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Lucky Leo
02-17-2004, 04:13 PM
Feb 16, 2k4
I told you it would be a weird-ass weekend!
The proof: A-Hole,,, I mean, A-Rod is a fukkin' NY Yankmee. That's just plain GROSS. He'll be just another pretty-boy cock-sucker in pinstripes, JUST LIKE JETER! Fear not Red Sox Nation, remember when Jr. Griffey got traded to Cinci, and all the over-hype that went along with it? Remember how "Babe Ruthian" Grif was supposed to be back then?
Yeah, exactly. Grif Jr. sucks now and the deal is now some sick joke. Let it be known that gAy Rod is the new Griffey. Check back with me in a few years to confirm my prophetic masterpiece...
Sick Bastard

Lucky Leo
02-17-2004, 04:13 PM
oh yeah

02-17-2004, 04:20 PM
:red: :red: :red: :red:

02-17-2004, 04:21 PM
Excellent analysis, very professional.

I was wondering if the groundskeeper who printed the World Series logo behind home plate at Fenway Park before Game 7 is still employed this year?

Lucky Leo
02-17-2004, 05:05 PM
This is a reply I got from a buddy that is a huge Yank fan. I think I got under his skin a little.
Yup, A-Rod will be a another pretty boy cock sucker in pinstripes just like
JETER but you forgot the part about the World Series Rings he'll be wearing
and the tons of money (not to mention Pussy) he'll be enjoying in NY. Too
bad the Red Sox Nation has a cheap shit owner. They could have had A-Rod.
That owner is going to go down in history as the dumb shit that gave away
the best player in baseball to the Yankees just like they did 85 years ago
when they gave away Ruth. If you're going to call that ex-Seattle pussy
Griffey "Babe Ruthian", I hope you're talking about the candy bar because
that piss ant isn't qualified to sniff The Babe's jock. And stop signing
your emails as Sick Bastard. Just cause you don't know shit about baseball
doesn't mean you need to be so tough on yourself. Yankees Forever!!!!


02-17-2004, 08:49 PM
:red: :red: :red: :red: :red:

02-18-2004, 10:17 AM
What a joy it is living here in Maryland...knowing the O's had a decent off season but have to resign yourself to battling for third place......baseball better take a serious look at itself and notice hockey destroying itself ight in front of our eyes ........just maybe with any luck the Yankmees will follow the mighty NY Gayngers to a non playoff team......we can only hope!!!!

Went to the Caps game last night and watched an incredible hockey game with Ollie auditioning nicely for a team with 48 saves!!!

doc mercer
02-22-2004, 12:49 AM
Let's see if they do the correct thing ...

they seriously can be thinking of keeping Jeter @ short ...
Jeter is one terrible shortstop with the slowest first step
this side of my grandmother ....

Huge hole @ 2nd base ....

Yanks screwed this trade up ... they could have given up
Contrares (forgive the spelling), a couple of minor leaguers
and picked up his contract and Hicks would have been happy ...
now they give up a 2nd baseman in his 20's that jacked 38
last year and are gonna move A-Rod to 3rd base??

BAD MOVE .....

02-22-2004, 01:08 AM
I don't like the fact that the Yankees got rid of Soriano either as he's young, hits home runs, and steals bases. Personally I would have rather seen them get rid of Jeter which won't happen since Yankees have imortalized him.

02-22-2004, 01:26 AM
you cant get rid of a guy thats won 4 WS rings for you..which is something Jeter has done for the yankees...he may not be the MOST talented player on the team...but he has those intangibles that many do not possess. He seems to always make the big when they need it most....(his play at the plate vs Oakland a couple years ago)...and even last year in the series vs the beloved Sox...the play to this day that most sticks out in my mind....is game7 when the Red Sox were hammering Clemens in the 3rd inning i believe, up 3or4runs and Torre came out brought in Mussina...Muissina get the 1st guy out on a strikeout or something...and the next batter grounds in the inning ending DP......i will go to the grave with the image of Jeter pumping his fists as he ran off the field...and i left to go take a piss in this bar i was in...and i had the feeling in the pit of my stomach...i knew it wasnt over...HE KNEW it was far from over....the Sox coulda thrown the knockoutpunch and they didnt...and the look on Jeters face was if it was still a 0-0 ballgame....

as far as the Arod trade goes from this Sox fans perspective...it obviously makes the NYY are better club, but many fans around here are almost oblivous to the fact that the NYY gave up a player that i believe actually has better stats than Arod the last 2 seasons (i know they are close)...they get a better defensive player...but its not like your adding Arods stats to the overall team stats of last year b/c you have to deduct Soriano's #....i think the RedSox had a great offseason...and are primed to make a run this season...i like the Sox pitching staff a lot better than NewYorks...i think the yankee lineup is a little deeper than bostons but overall these 2 teams are very similar...up and down the lineup both teams are STACKED...Reese the automatic out for boston...wilson the automatic out for NY.....both staffs have 2 aces...pedro/schilling....moose/brown...a SOLID#3 lowe/vasquez...and decent 4and 5 starters.....the bullpens are also almost miror images...Foulke and Riveria a draw, Foulke actually lead the AL last year...and the setup men are very close also...Williamson/Timlin...and Gordon/Quantrill.....what the yankees lost were 3 lefties which are huge in that stadium and 50+ WINS from those 3 starters..it will be interesting to see if the guys they picked up can make up for those huge losses......i just have to say...I LOVE CURT SCHILLING! (just got his jersey in the mail today)...this guy is great...he hasnt pitched 1 inning and he's already caught up in the hype and the rivalry of the NYY...he's already talking about his 1st start vs NY in the 1st game they come to town in april....this season is gonna be ridiculous if your a fan of either club.....

02-22-2004, 02:15 AM

It takes a whole team though to get too the World Series and I believe Jeter is over-rated. The guy doesn't hit very many home runs or steal very many bases. He is very good on defense though. I believe he get's paid way too much for the numbers he puts up and that's because he's a Yankee which is the biggest media exposed team.

Miguel Tejada is another Shortstop that is very good and actually puts up better offensive numbers than Jeter. Yet Tejada doesn't get the same respect that Jeter does.

02-22-2004, 05:15 AM
Potential conflicts include :

Steinbrenner vs Torre

Jeter vs Rodriguez

Williams vs Lofton

Brown vs Disabled list

Sheffield vs The World

Even with a potentially disgruntled Garciaparra and a nutty Ramirez the Red-Sox are " The Waltons " by comparision.

How long before A-Rod wants out :confused:

: Ken Rosenthal

02-22-2004, 02:06 PM
nomar is the epitome of a true professional athlete....he is playing for a new contract this season...so even if he was pissed (which he is) he is gonna say all the right things and even if down deep he has vowed never to sign with the red sox again....he is gonna try to put up MONSTAH numbers for his big deal.....the sportswriters in boston joke about manny....being in manny's world...the fact that he still probably hasnt learned he was several million dollars away from being a ranger.....schilling has already established himself as a clubhouse leader....along with guys like varitek and nixon...this team will be fine...NYY better jump out 10-0 this season b/c godforbid they ever started 3-10....heads would roll in NY.....