View Full Version : Pre-game Video

05-04-2004, 12:07 AM
If you remember, I made a post during the Dallas/ Sacramento series about the Mav's showing a video mocking the various King's players, whether it was Webber and his history or the foreign players and smoking etc.

The NBA fined them $25 Large for the incident.

I don't think that was anything compared to losing the game and (I think) they went down 3-1.

I like what Cuban has done to this point but this was over the top. Totally stupid. If Cuban had nothing to do with this, he should definitely commence firing those responsible.

You don't mock any other team in professional sports, let alone one of the stronger teams in the league, let alone the fact that they were STILL DOWN 2-1 IN THE F'N SERIES and they played this shit for the crowd's possible enjoyment.

Totally immature and I enjoyed watching them dump and run from this years playoffs. They obviously needed more than Walker to advance this year.

This may be the beginning of the end for the hands-on oriented Cuban. Maybe he's not hands-on, but he definitely likes poking around the edges a lot. They'd be stupid not to dump all, including and especially the coach, except for Dirk, and start over. SA isn't going to get any weaker and you got Minny, Memphis, Houston, and Denver growing up fast.