View Full Version : Friday Nights Lights, Free Pick, and more

Bigg Samm
10-27-2017, 01:17 PM
Hit both free plays Thursday and teaser suggestions were good if the Dolphins weren’t involved. What a horrible NFL game. I saw Matt Moore playing better than that. He looked like an unprepared rookie.

As a Phish fan, I feel embarrassed to say I backed them with a Select 50 play, but I did. Even when Mallett came in, Miami showed no skill. Nuf Said.

On the bright side, Georgia State played to expectations in my other Select 50 play. Eastern Michigan played as expected as well as I called for another disappointing EMI loss… I feel for ya Eagles.

Oregon St blew it last night. Just don’t fumble the ball with 2 mins left and the lead. Stanford reminded us why and without Love in the game, Stanford escapes and break everyones heart in Beaverland. But they covered the shit out the +21 points… so hell-yea, Free Pick winner! 3-1 overall for Bigg Samm.

9pm Tulsa @ SMU -10 (76.5) Bigg Samm PREMIUM 100 PLAY

+ a Select 50 Play on MLB Side

8pm FSU @ BC +5.5 (47)
Cannot play FSU and I don’t trust the Eagles of BC to play up to the hype. I backed BC preseason to go over the 4 wins in Vegas… needing only more, I am vested in the outcome, but am I confident, not really. Is FSU 2 FGs better than BC, maybe? Will the Seminoles be into the game at all? BC games are weird, the crowd usually isn’t all that enthusiastic, but Friday Night Lights, off a BIG win… somehow, I think they’ll fill the seats and bring a buzz. No Play for me… lean BC b/c of my over bet and FSU might be listless.

8pm Tulane @ Memphis -10.5 (63)
Tulane really needs this game @ Memphis to go Bowling. They have Cincinnati and ECU next and should be winnable games for the Wave. Memphis has 1 loss @ CFL and is was ugly, but also have nice wins over Navy and their running game, survived the Cougars in Texas to start. The Tiger D is going to have issues with Wave rush, but Tulane can’t throw consistently.

I like Memphis to get the job done here, I just not as confident is the Tigers as I am the later game. I would greatly prefer a -10 line here, but it’s been between -10-11 so far, currently -10.5… If you agree and like Memphis, you may want to buy it down to -10 at -120 likely. The desperate Green Wave will run on Memphis, but Tiger fans will need Riley Ferguson to bomb away and connect on a few long ones to get that cover cushion and hope the backdoor is locked.

Take: Memphis -10 or -10.5

A few thoughts...

- Don’t sleep on the PSU defense, and the weather could be a factor in a low scoring game.
- There’s a reason why the option doesn’t work well in the NFL, Clemson has 3-4 NFL caliber DL’s.
- Watch out UCLA, the Huskies are going to bring it… this could get un-watchable.
- N’Western is not that bad and State is not that good… that’s what I’ve been saying, we’ll see if I’m right tomorrow.
- Wake may give Carolina fans a home win; Louisville is in for a battle.

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