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06-05-2004, 12:15 PM
<B>Things I Will Miss "If" The NHL Decides To Strike .....</b><br>
TB - The 2nd coming of Theo Fleury only his spirit lives in one Martin St.Louis, this guy is smaller then some of our children yet led the league in scoring this season.<br>
Boston - Samsonov and Thorton doing what they do best, crash - bang - and score, also will miss seeing Jiri Slegr firing shots from the point.<br>
Philly - The ressurection of stars like Amonte and Zhamnov who otherwise became useless parts in Chicago.<br>
Toronto - Gary Roberts and Joe Nieuwendyk playing the last games of their elustrious careers, these guys so deserved to sip from the Cup one last time.<br>
Ottawa - Grinders like Van Allen, Chris Neil and even Peter Shaefer, the Senators are on the verge of being contenders but it could all fall apart if they have to sit too long.<br>
New Jersey - Scott Stevens delivering his devestating body checks in open ice, Scott Gomez getting back on track and Martin Brodeur shutting out opponent after opponent night after night.<br>
Montreal - Not much to miss on this team that has a revolving door to their dressing room, no consistency here and a few of their players have already taken steps to leave on their own already e.g Joe Juneau<br>
NY Islanders - Mike Peca crashing and banging even if he's only got one good leg to do it on, the rise of young stars like Hunter, Blake and even Janne Ninnimaa seems to be rejuvinated on the Island.<br>
Buffalo - This is a team in transition so there is no sense getting used to who is in and who is out of their lineup, Miroslav Satan and Chris Drury is all this team really has to keep us interested these days, not much will be missed on this team.<br>
Atlanta - Dany Heatley showed tremendous character and belief in his abilities coming back last season, Kovalchuk is a highlight reel on his own night after night and that will truly be missed.<br>
Carolina - Another team in transition, this team will lose lots of key players such as Rod Brinda'mour (certain to retire) and Arturs Irbe who has to be tired of the up and down movement from the NHL to the AHL.<br>
Florida - With Mike Keane back in town this team will definitely do much better then they have been, players like Jokinen and Luongo will be key to any success the Panthers have once they do get back onto the ice.<br>
NY Rangers - No team has gone through and overhaul the way the Rangers have, every one of us will need a media guide to follow the players through the first half of the season, Messier has played his last season too and how can you not miss that?<br>
Washington - A team with a bunch of no names, the Capitals are starting from ground zero again after dumping big name players and salaries with Jagr, Lang and Bondra.<br>
Pittsburgh - The Pens didn't win much last season but when they did they actually matured and grew as a team, it showed in the later half where guys like Kostopolaus and Fata basked in the spotlight, this team did a lot of growing up over the season.<br>
Detroit - It won't seem like an offseason if the Wings aren't throwing around millions to big named stars, it will be interesting to see who stays in motown after another heartbreaking season, one that was led with the highest paid roster in the league.<br>
San Jose - There is loads of potential and loads of talent on this club, the Sharks are counting on guys like Sturm, Cheechoo, Stuart and Marleau to bring them deeper in the next season (whenever that might be), there is lots to get excited about with this team.<br>
Vancouver - Burkes desperation move at the end of last season didn't pay off, the Canuckleheads brought in proven scorers like Geoff Sanderson and Martin Rucinsky, alas, even those additions were not able to get the nucks out of the first round, sad story on the west coast.<br>
Colorado - Only Adam Foote, Peter Forsberg and Joe Sakic remain from the team that came over from Quebec many years ago, still, can these three endure much more in an Avalanche outfit? We'll have to wait quite awhile to get the answer to that question.<br>
Dallas - The Stars tried to buy their way to the Cup last season and it did not pay off, picking up veteran players like Shane Corson didn't help, Marty Turek didn't get the job done, Modano is playing on one leg these days, this team needs a serious overhaul to get back to where they are used to being.<br>
Calgary - There is alot to miss with this team, Gelinas scoring while blood streams down his face, Iginla roaring down the sideboards and releasing a howitzer at whoever is unfortunate enough to be in goal for the opposition, Simon steamrolling anyone that is within gazing distance, the Flames will be missed.<br>
St. Louis - I will miss watching Dough Weight, the 7 million dollar man, trying to justify his salary, he's been injured more then any other player over the last three years yet he still makes millions as though he was 20 years old again.<br>
Nashville - Nothing will be missed on this team, the Predators have been at the bottom of the league standings since they entered the league and that won't change anytime soon, nothing exciting about this team.<br>
Edmonton - Another up and coming team, the Oilers gave us plenty of highlights this season with plays from Dvorak, York and even their defence was entertaining with the likes of powerplay specialist Eric Brewer and body-destroying specialist Jason Smith.<br>
Minnesota - Sorry, I forgot they even had a team. 8)<br>
Los Angeles - The Kings are much like the Oilers and Panthers, not alot to work with but give them a couple years and they'll be contenders, we'll miss watching the likes of Palffy, Stumpel and their young and fast defence. Note: Matt Johnson is a retarded backstabbing bully who should be tossed from the league.<br>
Phoenix - When JR & Numminen left the Coyotes, this team officially fell off the radar, nothing to miss with this team.<br>
Columbus - The only thing to miss about the Jackets is the scoring touch of Rich Nash, and it IS deadly as a snipers shot from MOH, we'll also miss the speed and determinating play from Todd Marchant.<br>
Chicago - Can ANYONE name the starting forwards and defensive unit on this team? I won't miss the Blackhawks.<br><br>
Let's hope that the NHL and the NHLPA learn to get along and get things resolved, there is lots of solid young talent coming into the league and growing in it as we speak, the sooner they figure this out the sooner I can throw this list out the window.<br><br>
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