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02-04-2004, 09:51 PM
An Indian man in the northern city of Kanpur says glass bottles are a regular part of his diet.

Dashrath, 40, claims he first consumed crushed glass with alcohol in a
suicide bid during a fit of depression 15 years ago. A fisherman by profession, Dashrath says that's when he realized he had a taste for glass.

Dashrath's mother, who sometimes serves her son glass bulbs and bottles with his dinner, says her son appears healthy.

"My son eats glass regularly especially when he is drunk. He has never had any problems after eating glass and we have never had to take him to see a doctor," she said.

"Glass Man", as he is popularly known, is a tourist spectacle. Visitors to the city regularly stop by Dashrath's fish stall.


Clownish Crook

A man in Missouri is being called the "clown bandit" because of the comedy of errors he committed during a burglary.

On the surveillance tape he's seen making a run for the booze, and then just off camera he slams face-first into a door. Then, the bumbling burglar slips and falls.

Next, the robber grabs an X-rated magazine, some cigarettes and then takes the time to bag up his loot.

The crook's bad luck gets worse. He realizes the window he came in through is too high to get out with the bag. So he throws the loot out the window, and most of it breaks on the dumpster outside. He leaves the stolen goods behind and makes his getaway empty handed.

And the best part is that he also left behind the memorable pictures caught on tape. Even the store manager can't help but laugh at what he sees.

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