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Bigg Samm
10-22-2017, 07:07 AM
Not my Best on Saturday, my 1st losing Saturday of the season and it smarts... moving forward, I am excited about the NFL.

I have 2 Strong Premium 100 plays and 2 Select 50 plays POSTED on the website.
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FREE Play - Opinons Only

NO Saints -4 *
CHI Bears +3 *
AZ Cards +3
SF 49ers +6

* personal favorite

NO Saints over Packers, this is so close to a play. You can’t possibly go into Lambeau and beat Packers, its grass, cold, and small town… Saints are Turf, big city, high voltage passing and it won’t work, Rodgers or not. I say the Saints Def and Special Teams are better than the first 2 weeks and GBP are HURTING on the lines… I believe they are missing 2-3 starters and mixing and matching on the O-line. The attrition and tempo will give Saints the advantage...

Arizona has its challenges, but the attitude with Peterson is going to help the team overall with a confident approach that's been missing. It may not last long, but for now AP is happy, AZ is happy. LA Rams are playing well too, but you can run against them, hopefully, Bruce will push the run game until AP breaks... this should open the passing game more and with Fitz and the Browns, AZ can win this game.

49ers play close games, Dallas cant stop any passers it seems, lets give the Niners a chance to shock the Boys.

The Bears have covered and played every home game pretty well. I give the Bears a fighting chance to win here, despite the rested Panthers, and I am not convinced Carolina is all that good just yet, despite some successes.

Enjoy and Good Luck!*