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Bigg Samm
10-28-2017, 10:57 AM
No one hates losing like I do... but it’s a part of this business / hobby of mine. I read the Memphis/Tulane well and gave it out as a Free Lean. My Free plays are killing BTW… As for BC and FSU, it was the Eagles or no one, I stated. But more importantly, I won my Vegas Total Season Wins play on BC with FSU’s effort. Another reason to go back to Nevada.

So, I land on SMU for my Premium Play to my clients (apologies again to those reading now) SMU scored in a blink last night after giving a 14 points spot Tulsa, tried to stay with the Canes but couldn’t seem to stop Tulsa… I was feeling a bit uneasy all evening. I knew there was still a good chance to catch and cover even into the 4th.

Not to make excuses here, but on 4 possessions, Tulsa was bailed out on 3rd downs with drive extending penalties FOUR times. On 3 flag extending drives, instead of a punt, it ended in a Tulsa TD, the other was a long FG... In fact, one Flag was on a Tulsa Punt that ended up giving Tulsa a 1st down and soon a TD… WTF. Still a little bitter… but I’m better now.

But wait, as SMU was kicking off… a 31-year-old Vet. Yu Darvish can’t get out of the 2nd inning. His worse post season for sure, but his worst start in his career and when the dust cleared, Astros had 4 runs. Another WTF...I played the Dodgers of course, who won the other innings except the 2nd inning. Dodgers still had plenty of chances as I zagged off Astros for the Dodger Dogs last night in a Select play. Two Tough Losses.

If you’re still with me…
On Cappers Monitor I am 51-33 in NCAAF plays (Top 10 ranked in % and Units)

I have 2 PREMIUM PLAYS today... and 7 Select plays going today.
Daily Card is only $11...

Here are all the plays I like that hit the cutting room floor... Add Texas AM to this list.

From the website...

FREE Play - Opinions
No Action Bet (maybe)

These were games I left on the cutting room floor. A few nice doggs I left behind, I may dabble depending on the flow of the day and line changes, especially the later games and if I find additional info for an edge. For now,... play or don’t, I like'em all, but I don’t want to overdo it...

I listed them in order of preference top most liked

VA Tech -15.5 LOVE this game, just would love it MUCH better at -14... so close to adding, (last one out)
Oklahoma St -8 Despite the road, WVU has issues, OKST can roll here
Clemson -14 There's a reason the option doesn’t work in the NFL, Clemson has 4 NFL D'linemen
Arizona +3 is rolling and can best Wazzu outright
Arizona St +3 as USC doesn’t seem to be very good, spirts are low and Sun Devils are hot
Arkansas +3.5 - R'Backs can win this outright
Georgia -13 History says this will be weird, but GA is much better than FL
Penn St +7, I might buy a 1/2, b/c I hate OSU, they are good and this is a championship or Not spot.
South Carolina -7 Just think this maybe a low scoring close win for SC... great Tease team, w/ Ark and or OKSt

Just ignore those other good cappers in the image below...


Bigg Samm
10-28-2017, 01:20 PM
I Like these Tease Plays A lot... I have a little action.

2tm 6p Tease -110
Indiana U -1/2
UNDER 57 LT@Rice

3tm 10p Tease -120 (usually)
Georgia -2.5
SFL -1/2
Tex AM +13.5