View Full Version : Special Situation NBA Up Tonight! 37-27(58%) on Year!

06-04-2009, 02:04 PM
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We have Special Situation releases up on website for tonight on both NBA and NHL, so and get signed up now NBA Special Situation plays are a documented 58% on the Year as documented at The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma! A quick note on all the "Games of Year" you will see in this industry over Play offs folks.The lines in these NBA and NHL series will be as tight as they get and also very few teams have major emotional let downs during playoffs! The just arent a lot of inefficient lines out there right now, so if you are seeing a lot of "GOY" offers they are usually services trying to get money from you via the hype mode. NBA and NHL available until 6PM CDT on our website lpwsportsforecast.com

MLB Comp Cincinnati/St.louis Over Total