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06-01-2007, 12:59 PM
Friday, June 1, 2007 -- JR Tips the Handicapping Firm you can Bank on! HOME OF THE WORLDS BEST TEAM OF HANDICAPPERS including selections Jimmy Reilly and the Billionaire Boy's Club.*
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Gentlemen, it's very simple, follow our Money Management System over the next 3-Days starting today and you will collect at least a profit of $860 from your Book by Sunday Night! Jimmy Reilly guaranteed you profits like this 9X's throughout this year and a $100 client collected $2,060, $1,260, $1,480, 790, 1,260, 1,120, $940, $1,020 and $1,460 every VIP Weekend from the books as promised! Jimmy Reilly will guarantee you huge profits again with this weekends Money Management Program starting Tonight in the MLB by following our proven Money Management once again! Today is a special day at JR Tips because we are honored to have Michael Sams and Dan Fanelli, two former oddsmakers for the Barbary Coast Casino located on the Vegas Strip from 1988-2001 and the most notorious sports gamblers in the business! Throughout the 90's, every casino in Vegas followed the opening lines set by these two men and that is why the Sports Books made more money in the 90's than any other time in sports gambling history! All you have to do is play the Top selections in the MLB & NBA Finals this weekend from Jimmy Reilly's all-star staff starting right now following our Money Management System and a $100 client is GUARANTEED to make a profit of at least $940 by Sunday Night.

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06-02-2007, 10:20 AM
Please let us now how that is possible....Oh you can't you can claim anything you want you are not a monitored service.

Well then let me congratulate you now because I'm sure you will manipulate your record to either state you succeeded or you won't post anything for a week after hoping people forget.