View Full Version : Top Pattern Goes To 51-25

06-04-2009, 11:33 AM
Easy winner On Tampa Bay Last Nite 9-0

my top pattern is now 51-25 (+1990) on the year for a $100 player

this is like a recording guys....i think its time to jump on board

full Baseball service went 2-1 with winners on Tampa Bay...and Boston....but lost on Florida

Today......NO plays from my top pattern..but i do have 3 plays rated 5* Major's that will get the job done today...1st game goes @ 1:10 eastern today

$25 will get all 3 plays in Baseball...or buy a month for a low $100

want the rest of the Baseball season...email me for details

Free play for today: (NBA) La Lakers -6

Good Luck