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04-02-2011, 08:54 AM
I am going to offer a new system to anyone who wants to get onboard with winnersforyou!!!!! You pay for the service once you are plus 10 units!!!!!! I put out a guarantee a month and a half ago and I am currently up 10.2 units on that guarantee!!!! A $100 player has made over a grand!!! My new system will start immediately and run until football season begins!!!!

You will get all of my plays and once you are up 10 units, you will pay for the service. Then we start all over, you go up 10 more units you pay again!!!! No money upfront, I am 100% legit and 100% honest NO BULLSHIT!!!! Feel free to ask any of my 227 clients!!!!! I don't win everyday or every week, but in the long run I will show you a profit!!!!!! This is a marathon, not a sprint!!!!! I have hit 12 out of my last 15 and the run will continue today!!!!!

The cost of the 10 units pay after you are up is $79.00!!!

Tonight I have a BIG play going in the NCAA Tournament and also 3 more sinlge unit plays!!!!!

Simply email winnersforyou@aol.com to get onboard!!!!!

Thanks and Good Luck!!!!!

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