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Lucky Leo
02-17-2004, 05:19 PM
> While the pope was visiting the USA, he told the
> driver of his limo that he has the sudden urge to
> drive. The driver was a good Catholic man, and would
> not ever dream of questioning the pope's authority. So
> the pope sat at the wheel, while hisdriver got in the
> back.
> They were traveling down the road doing between 70 and
> 80 mph, when a policeman happened to see them. As he
> pulledthem over, he called in to headquarters
> reporting a speeding limo, with a VIP inside it.
> The chief asked: "Who is in the limo, the mayor?"
> The policeman told him: "No, someone more important
> than the mayor."
> Then the chief asked "Is it the governor?"
> The policeman answered: "No, someone more important
> than the governor."
> The chief finally asked: "Is it the President?"
> The policeman answered: "No, someone even more
> important than the President."
> This made the chief very angry and he bellowed: "Now
> who is more important than the President?!"
> The policeman calmly wispered: "I'll put it to you
> this way chief. I don't know who is this guy, but he
> has the pope as his
> chauffeur."