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Bubba Blackjack
07-15-2004, 09:54 AM
Bubba Blackjack is proud to announce the start of our Baseball Membership Service! The cost of membership is only $100 for the rest of the season all the way through the World Series! By joining now you will receive future discounts and special offers as a charter member! As an example, members will receive access to our members only sports forum. Bubba is also working with a leisure travel agency, which specializes in golf/gaming excursions.

If you have been playing our free selections you should have a nice size bankroll, so join now and continue to build that bankroll for the upcoming football seasons! We have retained the services of one of the best handicappers on the net to provide these selections for our members at a very reasonable price. Due to stipulations of our contract, Bubba Blackjack is not allowed to reveal the identity of our handicapper. But we can say that he is one of the best and very well respected in the handicapping community. Bubba Blackjack prides itself on honesty and will work hard to provide all of our members with profitable selections. We won't promise you any "Locks" or "Game of the Year" plays, but at the end of the season you should show a very handsome profit!

We have three members plays up right now, so go to the website and sign up!!!


(All selections based on a $100 wager)

<b>Mariners -$105


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