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07-29-2017, 07:40 AM
Trends and Indexes

Saturday, July 29

Good Luck on day #209 of 2017!

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07-29-2017, 07:40 AM
Armadillo: Saturday's six-pack

Odds to win the college football national title this season:

5-2— Alabama

3-1— Ohio State

7-1— Southern California

8-1— Florida State

15-1— Oklahoma, LSU

20-1— Washington, Wisconsin, Penn State


Armadillo: Saturday's List of 13: Clearing out a cluttered mind……..

13) Arizona pitcher Robbie Ray was drilled in the head by a 108 MPH line drive Friday nite, but is out of the hospital as I write this, with a gash on his head the only apparent injury. He is lucky, because it looked ugly when it happened.

The ball hit him so hard it was caught in the air….in foul territory.

12) From sound of it, Baltimore Ravens may be forced to sign Colon Kaepernick; their starting QB Joe Flacco is out for a month or so, and Friday, backup QB Ryan Mallett was so awful that the defense was mocking the offense, for everyone to hear.

Mallett threw at least five INT’s Friday- his backups right now are a kid from West Texas State and a QB from the Champions Indoor Football league.

11) Many of the things about a successful QB are things the general public cannot see; poise, confidence, composure, ability to help others in the offense— does he study a lot of film?

Mallett missed a practice in Houston once because he “overslept”, the day after he was named the #2 QB. Sounds like a lack of maturity.

10) Would love to know the won-loss record of teams that load the bases in the first inning, but do not score. Not sure how cumbersome a research project that would be- it sounds like a lot of work.

9) Rays traded for reliever Steve Cishek/1B Lucas Duda, who batted clean-up for them last night in the Bronx. Tampa Bay is 2.5 games behind Kansas City for the second AL Wild Card spot.

8) Troy Tulowitzki/Matt Kemp/Robbie Ray all got hurt last night. George Springer/David Price both went on the DL before Friday night’s games.

7) Terry Francona is a great manager; he won two World Series in Boston, and increased the Indians’ win total from 68 to 92 in his first year with Cleveland, in 2013. Just dealing with the Boston media on a daily basis and winning as much as he did there was very impressive.

6) Joel Lanning was Iowa State’s QB last year; he’s going to be their middle linebacker this year. Have never heard of anything like that at the college level. High school, kids play both ways.

5) Falcons’ WR Julio Jones lost a $100,000 earring in a lake this week. Oy.

4) Forgot to mention this yesterday; Winnipeg beat Montreal 41-40 in the CFL Thursday night; they trailed 41-28 with 1:00 to play, but scored a TD with 0:45 left, recovered an onside kick, then scored the winning TD on the last play of the game. Horrible way to lose a game.

3) Brewers 2, Cubs 1— Milwaukee hangs on to win a game that you sensed might’ve ended their contention had they blown it. Brewers are 3-9 in their last 12 games; beating the Cubs means a lot to them, since so many Cub fans trek to Milwaukee for games at Miller Park. Brewers are four games out of the second NL Wild Card spot.

2) Phillies traded Howie Kendrick to Washington, Jeremy Hellickson to Baltimore; Phils have a lot of good young players coming up— it is about time they started playing them.

1) If the baseball playoffs started today (they do not):
AL: Boston-Cleveland-Houston Wild Cards: New York-Kansas City
NL: Washington-Chicago-Los Angeles Wild Cards: Arizona-Colorado