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Ty Gaston
05-07-2004, 12:45 PM
Ty Gaston likes New York and Seattle to go over 9 runs in Friday's Major League baseball action

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Bettorschat; I won't post my C/Z games after they start, I was posting after the fact so people could see who I had, I will not post who I had, but will continue to post my records as long as others are posting my records. In the future I will refrain from answering any posts to my threads, unless a legitimate question is asked about my service.

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Ty Gaston's Code Zebra Record 20-0 (NBA Playoffs)
Ty Gaston's VIP Record 15-6 (NBA Playoffs)
TyGaston.com free plays 20-10 last 30
TyGaston.com free plays 8-3 last 11 (NBA)
TyGaston.com free plays 12-7 last 19 (Baseball)
Ty Gaston Code Zebra Record 36-3 (Baseball)
Ty Gaston VIP Record 32-30 (Baseball)
Ty Gaston bettorschat Record 43 wins 33 losses last 76 games

Ty Gaston won yesterday with his Code Zebra selection in the NBA Playoffs

Ty Gaston won yesterday with his Code Zebra Selection in Baseball

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05-07-2004, 12:53 PM
still avoidin the topic ty.....your reason for not postin 10 mins after start was cuz u said someone might catch on to how your selections are made whether its ump, certain team, etc....but everyday u boast bout your winner from the night before and say who it was....that contradicts your reason, the only answer bein u are a liar and a thief....thats the only GAME u run its obvious, i could agree if u didnt wanna post 10 mins after but then u sayin the next day who teams were is the same thing except fact u are lyin and cant prove u are winnin like u claim....take your shit elsewhere tie fatman

buzzer beater
05-07-2004, 01:15 PM
TY the "FLY"

You again are twisting the truth! You and Davenport are joined at the hip! Don't try and "BS" these good people. You are one of the biggest pieces of trash on the strip and most people that gamble for a living would agree with me!


I agree that Feist is a scumbag also but he has more money than you and you have tried to mimick his "get rich" marketing programs! You are a "FEIST" want-a-be. I bet you go out with that scumbag and conjour up ways to deceive the betting public.

Ty Gaston
BettorsChat Veteran

Like I have said 100 times and you just said it again "most of you who gamble" I DON'T GAMBLE, I don't bet lottery, horses, numbers, dogs, you name it, I don't do it. When I go to the sportsbooks I place a wager on THE GAME, its not a gamble, and till you guys figure it out, you will continue to be losers.

gaston x2 dunkel x2 scouts x2 massey x2 sagarin x2 weather x2 injuries x2 computer x2 the extra gaston incentive = "THE GAME" it's all there in black and white GO FIGURE!

That info alone is well worth more than a season of Code Zebra plays. Ooops I left one thing out damn it! No one tells all thier secrets!


buzzer beater
BettorsChat Veteran

YOU are dumber than a "ROCK"! You don't gamble! What the hell do you call it when you have less than a "100%" chance of winning. The outcome is only known to you because you place your wager up your "ASS" after you have read the paper the day following the "GAME". Get a grip on life "LOSER"

Ty Gaston
BettorsChat Veteran

Feist wishes he had and wishes he knew what I knew, he blew his wad in his divorce the whole world knows that, when I cashed in my yahoo I had minimum 3 times what he EVER HAD, not to mention me still owning and having the largest sports company in the nation, comparing Feist to me is like comparing a truckdriver to trump

I gotta go bet see ya tomorrow

05-07-2004, 03:49 PM
funny how when ty gets called out and its the truth he runs and hides, i seen u logged on a couple times today ty but u have no response - guess u cant reply when u caught in your own lie and excuses u have used back fire on u....keep postin your false picks the next day after the game is final even though this goes against your whole theory why u wont post 10 mins after tip...its so obvious why u wont post after tip cuz it will show u are not winnin like u claim...later loser!!

05-07-2004, 04:16 PM
This crap with TG is way beyond outrageous now. It's gone all the way to completely comical. Does this guy have any delusions that anyone out here buys into ANY of his BS. A psychiatrist friend of mine and I have been following this whole TY thread for quite awhile and I have to tell ya. Even my shrink friend is having a tough time figuring out just where TY's head really is. Initially, he was pretty sure that TG actually thought that some of the poor dumb putzes out here believd some of what he said. Now he's not sure of that. He's pretty close to convinced that the guy is manic depressive and doesn't exist in EVEN HIS OWN reality. His clinical opinion is that its a good thing he wastes his (and everybody else's) time posting on the internet as this protects, to a great extent, the public from what he describes as a cross between a sociopath and a psychopath. He concludes that TY really believes truth is a matter of opinon.

05-07-2004, 04:29 PM
I miss his replies:bawling: I will have to go back to watching soaps

05-07-2004, 05:05 PM
Since 7/9/2003
112-101 52.6% -870

I find it difficult to believe that Ty's Code Zebra plays are 90+% but his free selections that he posts at this site is 52.6% in 10 months.

05-07-2004, 05:58 PM