View Full Version : Wrap up

Dr. Bubba
01-07-2016, 12:56 AM
On the strength of our only 4-1 week, Bettorschat ended up at 45-37-3 (46.5 contest points) in the 2015 Westgate, a rather robust 54.9% (rounding it off to 55%, we would be a legit handicapping service!) . Out of over 1700 entries, we were approximately #360, nowheres near the top 50 (52 points was the paying cutoff this year). Tho no one thought a CHBaller 76% effort would be duplicated, the grand champion "Rounding Again" had a similar year going 59-23-3 , a spectacular 71.9 % !! So if you followed the leader each week (i believe they led from start to finish), you were wise & thicker in the wallet!