View Full Version : Arena Football & MLB +100 units- Big weekend card!

05-24-2007, 04:54 PM
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Yes +100 units combined with these 2 sports. Arena Football is currently #1 at *************.com and MLB is not too far behind in the ranking as we have been collecting units all season long.You can get all of our Arena Football and MLB this weekend, including Arena Game of the Month for just $25!!That is every play thru Sunday and if you sign up tonight you will get our MLB Game of the week for free, as it goes tonight.All you have to do is paypal $25 to lpwsportsforecast@yahoo.com and we will send out verificationa and you will be set! You can aslo use paypal boxes on our website above is you wish.You can choose any of the $25 boxes and you will get this package!!

MLB Comp NyMets/Atlanta over 8