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05-12-2009, 11:29 AM
Monday's Card will be up around 11am ET, Special Promotion starting this monday check back for details on Monday!!!

"Summer Special" for $179.99 you get Rest of the Baseball Season including Playoffs!! plus you get the first 2 weeks of the NFL Season. This is one of best offers you can get, One of the best handicappers in baseball and NFL so jump on board and get this special deal before its too late!!!!


Tuesday's Card is up and its one of my biggest, I got 4 15* plays and 1 10* play

15* LA Dodgers at Philadelphia Phillies 7:05pm ET

15* Orlando Magic at Boston Celtics 8:00pm ET

15* Washington Nationals at San Fran Giants 10:15pm ET

15* Houston Rockets at LA Lakers 10:30pm ET

10* Kansas City Royals at Oakland A's 10:05pm ET

0-1-2 on Monday!! Couldn't catch a break with Dallas and Atlanta

That's 13-7 on the week!!!!
1-2 on Sunday!!
2-1 on Saturday!!
3-0 on Friday!!
2-1 on Thursday!!
1-1 on Wedneday!!
2-1 on Tuesday!!
2-1 on Monday!!

Register and email me(admin@jmkwinners.com) for a Special Offer!!

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05-12-2009, 11:30 AM
Free Play: New York Yankees Moneyline