 on, NFL teams favored by less than 7 points are 0-20 ATS when coming off their first loss of the season. You investigate further and find that Seattle, Denver, and Minnesota were in this situation in 2003, and they all failed to beat the spread. NOW you see the logic. After a terrific run to start the season, a team suffers a serious letdown once they finally lose. You now either pass on the game, or take a closer look and wager on Baltimore after finding out they fit a system that is 20-0 ATS in their favor, thus saving and/or making you some serious money.

Wouldn't it be great to have access to such systems - to have a complete chart of all systems so you know which ones are really "hot" over the past few years or have been strong for 20+ seasons - without having to do hours and hours of research? Now imagine having 400 such systems. Not the 10 or 20 systems found in some books, but 400! But wait. Only the "pros" with massive computer programs have such capability, right? WRONG. Now YOU can play on the same field with the "big boys" and REALLY BE READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL with...



The MUST-HAVE handicapping tool for the 2004 NFL season!

400 Computer-researched & documented league-wide ATS POWER SYSTEMS from more than 20 NFL seasons!

Every system is 90%+ ATS and more than 350 are 100%!

Combined record of all 400 systems is 5581-46 ATS (99.2%)!

2003 record of all 400 systems is 450-1 ATS (99.8%)!

See a sample 20-0 NFL POWER SYSTEM at:


400 POWER SYSTEMS for every situation throughout the NFL season including:

* HOME - Favorites, Underdogs, Division, Conference, etc.
* AWAY - Favorites, Underdogs, Division, Conference, etc.
* BY THE WEEK - Game 1, Games 4-9, Games 16, etc.
* UNDEFEATED/WINLESS - Home, Road, Favorites, Underdogs, etc.
* MONDAY NIGHT - Home, Road, Favorites, Underdogs, Division, etc.
* REVENGE - Home, Road, Favorites, Underdogs, etc.
* BYE WEEK - Before, After, Home, Road, Favorites, Underdogs, etc.
* MISCELLANEOUS - Various Favorites, Underdogs, and MANY MORE!
* BONUS! 80%+ WINNING NFL PLAYOFF POWER SYSTEMS - Wildcard, Divisional, Conference Championship, Super Bowl, etc.

Complete listing of past games and results for all 400 POWER SYSTEMS includes SU & ATS records and average SU & ATS win!

The 2004 NFL POWER SYSTEM e-CYCLOPEDIA has THE most POWERful NFL pointspread SYSTEMS available!

In addition to the POWER SYSTEM e-CYCLOPEDIA, POWERePORTS are offered via season, monthly, and weekly subscriptions. Clients receive an e-mail every Wednesday, listing all updated, new, and active POWER SYSTEMS for the upcoming weekend’s games. This is a very useful service for customers who want updates to eliminate losing parameters from current systems, to be informed of the discovery of new systems as they emerge, and for those who don’t want to search for the active systems every week.



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