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02-11-2004, 11:50 AM
This stock is truly amazing. At just $1.33 a year ago, it split 3-for-1 this morning and has already jumped $3+ per share to $45. The fundamentals are there. They expect 100% increase in sales over FY 2003 in FY 2004. In an article published last week, all of this business generated over the last 52 weeks was based on roughly 5% of the police/security industry in the US. They are actively pursuing enough organizations to be at 30% by year's end. You do the math.
Analysts have this as a strong sell right now based on the belief that no company can sustain such growth over the long term. I tend to believe that the analysts want the casual investor to sell their shares, be happy with the nice gain, and leave room for the upper-class to buy in at an undervalued price.
I plan on using as much of my own capital to buy TASR right now. I can see this one getting back to $100+ within the next 2 -3 months.

For a low-price stock that has alot of value in it, I like Jupiter media (JUPM). Good fundamentals, nice sales and EPS growth and it's blowing other industry members out of the water. JUPM is probably my top low-price stock and I'll add these to my watch list:


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The Ham mer

02-11-2004, 12:08 PM
H ammer,

TASR is a great stock, but it had a monster run. I was looking at those warrants TASRW and man, how about from 1 buck last year to 155...man oh man.

I cant touch that stock. They had a monster of a short squeezes and as a percentage of their float, the short ratio was like 50% or somthing.

I think the money is made in TASR and anyone that enters now that the split is in should guard their position very very closely.

Jupiter Media huh..I see that from time to time, but havent traded it.

TRIB is interesting, fun to watch, biotech if I am not mistaken.

And ORCL..the hated software stock.. If they get the blow from the justice dept about PSFT and they dont get to take them over, then the stock goes up. I hate the ego of Larry Ellison, he is such a pompous person..I dont like the stock unless the bid gets squashed, then I only like it for a 10-15% turn..thats it.

02-12-2004, 01:43 PM
H ammer,

Holy crap...on fire is right! be careful, but nice job!!!!