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08-08-2003, 10:37 AM
Let's call it like it is, Sports Players, the NFL Pre-Season games simply aren't that interesting. What thet are, precisley, is one of the most overlooked wagering situations in Sports betting.

Many avid Bettors ignore the games except as a means to acquire information about new players and coaches, along with changes in a team's tatical emphasis. They are merely evaluating how a team might perform in the regular season; that is, trying to decide if the fundamental and psychological factors are coming together, to make it a team "to follow". Bettors who dismiss the Pre-Season, should know that some of the most successful and respected handicappers in the country, consider wagers on certain NFL Pre-Season games to be their best proposition to beat the bookmaker. Handicappers have learned that there are actually fewer intangibles in many of the games, and that and team and coaching performances are more predictable.

At the Las Vegas Experts, we have developed a winning edge by concentrating on three key factors in the Pre-Season:
1. The coaches' compulsion to win the game. Often a coach will place a high priority on winning if he's trying to reverse a losing syndrome from the previous season, looking to increase lagging ticket sales, and in some cases be under the pressure of winning to protect his job.
2. The Quarterback rotation. Will the No.1 guy play? If so, for how long? Consider that a seasoned backup QB competing for his job, will generally out-perform another team's rookie. Isolate a situation, where a high-priced QB will get the majority of playing time with the first unit.
3. General team depth and substitutions. The longer that reserves and newcomers play, the more breakdowns in efficiency you will have. Free agency can be a big determining factor in some coaches changing philosophies from game-to-game. As team rosters are reduced, you will find team performance to be less erratic and more consistent.

If you're willing to do the required work and remain patient, you will find that the NFL Pre-Season, can indeed be profitable. Much of the information needed to get the edge in handicapping the games, is openly available on the Internet and through the media.

Las Vegas Experts

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