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01-26-2004, 09:34 PM
I made a nice chunk on IPFS thanks to u savage and in my LONG TERM IRA im up nicely on SIRI & some pharmeceutical stock but im looking for somegthing cheap

right around a dollar or less that is very volatile so I can maybe double up and then reinvest in the same type of stock

Obviously I have my long term investments but this is a very short term thing

Maybe something I can buy $1500 worth and make a quick 500 and then reinvest in the next "HOT THING"

Obviously I dont care if I lose this $$$ so thats why Im asking fopr yer advice

Something like IPFS which shot up $1.40 in less than a week and then get out

Thanx in advance and Ill be in tomorrow morning to look for yer responses. PEACE

01-26-2004, 09:52 PM

Man that is a toughie..

The liklihood of a stock around a buck running to 1.50 or so is like the OT prop in the Superbowl..a long shot.

What I might recommend is try and hit singles to get that 50 percent return. Getting 10-15% a few times is easier than a 1 timer 50% hit.

Savage might have a good idea, I know he trades some of those AMEX small stocks, and some people here trade PK stocks, but I cant give a quickie like that..

But..keep this stock on your list.. BNKUZ..it is a wild trading stock, made for a litigation reward for a company..the chance the litigation comes in is really low, so the stock is 20 cents..on Fri it went to like 25 or 26 cents, now back to 20 cents. It trades enough volume that you can get in and out..

Also ICGE trades a bunch, it wont go up 50% but it is an active stock.

If I can come up with anything else I will let you know. I would watch for a big selloff a day where the market takes out the speculators and smacks them in the head, get a hot mover that gets crushed..then you could get a bounce back..but make sure you arent catching a knife..the company falling based on real news.

01-26-2004, 10:21 PM
wsb Washington Savings Bank $9.27 a share solid no risk hxf Shelbourn properties III $10.24 a share its lost $9.00 since dec. high risk but good bet.the only penny stocks i would bet on are AIA American Insured Mortage Investors $1.52 a share and AIK American Insured Mortage 88 $1.52 a share.