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Bigg Samm
10-12-2017, 04:24 PM
Jonesing for a good play edge. After laying a big FAT egg on Monday, losing twice by 1 run in 8th inning GW hits and going against Severino. Followed by a PUSH in MNF… BUYING ½ Point saved me a loss for a fair price… I’ll discuss buying points below.

Tuesday offered no action, a rain out in MLB was the only action other than NBA & Hockey and I am just not up to speed on those sports. I personally don’t enjoy betting on the NBA unless I see a specific opportunity and edge. I usually I stumble on a few now and then.

I enjoy the NHL and follow the league, highlights, etc., but rarely will offer a Hockey play until Playoffs. Same goes for NBA. Especially with NBA, there’s nothing more frustrating than players taking the day off and having no idea when the coach decides to rest stars or the players do their own regulating.

I get the NBA is a tough road, the arenas want games so they play 82 games… and that’s a lot. Come playoff time, you usually can count on an honest effort and find advantages in the match-ups.

I do get up for NCAAB and can’t wait until midnight madness and pre-season tourneys. These kids will ball for 40 minutes, home courts can mean so much, the Mid-majors and lower courts are great value pools and money makers.

For tonight, I love the Thursday night game at Carolina. Eagles come into NC walking tall and Wentz is becoming a real QB this season, maybe the future leader of the newer QB class. However, Carolina played well last week and took down the Pats before that and both on the road… impressive! They’re feeling pretty good about themselves too.

The line is pushing edge of Carolina -3 (even) at this moment. Eagles are +3 (-20) in a most books on Scores&odds. Teaser and Parlay action are likely forcing the books to keep this at 3, manipulating the odds to stay on this KEY number. Would highly recommend getting the ½ point whether you like CAR or PHL… but the Phil or CAR side may involve high vigorous. DSI is asking for -135 for Phil +3.5 and the same for CAR -2.5.

Two ways to look at it. The first is take or lay the 3 points and accept the push if it lands there. You could also consider, laying the -135 and shift the line in your favor. It could be a critical difference in Winning or Pushing. You wouldn’t think twice about laying -135 in Baseball for a small edge on the mound, so why would NFL be any different? Especially with a critical number like 3 or 7. I would also include 4 and 6 as important line numbers, but usually the juice is elevated with 3 and 7.

Tonight, I have a PREMIUM 100 play on the NFL Side and I am laying the odds on one of these teams. I see a few key field advantages and I’m going to play my highest rated play amount tonight on one of them.

I will also be looking the ULL V Texas St match and the Nats @ Cubs. I have a Premium Play on the Nats to Win the NLDS, so I’m liking just root for the Nats. I might consider hedging with Cubs side some of my play, but I am confident in Nat series play, but the business side of me may hedge some of the play.

If you’ve stuck with me to this point… The Daily Card Passcode is still Pasadena feel free to use it for my Premium Play in TNF and by 5 pm EST, I’ll have my plays posted.

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