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03-25-2004, 01:18 AM
PIGSKIN PICK'EM, COMCAST SPORTSNET AND OTHER STATIONS---Ty Gaston hoststhis piece of crap show and Bobby Della Rocca, Jimmy Spats and MarkBradshaw are accomplices in this mugging of the viewers' sensibilities.Wait, there's more. Ads by Jack Price, Mr. Evil himself, run on theshow. You remember Price, don't you? HBO exposed him as the crookedesttout in the country a few years back on their investigative show "RealSports" and the U.S. government followed up last year when it bustedPrice (real name: Mark Megrouni) in connection with fraud and taxevasion surrounding Price's now-defunct offshore sportsbook, ParadiseCasino in Curacao. Price narrowly avoided jail by paying huge fines.Nice to see he's back in business. Not. Rating: F