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01-01-2004, 11:55 PM
I know that this book advertises on this site and that had allot to do with me choosing this sports book that and of course the up front bonus you receive with this book. Why this book does not deserve to be advertising on this site
This is a London Based book that closes up shop around 2pm E.S.T. what this means to a player is that there are no phone bets after 2PM most North American betting action is after that time so unless you are close to a computer you get no action if they have a server problem your up a creek They will not take a hand ticket after they close. It also means if you have a problem and I assure you that you will when you call the customer service line you will find that they are helpless they cant do anything. What you will get is a "you need to call London tomorrow we are of course sorry. I played with this book for 5 days during this time I was shut out of one half time line due to you guessed it a computer problem the line never came up and this was on a major bowl game. I called the customer service line and explained that I wanted a $700 play and gave them the side and begged them to record this bet they couldn't. The play was a winner the manager who I spoke with the next day was very sorry she replied with this letter>>>

Dear Mr Salamone

We are writing to you regarding your query on 1/2 time lines yesterday evening. This was due to a technical problem which has since been rectified. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you in this matter, by way of an apology I have credited your betting account with a $20 free bet

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us quoting your six digit ID number

Kind Regards
Barbara Benfield
Customer Service Manager

Gee you just cost me $700 and you are giving me a $20 bet WOW YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!

Ok lets go to the next bowl game I loaded up on the 1st half and nailed the bet so I log on to place my second half play but my bet was not settled there were no funds available. Once again I'm on the phone with the customer service guys giving them my play and begging them to do a hand ticket this was a $900 play once again they said sorry old chap we cant help you. To make a long story short I was shut out and of course it was a winner. I insisted they log the play in my account so that London could see how much money they were costing me. The next day I spoke with London and they explained that they try to settle bets in a timely manner but that they dont always get the 1st half bets settled in time to play the second half. There's more but I'm tired of blasting this book tonight. If you play with this book find out if what I am saying is true and then run like hell. If you dont have an account with these guys dont let the bonus trick you It is not worth it. Your money is better spent at a caribbean based book or with my neighbor Joe. And bettors chat please take this book off of your recommended list. I trusted your list and got burned.

01-02-2004, 07:27 AM

You state that the shop closes up at 2 EST time so no phone bets are allowed after that time. Why not just play the games through the internet??

I'm not aware of this book having server issues. A lot of books though have been having them as they have been attaced by DOS attacks to imobile them. Did you incquire to see if that was the problem?

As for them not having your 1st half wager graded in time for you to place a 2nd half wager that is quite common with a lot of books as they are extremely busy especially during football season. You need to make sure that you're not wagering your whole bankroll so that you do have free money left to make other wagers.

As far as trusting my list and getting burned I will state this:

If you want to go play with another sites books that have advertised numerous books that closed shops where players got stiffed $$ then you can. There were even sites that had books up as advertisors that they knew were in financial trouble.

I've helped several people get paid too in the past that have or were getting stiffed by books.

My list is based on payout ability first and foremost. And I can tell you that sportingbet does indeed pay their players. They own over 28 other sportsbooks/casinos.

The best thing for you would have been to send me an e-mail with the problems and maybe I could have contacted someone on your behalf to see what's going on.

Send me an e-mail at Bettorstalk@aol.com along with your user ID.

01-02-2004, 10:25 AM
SportingBet PLC indeed is a large company however be assured they suck. I am blasting this company on every major gambling forum on the net and the damage is already setting in. I didnt think you would be happy with me attacking one of your advertisers on this site but this is where I found these Crooks. You can defend them Closing up shop early as well as explain betting stratagies to me, and how the poor sports book is just to busy to settle a winning wager but I personally think future players are entitled to know what kind of crap there getting in to prior to signing up. Its my opinion if under the review you put (this book is slow at settling wagers so you may want to have money in reserve to play on as well as there may not always be a line for the game you want oh yes and by the way the customer service department is a no service department they cant do a thing for you however if you can overcome all of this there is a good chance you will get paid.) I dont think I would have signed up. I am only stating facts if facts are not welcomed on this site I am sorry however I have facts as well as proof so I will continue to attack.

01-02-2004, 05:19 PM

Say what you want to say about them, but as of yet I still have nothing from you showing that you even had an account there.

Send me an e-mail with your user ID like I suggested before and maybe I can take a look into what your stating.


01-02-2004, 07:07 PM
You really are trying hard to defend your account with these guys. <br />
OK you have my account number now, so lets see what you can do with it. All of my alligations are true so unless you come back...

01-02-2004, 07:17 PM
I like Pinnacle Sports book . I have been using them for a while and I like them .They have all kinds of bets.You might want to try them out . :)

01-02-2004, 07:30 PM
You know what? I already sent them some question prior to receiving your e-mail. And I must say i'm getting sick of your attitude. If you don't like my recommended list then don't fucking use it. ...

01-02-2004, 07:48 PM
This shows what kind of book sportingbet is:

Sportingbet Makes Good on Bet Grading Error

There was a grading problem last weekend in which both sides were paid of the Eagles/Redskins game (losing bets were paid as winners).

This letter went out to all customers effected. Anyone who made a withdraw of funds got a Christmas bonus.

Subject: Important Update on Your Account Balance

Dear Name,

We apologize for the inconvenience, but on Saturday night there was a computer error in regards to the grading of the eagles / redskins football
game. As a result of this error, your bet, bet id: xxxxxx was graded incorrectly and an extra $xx.xx was deposited into your account with cid: xxxxx early Sunday morning.

After checking and rechecking our logs to verify this amount, we have adjusted your account balance by xx.xx to correct this over crediting.

We further apologize, but note that you had a pending withdrawal also in process and so we deducted xx.xx from that to bring your account balance into proper order.

There is still an amount of $xx.xx which was credited to your account but we could not recover. We will not seek to recover these funds, you may keep these funds and consider them a bonus for our mistake.

No further adjustments will be done to your account.

We realize that this adjustment was a bit abrupt but we felt we had to act as soon as we could to put accounts into their proper state. If you are at all confused or have any questions about this matter, please don't
hesitate to contact us at either 1-800-***-XXXX or ***@***.com.

01-02-2004, 07:55 PM

While i'm at it i'll add the following:

Sportingbet is one of the biggest sportsbooks out there in terms of players, customers, number of bets and bet volume taken.

They are one of the very few books that have an escrow account of players money. Meaning they maintain all players post up funds in a separate escrow account.

Under British law they have to keep a certain amount of cash on hand for payouts and to cover players post up funds. So they are one of the most capitalized sportsbooks out there.

Their stock is trading at its 52 week high as well.


01-02-2004, 08:03 PM

Making threats to me now is not the way for me to look into your allegations.

You're now banned as I don't have to put up with physical threats....sorry